buffy season 06


S06E07 - Once More, With Feeling

There is NO TEASER. There is a previously, and then the main title. Time permitting, we might have a Chris Beck Orchestral version of the theme and do old fashioned hero shots, where the actors just smile or look glamorous over their credits. Or we might not. Anyhoo, no teaser, so on with it then. 

There will be an OVERTURE that runs the length of the opening credits. We see various wordless scenes of scooby life that all contain the common thread of Buffy going through her day with a singular lack of involvement. Though people may speak, we will not hear dialogue. We start with the episode title: ONCE MORE, WITH FEELING

And over the continuing kiss appear the words THE END (with the old style “A Twentieth Century Fox Television Release” beneath it). Curtains close as the music crescendos, ringing out as we BLACK OUT.


S06E22 - Grave

BUFFY: You. Things have sucked lately, but it's all gonna change - and I want to be there when it does. I want to see my friends happy again. And I want to see you grow up. The woman you’re going to become… Because she’s going to be beautiful. And she’s going to be powerful. I got it so wrong. I don’t want to protect you from the world - I want to show it to you. Oh, Dawn… There’s so much I want to show you.

BUFFY and DAWN are on their feet now, brushing themselves off. Buffy suddenly pauses, seeing something. She takes a few limping steps toward it. SWING AROUND INTO A REVERSE ANGLE - To see she’s looking at a VISTA of rolling hills and greenery under a beautiful, perfect spring sky. WIDEN on BUFFY’S BACK as Dawn steps in beside her, taking in the same view. Buffy glances over and puts her arm around Dawn’s shoulder. REVERS and CRANE UP on them as they walk away from the cemetery and toward this beautiful world

S06E05 - Life Serial

SFX: JINGLE, INT. MAGIC BOX - DAY. Giles approaches Buffy, polishing his glasses.

GILES: Buffy, some advice –

She grabs the glasses, throws them to the floor, stomps them.

SFX: JINGLE, INT. MAGIC BOX - DAY. Buffy launches herself at the woman, attacking.

BUFFY: It’s you! You’re doing this!

Buffy grabs the woman by the throat, they fall out of frame.

SFX: JINGLE, INT. MAGIC BOX - DAY. Buffy throws a candle at the male customer.


SFX: JINGLE, INT. MAGIC BOX - DAY. Buffy just stands and cries loudly. Everyone stares.


S06E08 - Tabula Rasa

WILLOW: For Buffy and Tara this I char, let Lethe’s Bramble do its chore. Purge their minds of memories grim, of pains from recent slights and sins…‘When the fire goes out. When the crystal turns black. The spell will be cast. Tabula rasa. Tabula rasa. Tabula rasa.

S06E03 - Afterlife

BUFFY: I was happy. Wherever I… was… I was happy. At peace. I knew that everyone I cared about was all right. I knew it. Time… didn’t mean anything… nothing had form… but I was still me, you know? And I was warm… and I was loved… and I was finished. Complete. I don’t understand about theology or dimensions, or… any of it, really… but I think I was in heaven.

Spike stares, takes it in.

BUFFY: And now I’m not. I was torn out of there. Pulled out… by my friends. Everything here is… hard, and bright, and violent. Everything I feel, everything I touch… this is Hell. Just getting through the next moment, and the one after that… knowing what I’ve lost…

She’s said too much. He’s speechless as she rises, starts out of the alley. She pauses, not even looking back.

BUFFY: They can never know. Never.

She goes.