buffy st marie


finding out that at some point, on sesame street this happened, made my life better.

anonymous asked:

who are some vintage indigenous ladies that are out of the public eye you've come across? i have trouble finding them & its disappointing :(

maria tallchief, cathee dahmen, acquanetta, irene bedard, brenda schad, sacheen littlefeather, kim winona, buffy st marie– i haven’t posted all of these yet but i’ll try because there is a lack :( i hope some of my suggestions help though


Control your mind my girl
And give your heart to one
For if you love all men
You’ll be surely left with none


Buffy St. Marie. I am studying this woman. She is nature, beauty, brilliance and eloquence

While listening to my Buffy St. Marie album, “Until I’s Time For You To Go” came on<3 Romanticizing and feeling very aimable, I wrote this poem. “Ahhhh”. Le sentiment de l’amore”<3 It feeds the soul<3<3<3

1.Must I Go Bound (Listen // Lyrics)

2.Los Pescadores (Listen // Lyrics)

3.Groundhog (Listen // Lyrics)

4.On the Banks of Red Roses (Listen // Lyrics)

5.Fixin’ to Die (Listen // Lyrics)

6.Until It’s Time for You to Go (Listen // Lyrics)

7.The Piney Wood Hills (Listen // Lyrics)

8.Welcome, Welcome Emigrante (Listen // Lyrics)

9.Broke Down Girl (Listen // Lyrics)

10.Johnny Be Fair (Listen // Lyrics)

11.Maple Sugar Boy (Listen // Lyrics)

12.Lazarus (Listen // Lyrics)

13.Come All Ye Fair and Tender Ladies (Listen // Lyrics)

14.Many a Mile (Listen // Lyrics)