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After the Story of "becoming part 2", did Buffy every found out about Willows true message? I thought there was a conversation about this but I can't find it and by now I think it was just a dream I had.

It’s mentioned in passing in Selfless…

…which I think was mostly pandering to fans, who I believe had been complaining about this FOR YEARS, and with good reason.

Moreover, it was a throwaway line in the middle of an argument centered around a completely different topic, so from a writing standpoint, it didn’t make sense to shift the argument towards Xander’s lie. And it’s never really fully addressed beyond Willow’s “I never said that.”

Xander gets away with it, 100%. 

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Top five OTPs from ANY fandom :)

Only five, though? What have I done to make you hate me??? ;-)

In no order…

1. Jim/Pam - The Office

We’re often told that certain fictional couples truly love and understand each other, that they have a lot in common and are best friends as well as deeply in love, but with Jim/Pam we actually SEE it over and over. In many ways they differ from the usual romance ‘types.’ He’s not the mysterious brooding loner or a reformed, rebellious bad boy, she’s not super sassy and plucky, and they’re not glamorous, wildly successful people in exciting or dangerous careers. They’re just two very relateable, good yet flawed people who happen to be soulmates.

2. Elena/Stefan - The Vampire Diaries

Speaking of soulmates…I just felt and saw it, whatever that mysterious “it” might be, from their very first scene. Despite all the melodrama and angst and in some ways even because of it, I never doubted that these two love each other, have a truly transcendent connection and are destined to be together. The show’s writers disagreed, but I don’t let that deter me! 

3. Buffy/Angel - Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Oh, hey, so while we’re on the topic of passionate people/supernatural creatures who endure nonstop angst but who I happen to believe are epic soulmates…

I love Cangel too, by the way. I realize that makes no sense, but fictional and real love almost never does! .

 4. Elizabeth/Darcy - Pride and Prejudice

Unlike many Jane Austen fanatics, I don’t think of Darcy as the ultimate romantic ideal. I think he has a boatload of flaws to go along with his obvious assets, but that’s what makes him such a unique and entertaining character—and so perfect for Lizzie, who is also interestingly imperfect despite having so many great qualities. I relate to Darcy’s intense dislike of socializing and her impulsive snark and both of their stubborness and tendencies to judge too quickly. They’ve got just enough in common to connect yet enough differences to challenge each other, compensate for the other’s weaknesses and always keep things interesting. 

5. Caroline/Klaus - The Vampire Diaries 

Maybe I shouldn’t adore them and they shouldn’t adore each other, but “it’s not a crime to love something you can’t explain” (Klaus), right? :-) They just have this special chemistry that pulls me in. And to me it’s not just the “good girl tames bad boy” trope, but more that she taps into his buried but resilient humanity while he encourages her to do, see and BE more than she might have otherwise. 

Thak you so much for the ask! This was so much fun to do!