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Posts that tumblr deems NSWF

So, I’d like to keep track of the posts that Tumblr classifies as “not safe” after they’ve introduced this new safe-mode feature. So far, I’m kinda puzzled. I don’t understand the criteria behind most of these choices? (like, most of my text posts discussing rape in Buffy or Veronica were okayed but then a gifset of Tara wrapped in a blanket is flagged as NSWF?) I’ll probably update this post once in a while adding links to any post of mine that gets “banned” (I know that’s not really what they’re doing, but you get the point.)

BTVS 6x19 Buffy kicking Warren’s ass and calling him a bitch

BTVS 6x19 Tara wrapped in a blanket, Dawn fangirling over her favorite gay couple

BTVS 6x19 Tara and Willow kissing in bed, no nudity

VM 3X09 Logan beating the fuck up of a police a car and getting his ass in jail

BTVS 6x18 Tara and Willow making up and making out (I’m starting to see a trend here… oh boy, I hope the Spuffy/LoVe kissing gif sets got banned too…)

BTVS 6x18 Willow and Tara talking????? Willow kind of asking Tara out???? why is this banned??? So, wait, Spike asking Buffy to sleep with him again is okayed but Willow asking Tara for fucking coffee is not?????

BTVS 6x17 Buffy in the mental institution???? (well, at least the “how to ask a girl out” set didn’t get banned…)

BTVS 6x16 Sex poodle?! hOW..?


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I hope you don’t mind if I keep using your buffy dudes as reference til I learn to draw them right xD

are you kidding me, not only do i not mind… i encourage it hehehehe

also, dont worry Xadar, i got your back ;D

in other news….. is there any easy way to reply to replies on this site??? i feel like every time i figure out a way to do it… tumblr goes and messes it up again……


“Hey Y/N,” Elena said as she came up to her friend. “I didn’t hear from you all weekend. How are you?”
“Five-by-five,” Y/N quirked her smile. Elena rolled her in eyes in amusement.
“Are you ever going to stop with the Buffy references?”
“Not when you guys keep walking right into them,” Y/N told her. “It is just way too much fun.”
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Okay but random Buffy the Vampire Slayer thought. Which has probably been hashed and rehashed loads before, but like. A hypothesis about why the comparison between Angel and Spike as souled v. unsouled vampires might not be the best thing?

So the lore is all like, when a being is turned into a vampire, their soul goes fluttering off into some nebulous retrievable-but-not-here-anyway place, and a ‘demon’ takes it place, and a quick look through the wiki confirms what I remember, that the ‘demon’ doesn’t really itself have a person, but rather takes on the qualities of whoever the vampire was in life. Like, I dunno, the impulses and ways of the demon acting through the preexisting neural pathways in the human brain, without the ‘soul’ to fetter it.

And like the thing is when a vampire is re-souled, the demon doesn’t just leave. It’s sitting there under the soul, power and whathaveyou intact. So without unvampire-ing a person and then re-vampire-ing a person, the ‘person’ the demon becomes when it enters the human probably doesn’t change all that much? Even over the centuries.

So Angel became a vampire, and from what I remember his human self, Liam? Was at least kind of an asshole, particularly when he was turned. And that’s what the demon in his veins had to work with when it created itself in Liam’s image. And so Angelus was appropriately horrifying.

Meanwhile, when Spike became a vampire, his human self, William, was a squishy bleeding heart romantic poet. And that’s what his demon had to work with when creating itself in William’s image. Resulting in the Spike folks know and love.

So like yeah okay Spike was a better person as a human than Angel was, probably, to some extent. But that’s so far in the past, using it against their present selves who’ve had time to grow and change is perhaps unfair.

Fast forward to the present. Actually, just to Angelus becoming Angel. His soul back in place, Angel what, spends a century or so brooding? Struggling, really, with himself. Trying to reconcile the horrible things he did without a soul to what he wants to do with one.

Here’s a place it’s interesting. Some folks in the world, they have souls, and they’re still horrible human beings. But Angel, as soon as he’s got his back, starts regretting. He grows and changes- the way his demon, based on a snapshot of the worst time in his first life, never allowed itself to do. This implies, to some extent, that at the bottom of who Angel is, who his soul says he is, that he’s at the very least appalled by the horrible things Angelus did. That Liam at the least is not himself unredeemably shitty.

Spike’s demon, meanwhile, I think has run around the entirety of his undead lifetime being able to grow and change- because the snapshot of William it based itself off of was willing to grow and change. He’s spent his whole undead life finding the balance between being a bleeding-heart poet and being a vicious killer demon. And yeah some of that is what can make him an ineffectual vampire when faced with things that he’s been brought to care for in ‘unvampirelike’ ways. But it also means that even without a soul, Spike’s demon has been growing and changing in ways Angel’s never did.

So Spike gets his soul back. He goes looking for his soul back. And has angst, reconciling his soul with his demon. But the two aren’t as different as Angelus and Liam. The demon, which still has the capacity for change from all those years ago, and the soul, which has it intrinsically, grow together for Spike, leaving him a decently cohesive being. This is as opposed to Angelus and Angel, who in the end are very separate people- the demon who has never changed and the soul which was made to do so.

This is why I think saying “Well Spike was able to love Buffy, if not well, even when he was soulless, but Angel never could” is not necessarily a good argument. Because Angel’s demon remains based on a single snapshot of who Angel, who Liam, was during the worst of his original lifetime. It’s never changed, or grown. It’s an angry, hedonist, spoiled and entitled child. Spike’s demon though, originally based of a single snapshot of who William was when he died, has been able to spend all those years letting itself grow up, in some ways.

(note- by snapshot, I mean a single version of who they were, with all their past behind them, in the moment they died. Not a one dimensional caricature of their character.)

The real comparison should be, Angel-with-a-soul and Spike-with-a-soul. When they’ve both grown and changed and can fully consider who they are.

So anyway, that was just a thought. I dunno.