buffy slayer of the vampyres

Supernatural is a great show

It just needs some improvments

If Sam and Dean actually tried to save the world and not each other

If there was more fighting evil and less fighting and lying to each other

If there were better characters development and more deep and original storylines

If there were more queer and female characters

If the protagonist was a female character actually

It’s Buffy

I want Buffy back


I just found out that redbubble are doing skirts now and I’m pretty much drooling over the nerdy possibilites, I feel like having a patterned skirt is a slightly more sophisticated way to wear one’s nerdiness than a graphic tee can be, so I’m super excited!

Here’s a roundup of a couple of my favorite nerdy ones I’ve found so far, with links on each pic

They seem a tiny bit short for my tastes, but they’re high waisted so I think they’d still work with my retro aesthetic if I tried hard enough! I haven’t seen one bought and reviewed anywhere yet, so as soon as I get my pennies together to get one I’ll review it for my youtube!

now I just have to decide which one I want… 

Buffy Headcanon

Andrew somehow managed to smuggle Jonathan’s 

            **limited edition mint Boba Fett figurine** 

out of Sunnydale before they destroyed the hellmouth.  Sadly he forgot the box.