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I saw your comicverse slayers appreciation post and so far I've only read Buffy s8 and nothing else but I wanted to come scream about how much I loved Renee and how She Deserved Better !!!!

right!!! i mean, some Great Renee Things:

  • she wears a single earring? she wears a feather earring in her right ear and nothing in the other, i Love…
  • she likes comic books :’)
  • “this isn’t exactly what i meant by ‘date.’ i was thinking something less… helicopter-y.”
  • “i’m not leaving you alone with this guy.”
  • she has No patience for dracula, which…. same
  • the scene where she helps buffy/willow/xander trap that vamp?? and they walk away, backlit by the flames?? is everything.
  • her death kind of…. exemplifies everything that is wrong with the buffyverse. i despise Wolves at the Gate.
  • buffy/satsu could have been nice, but it’s immediately made awkward by Everyone Bursting Into Buffy’s Bedroom Unannounced, so uh
  • that’s followed by super fun biphobia
  • and then there’s dracula’s super gross overt racism & misogyny, which. why was that even a writing decision
  • also. writing kickass scenes for two WOC - aiko and renee - and then immediately turning around and making them die violent and gruesome deaths for Shock Value?
  • cause. you know what would have been just as horrific? stripping aiko’s powers and then NOT killing her. scenario: aiko loses her powers, and, weakened, collapses to the ground. buffy finds her, and is Horrified when she realizes what happened & what they’re facing. you can have loss without stringing her up like a puppet, what the fuck!!!!
  • and then there’s renee!!!!!
  • this is a comic book, so they’re allowed to be more graphic in their depictions of violence. and they just. go for it. from the expression on renee’s dying face, to the scythe sticking out of her chest, to the way she’s literally being held up in the air, to the massive, massive amounts of blood, her death is Gruesome Horrific Awful. evidently, that’s what the creative team was shooting for. but…… why ?
  • for a show about vampires, buffy has very few scenes that are actually bloody? and that’s something i’ve always respected about it. but they throw that away Because They Can, and we end up with scenes like this that are, frankly, dehumanizing.
  • and for what? to cause xander more grief? as if he needs that??
  • she didn’t need to die. her death did Not help to further the plot. it was entirely, Entirely, for shock value.
  • you know what i would have liked? to see renee go on and spend more time with the other slayers. she could have been friends with satsu. (maybe she was! we’ll never know now.) she could have been That Girl who never shuts about her favourite superheroes, in an endearing way. she could even have joined the scooby gang - i think she and buffy would have gotten along great! if they wanted to write her out, there’s were a plethora of other options available. pretty sure they chose just about the worst one.

I wonder if the people saying Joss Would Never! regarding the Wonder Woman script have read the post-series Buffy comics, S8 in particular.

Depowering female superheroes has been his kink since 2005 at least.

Random Buffy Thought

Post-Chosen stories where Buffy is a suicidal wreck because Spike is dead puzzle me.  I can believe she had feelings for him at the end.  I can believe those feelings were love, in the moment of his death.  (I also think that if he had survived, she’d very likely have panicked and backpedaled and been very glad of that “no you don’t” out, but that’s another story.)  I’m sure that losing him hurt, but Buffy never tried to kill herself over Angel, or her mother, each an arguably much more traumatic loss.  Buffy was never actively suicidal even in the depths of depression.  If death had come knocking, she might have opened the door, but she didn’t go out hunting for it.  

Heck, even Spike, the quintessential romantic obsessive, didn’t walk into the sun when Buffy died, did he?  Why do people assume Buffy wouldn’t do the same thing he did – mourn, move on as best you can, and fight on in the memory of loved ones past?  (Which, if you go by the comics, is exactly what Buffy did, though possibly minus the mourning part – Comics Buffy in S8 seems to have dealt with Spike’s death by doing her damnedest to forget he ever existed.)  I guess that’s not seen as ~romantic~ enough, but does anyone seriously think that Spike would want Buffy to off herself to prove her love?

There’s some evidence (her dream in the short webcomic Joss wrote) that Buffy felt guilty about leaving Spike to burn up in the Hellmouth, but Buffy feels guilty about everything.  More importantly, she was proud of him for dying a hero.  I could not love you half so much loved I not duty more, etc.  I’m not saying that Buffy would never, ever contemplate suicide, but I think it would take a hell of a lot more than losing Spike to get her to that point.