buffy sock

Andi Mack characters as things kids in my school district have said

Andi- “What kind of oceans does the galaxy have?”

Cyrus- “I like Jews, Jews are nice.”

Buffy- “Your socks untied.”

Jonah- “I’m not gay but I’d suck a dick for $20.”

Bex- “Jesus might pee on me.”

Celia- “You got your dad pregnant?!?!”

Bowie- “I swear every guy at this school has a little gay in them.”

Amber- “Friends are like pennies, double sided and worthless.”

Marty- “Physical altercations are bad for school property.”

Ham- “Someone pooped on the gym floor. May the forth be with you.” (I’ll have you know that actually happened at my school)


Cyrus- “I’m a gay manly unicorn.”

Bex- “This generation is going places. Probably prison, places.”


We speak to @David_Boreanaz about #SupanovaExpo, directing the Bones finale, 20 years of Buffy and socks! #TheProjectTV

❆☃⊕ Frozen AU Week ⊕☃❆

Do you like the Wild West? Do you think spaceships are awesome? Superheroes? 

Do you like to think about “what-ifs” in canon? If something happened slightly differently? If there were small divergences?

Here’s you chance to get creative with your heart’s desire - all the crossovers and genres you could possibly want or think of. 

Videogames! Books! Movies! TV shows! The worlds are your oysters! 

Any and all AU’s and UA’s are welcome, bring your head canons, your fan art, your edits and maps, your fics, bring them all!

When: July 17 - July 23rd

Who can participate: Everyone! Yes, this means you.

AU Week is part of Frozen Month, a July-long celebration for the entire fandom linked by week-long themes, go check it out!

How can people see what I post?: the tag is #FrozenAUWeek

What to post: Fics! Fanmixes! Art! Headcanons! Anything you can think of! We want it and we want it all!

There are prompts to guide you through the week, but we only have a few so far so please submit more ideas to counterpunchessheerpoetry7 or obsessedwithfrozen42!

You do not have to stick to the prompts! There are thousands of worlds out there, we cannot possibly list all of them. But go as wild and crazy as you want, think outside the boxes. Whatever AU you come up with is an AU we want to see! Content does not have to relate to the prompts or other themes. 

Some prompt ideas to get started:


  • Pacific Rim
  • Harry Potter
  • Firefly
  • FullMetal Alchemist
  • Superheroes 
  • Whoinverse
  • Historical placements
  • Buffy
  • modern politics
  • sock hop
  • Gaming crossovers 
  • canon divergence 

There is no deadline!
Don’t feel pressured that the only opportunity you can post things is only for the prompts or week. The dates are just a guideline, if its late, thats no problem! Better late than never. Just remember to use the #FrozenAUWeek tag so other people can find your content!

If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact counterpunchessearlait, jessica988, or jenniferjuni-per for info. We absolutely would love to hear from you!

Keep your eyes peeled on the the moderators or tag for further updates and information.

Now go start creating!

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