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aurelian jams
{ mixtapes for the fanged four }

dear one.

seduction songs. femme fatale songs. revenge songs. whirlwind songs.
songs for dressing up in everything from kimonos to schoolgirl skirts.

feat. hole, the velvet underground, nancy sinatra, and more

angel faced.

soulless songs. artist songs. scheming songs. leather pants songs.
songs to play the first time you torture someone with a chainsaw.

feat. the rolling stones, nick cave, depeche mode, and more

dewy eyed.

twirling songs. vision songs. star-gazing songs. tea party songs.
songs to dance and kiss and eat eyeballs to.

feat. fleetwood mac, king crimson, the doors, and more

the bloody.

rabble rousing songs. blood thumping songs. hopeless romantic songs.
songs to kill passionately and love ferociously to.

feat. the sex pistols, iggy & the stooges, the clash, and more

Happy Holigays: Fallen Quite Hard Over You

Jenny - Studio Killers || Somewhere Only We Know - Lily Allen || Magic - Kina Grannis || You - The Pretty Reckless || The Only Exception - Paramore || Dancing On My Own - Robyn || Jessie’s Girl - Mary Lambert || I Will Follow You Into The Dark - Daniela Andrade || Riptide - Jasmine Thompson || I Couldn’t Be Your Friend - Tegan & Sara || Can’t Help Falling In Love - Ingrid Michaelson || Girls Like Girls - Hayley Kiyoko || She Will Be Loved - Kelaska || Kiss Me - Jessica Manning || Let Her Go - Jasmine Thompson || Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop - Daniela Andrade || Too Close - Hannah Trigwell || The Scientist - Holly Henry 

Happy Holigays To The Squad!

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myth-taken. | playlist for dating, and shopping, and hanging out, and going to school, and saving the world from unspeakable demons [listen].

oo1. trouble - shampoo | oo2. i’d start a revolution - aimee allen | oo3. angel - aerosmith | oo4. seven devils - florence + the machine | oo5. the phoenix - fall out boy | oo6. heroes - the wallflowers | oo7. landslide - fleetwood mac | oo8. just a girl - no doubt


i know i can love you much b e t t e r than this
                                                                          ғ ᴜ ʟ ʟ  ᴏ ғ  ɢ  ʀ  ᴀ  ᴄ  ᴇ

What about me? I love you so much… And I tried to make you go away… I killed you and it didn’t help. And I hate it! I hate that it’s so hard!… And that you can hurt me so much… I know everything that you did, because you did it to ME. Oh, God! I wish that I wished you dead… But I don’t. I can’t… Strong is fighting! It’s hard, and it’s painful, and it’s EVERY DAY. It’s what we have to do. And we can do it together. But if you’re too much of a coward for that, then BURN. If I can’t convince you that you belong in this world, then I don’t know what can.
—  Buffy Summers, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”

stop right now
you’ll only let me down

she’s cheer captain and i’m on the bleachers ; the impossible wolf 90s teen movie high school au you never knew how you wanted until now. (+listen) (read the annotations!)

i. blank space- taylor swift / ii. tangled up in me - skye sweetnam / iii. marsh king’s daughter - eisley / iv. i’m not gonna teach your boyfriend to dance with you - kate nash / v. breaking up - charli xcx / vi. sledgehammer - fifth harmony / vii. love drunk - little mix / viii. the state of dreaming - marina and the diamonds / ix. we are complicated - avril lavigne & taylor swift / x. drops of jupiter - jess moskaluke / xi. hypocrates - marina and the diamonds / xii. can’t take my eyes off you - boys town gang / xiii. love will find a way - christina aguilera / bonus track! shake it off (taylor swift cover) - charli xcx

144bees  asked:

a buffy x tara playlist (pick a name yourself.. you're Good at These Things)

this is based in season 6 so it’s very angsty
beat this or celebrate it;; buffy x tara
1. looking like you just woke up - the front bottoms
2. some kind of disaster relief - the taxpayers
3. all of me wants all of you - sufjan stevens
4. bring me your loves - st. vincent
5. american beauty - girlpool

ageless beauty - a cordelia chase mix [listen]

i. intro - the xx | ii. lonely - the middle east | iii. girls like you - the naked and famous | iv. pilgrim (ms mr remix) - mø | v. the greatest - cat power | vi. when we wake - blood red shoes | vii. ageless beauty - stars | viii. 7/4 (shoreline) - broken social scene | ix. shadows - warpaint | x. wait - m83


“strong is fighting” listen

a playlist for buffy summers, the best hero to ever hero.

under the cut is the reasons why the songs were chosen and why they represent buffy summers

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