buffy is like 'quick get your hands off before somebody sees'

Smells like Dean Spirit

Imagine after a hunt you blasting Nirvana in the privacy of your room in a very revealing outfit, and Dean barging in after you couldn’t hear his knock.

Relationship: ReaderX Dean

Warnings fluff


This hunt had been BRUTAL. You had been expecting one vamp, and it turned out to be a whole nest. It took you, Sam, and Dean three long days to kill them all. In the meantime, you had been thrown across the room into a wall and had the bruises to prove it. Your rib cage was a mass of purple and red.

Dean had almost been turned. Only your quick thinking and even quicker reflexes had reached him in time and lopped the vamps head off before she could feed Dean her blood and turn him.

Sam had been thrown through a glass window and was cut all over. Dean had stitched him up while you picked glass out of his hair.

“Dammit Sam!” you grumbled. “Why do you have to have so much hair?”

Sam frowned at you. “You said you liked my hair.”

You patted his head gently. “I do baby, I do.” He still winced in pain.

You were not in a good place.  The fact that you came so close to losing Dean had you rattled.  The two of you had flirted for ages, but it never went further than that. But when Sam was already down, and that vampire bitch had sunk her fangs into Dean’s neck, It hit you like a punch in the gut.

Somewhere along the line, you had fallen in love with Dean Winchester. You had broken your own Cardinal Rule.  What now????

“How’s your head, Sam?” you asked when you entered the kitchen.

“Good. I think you got it all. Thanks Y/N! How are the ribs?”

“I want painkillers and beer. In that order.“

“That good huh?"Sam grinned weakly. “At least Deans in one piece…..mostly….. You really saved his bacon out there.”

At that moment, Dean walked into the kitchen, his hair wet from the shower. “Did somebody say bacon?”

“Do you ever think about anything besides food?” You asked, frowning.

“I think about lots of things, Y/N.  Want to know what I am thinking about right now?” He winked at you.

“You are such a flirt! I am too tired and too sore for this right now Dean.”  You turned you back on him.  Now that you knew how you felt about him, you were sure he could see it in your eyes.


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Hc that some guys try to pick on remus when hes on his own cause they think hes the weak one of the group but there so wrong & remus finss it hilarious. Bonus is sirius sees & is hella turned on.

Love it! [Modern Au with Modern day references!]

- Remus always seemed as if he was the weakling of the Marauders.

- James was clearly fast and extremely athletic due to many years of Quidditch

- As was Sirius; he had his Beater’s Bat and swing to prove it!

- Peter was slightly chubby, but looked (and was) strong, and could easily pick people up and throw them about if necessary.

- But Remus?

- He was tall, slender-looking with scars littered across his face and body and sometimes walked with a slight limp.

- He was deemed him a ‘wimp’ because of it to everyone who didn’t really know him.

- But boy, were they wrong.

- In fact, Remus was the strongest of the group - by far.

- Underneath his excessively oversized jumpers, he was sporting some impressive abs and his shoulders had a slight bulk to them.

- When he’s at home during the holidays, he works on his Fathers Farm with him. 

- He’s build up an impressive amount of stamina and endurance over the years from herding animals, harvesting plants, you name it.

- Add his werewolf traits to the mix and he was unstoppable.

- Most of the time when he was fighting with somebody (be it a play fight or a real one), he would have to hold back his strength a lot.

- He used to joke that he was the male version of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but it fell of deaf ears since James, Sirius and Peter had no idea what the hell he was talking about.

- Even his friends forgot how strong Remus was sometimes because he did his best to be a pacifist and not get involved in fights unless he had to.

- Which is why Sirius was so angry when he saw a group of Slytherins corner Remus when he was walking on his own to Dinner one night.

- During the last full moon, his right leg had broken during the change back and didn’t want to set properly despite the amount of potions that Madam Pomfrey gave him, so he had to walk around with a walking stick for a few days.

- James told everyone it was because he was trying to sneak up into the girls dorms and the stairs gave out causing him to break his leg

- (He got a smack up the head for that one from more than just Remus)

- Sirius was constantly by his side to make sure that he was alright and waiting on him hand and foot.

- Remus ended up snapping at him and storming off to Dinner by himself.

- It wasn’t that he was angry at Sirius per say, it was just he hated when people thought of him as weak.

- He had to walk away to calm himself down and thought getting something to eat before his friends joined him would be the most sensible thing to do.

- He was two corridors away from the Great Hall when he felt a hand grab his shoulder and fling him against the wall.

- At first, he thought it was going to be Sirius demanding why he had snapped at him until he heard that low chuckle of Mulciber.

- “Why, looky-looky what we have here, boys? It’s Loopy-Lupin!” He sniggered to his house mates. 

- All 4 of them.

- Remus scoffed and rolled his eyes. 

- It’s typical that they’d gang up on him when he was alone and injured - not like that matter.

- Usually, Remus would try to walk away in this situation, but today he felt up for a fight.

- “Really? That’s the best you could come up with? It’s a good job you’re not going for a career in the creative arts, Mullie. Imagination isn’t one of your strong suits.” 

- Mulciber slammed his hand hard against the wall next to Remus’ head, but he didn’t flinch. 

- “I wouldn’t start chatting shit in the position you’re in, Lupin. Theres five of us, and one of you.”

- Remus fake-gasps and clapped his hands loudly.

- “Oh, Mulciber! You can do maths! I’m sure your mother would be so proud. Oh, happy day!” 

- Mulciber growled deep in his throat. 

- “Boy’s, lets teach this half blood here what happens when you speak back to a superior.” He smirked.

- Sirius had followed Remus down from their dorm to the Great Hall.

- He was annoyed at himself for angering Remus the way that he did, but he just couldn’t help it.

- He wanted to help Remus when he was struggling with the stick, but perhaps he wasn’t struggling as much as Sirius thought he was.

- He just took advantage of the situation to try and get nearer to Remus which completely back fired on him.

- He couldn’t help it that he just wanted to be closer to Remus these days. 

- Mentally hitting himself, he turned the corner to see the group of Slytherins and Remus stood against the wall, cornered by them. 

- He saw Remus clapping his hands.

- “Oh, Mulciber! You can do maths! I’m sure your mother would be so proud. Oh, happy day!” His tone was dripping with sarcasm.

- If Sirius wasn’t so concerned with Remus’ safety, he would have laughed loudly at that comment.

- “Boy’s, lets teach this half blood here what happens when you speak back to a superior.”

- Sirius quickly went for his wand but stopped short when he saw what Remus did next.

- With quick agility, Remus trapped Mulciber’s elbow between his hands and bent it backwards, hearing a loud crack and a cry.

- He ducked down, dodging a punch from Goyle who slammed his fist into the wall behind him.

- He twisted his stick and smacked against the underside of Goyles legs, making him fall down comically and slamming the back of his head on the ground. 

- Crabbe grabbed ahold of his shoulder and dragged him back up.

- Remus hardened his skull and head butted him squarely in the forehead, knocking him out cold.

- Nott grabbed ahold of both of his arms and tied them around his back.

- Remus lent backwards and threw Nott over the front of his shoulders and flipped him onto his back with a loud grunt.

- He then turned to Serveus Snape who stood there watching, mortified.

- “Go on, Snivels. Make your move.”

- He quickly made a move for his wand, but Remus beat him to it and shot a very powerful Stupefy his way, causing him to fly threw the air and hit the opposite wall.

- Brushing off his shoulders, he leant down to pick up his walking stick.

- As he turned to continue walking to the Great Hall, he caught a gobsmacked Sirius stood watching at the end of the hall. 

- He gave him a sheepish smile and started mussing with the back of his hair as Sirius made his way to him slowly.

- “Pads, listen … I’m so sorry for before-offt!” He grunted as Sirius threw himself into Remus’ arms.

- “Holy fuck Moons! I completely forgot you could do shit like that! That was amazing! Merlin, that was so hot, I’m practically swooning over you right now!” He laughed.

- Remus just pulled back with a puzzled face, but Sirius just beamed.

- “Mind you, I was already swooning at you long before seeing … this.” He gestured to the out-cold Slytherins on the floor.

- “Re-really?” He asked, Sirius still in his arms.

- Sirius bit his lip and stroked his arms up Remus’ collar and around his shoulders.

- “Definitely. I did have a plan to tell you how I felt but … Godric, you’re just so … so … so Moony!” Remus chuckled. 

- “I’m sorry I was too much before, fussing over you the way I did. It’s just … I kind of saw it as an opportunity to help you? Be near you? I don’t really know, but I’m sorry I made you mad.”

- Remus shook his head and rested it on Sirius’ forehead.

- “Nah. I’m sorry I snapped, I just didn’t want you of all people thinking I was weak.”

- Sirius barked a laugh.

- “After seeing this?! I don’t think anyone would ever think that again! You truly are Moony the Slytherin Slayer!”

- “Hey! You got the reference right!” 

- “Shut up, you.” Sirius chuckled and smacked his lips against Remus’ who returned the kiss just as eagerly.

Tough Remus is best Remus.

Day in the Life of Danielle and Philippa!

Description: A regular day in the life on Phil’s 29th birthday only this comes with a feminine twist.

Tags: Fem!Phan; Filming!Phan (yes it is different than normal phan)

A/N: written for dannihowell because I love her and recommended reading she has ever written. <33

“Hey guys! So I’ve just woken up to 3 million subscribers! Thank you so much that number is insane! I’ll send you all your own little duck children as celebration!” I shoved my hair out of my eyes and groaned when the strands stick to my forehead.

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