buffy s8

cleavagyslutbomb  asked:

What do you think of the Faith & Buffy relationship in the comics? Personally I was hella pissed that they kept having them repeat the same type of fights over and over instead of letting them get close or even be friends like they logically would have post Chosen. It's like Joss didn't know how to continue in the right direction with them.

YEP i’m totally with you. especially in early s8. buffy still doesn’t trust faith?? really??? they fought the first side-by-side together. faith has sufficiently proved that she’s worthy of trust imo, so that storyline (much as i was glad to see her again) was sort of unfair to her.

i liked where it went with them at the end of the season, though. they got a couple moments of Understanding? it felt like they were finally on the same page, although they could have been, y’know…. even More friendly

i’m mostly salty that they’ve hardly ever interacted since then, minus the one fight at the beginning of s10. im super curious what’s going to happen with faith in s11….. will she get sidelined? added to the Angel cast? added to the BTVS cast? (is there any official word on this? i dont keep up with stuff)

anyway, i don’t hate the way it was handled but it was sloppy & i want More for them


s8 #11: “Once upon a time… I did something good. […] I found a way to share my power. Girls all over the world were given power – not just strength, although that does come in handy – but purpose. Meaning. Connection.”

s10 #25: “You’ve made these amazing sacrifices – for me… for the world. I’ve always wondered if I could do something like that. If I could be that brave. It’s kinda cool to find out that I can.”

Yay me.”