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buffy & willow per season: season 3

Willow: No. (hands Buffy a letter) I’m not going anywhere.
Buffy: UC Sunnydale?
Willow: I will be matriculating with Class of 2003.
Buffy: Are you serious?
Willow: Say, isn’t that where you’re going?
Buffy hugs her and they tumble onto the ground.
Buffy: I kind of love you.

Still not over Andi Mack. Not anywhere close.

I really need to rant and I have no one else to rant to (cuz my friends have never been into the same stuff as me) so I’ll just rant to myself about this. I really love Andi Mack. Not just cuz of Cyrus and repressntation, but because the show on the whole is amazing from the theme song to the shows themes and honestly every character is perfect.

Andi herself is amazing. Shes a chinese american girl with a passion for crafts, nice, smol, and just great all around. She was upset when the whole family stuff went down of course but that girl bounced back soooo quick it was amazing. She handled it so well (Well as well as a 13 year old can handle something like that). Shes grown so much over that first season too and ot made me soooo happy to see it happen. She stood up for herself more and gained a whole lot of self confidence in the process. How she treats Jonah in the beginning of season 1 and where they are now is just…. Mind blowing and inspiring. People falling for someone and doing whatever they say is a serious thing. I felt it and did whatever the guy I liked wanted. I’m glad the creator felt the need to show it.

Next is Buffy. My mixed curly haired queen. I love her man she’s a bamf and reminds me so much of my best friend its scary. She’s athletic, super competitive, fierce, supportive of everything and no matter what you know she has your back. She has her own baggage too cuz I assume her moms overseas in the army maybe? They haven’t gotten into her family life and that’s an arc id love to see happen. Her relationship with my boy Marty from the party is super cute and I’m glad she has someone who can match her blow for blow because thats exactly what she needs. How she handles Cyrus is honestly the cutest thing and if they are literally me and my best friend. Shes like his mama bear always there to comfort and show him the way. She’s like that with Andi too. Its beautiful to see.

After her is Bex. I applaud Bex because she’s really trying to change and be there for the daughter. I admire her ability to just play along with her parents for so long just to ensure that Andi had the best life possible. Even now she’s back she’s helped change Andi so much. She’s even grown up a lot since her return. She works hard like a mother should and reminds me of my mom. Doing everything to ensure her kids happy even if that means giving her up (tht scene almost made me cry tbh). She tries so hard and when Andi called her mom I was crying with her too. Bex is a good noddle, makes me proud and hopefully she can continue to do so.

Ham is my boy. My ultimate goal of being a dad. Not too ‘cool’ not too 'cringey’. He knows what’s right for his family and even tho he’s a sub to CiCi he loves them all unconditionally. He’s soft but still firm enough to know what to say and when to say it and to whom. Alwyas giving advice and supporting his family.

CiCi rubbed me the wrong way in the beginning but then i began looking at life in her eyes and began to understand her. Her only kid got pregnant as a teen (16? 17 maybe?) And she’s terrified that Andi would do the same. I still don’t condone lying to your grandkid (Oh yeah Celia. I said it) and keeping them from their real mom but I still get it. I’m glad shes come to term with it now and decided to accept her daughter back into her heart and give up Andi. Like mother like daughter I suppose?

Jonah… Jonah, Jonah, Jonah. My fav little hearttrob. He has this gravitation to him that give no choice but to like him. He reminds me of my first love which makes Cyrus all the more relatable to me. He’s charismatic, spontaneous, and a generally happy guy. I’m sure there’s some back story behind those eyes but I guess I’m going to have to wait to find out what.

I even like Amber. Sure she was a snotty bitch in the beginning but she did a 180 when Jonah broke up with her. Who knew a she needed was a little humility to make her seem a little bit likeable? Everyone. But anywho. I can’t wait to dive into her arcs as well.

I can’t remember his name (I sowwie) but its Andi’s dad and he has such a kid attitude to him its also hard not to immedeatly like him. Its refreshing to see dads who try as hard as him because so many kids these days have dads who really just aren’t good for them. He loves his kid even though he barely knew her and they act so alike its hard NOT to see Andi’s his child. He’s just so cute about everything and he has his quirks which make him a very likeable character.

Now on to my untimate favorite character in the show, Cyrus. I loved Cyrus as soon as I first saw him. Hes such an innocent cinnamon roll and hes too adorable for this world and we dont deserve his him here and I just want to protect him and keep him safe from all the bad in life including heartbreak. Luckily he has Buffy for that. He’s such an oddball with so much personality. If I was a character I would be Cyrus because he’s just so pure and perfect. His whole Cirus thing was cute as hell and because he’s such a princess it was nice seeing Iris take over when he couldn’t. His obsession and attraction to Jonah was obvious from the beginning and I love how the situation was handled. It was all so real and just perfect. Cyrus was confused and alone and sad because he has these feelings for a guy which he’s never felt before and not only that there’s a high chance these feelings would be unrequited because Jonahs falling for Andi. Cyrus is such a trooper because there’s a small part in him that even accepts that. I also love how he isn’t given a label yet in the show because its honestly realistic. If you’re 12 or 13 and having a sexual awaking you wouldnt know what to identify as and the fact that he doesn’t call himself gay when he’s talking to Buffy makes it even better because he just doesn’t know what he is. And its beautiful how Buffy accepts him instantly without hesitation. That whole scene where he tells Buffy how he feels was so beautiful and perfectly executed. I love how normalized it was liek it wasn’t a big deal at all but it was still important. I love how Cyrus’ orientation wasn’t the focus of the whole episode but was still felt throughout the entire episode. You could feel and see the emotion, confusion and fear in his voice and eyes and Buffy just takes those all away. Hes so amazing and perfect and I want a real life one. I know there’s a high chance he and Jonah aren’t getting together because of Andi and Jonah so I’m 100% sure Cyrus is going to get a whole other interest. Id love to see how the show implements him and I can’t wait to have a ship that transcends my love for Jack and Ennis (and trust me Brokeback Mountain owns the keys to my soul). Even if Cyrus pines for Jonah until the very end I’ll be perfectly happy and fine with that because its realistic. Also in my eyes Cyrus can do no wrong.

Andi Mack is a masterpiece of a show and I can’t wait to watch it grow and inspire the millions of kids it already does. I wish I had a show like this when in was going through all this but I think I can settle for enjoying it for now. I’m happy the next generations are going to grow up being able to see the LGBT+ people in the world being validated and accepted. Ik this is a lot and if you’ve read all of this then you’re a goat and the mvp. Thanks.

*tries to hug Buffy through the screen*

I really wish someone had taken Buffy aside during the whole Angelus saga and made it clear that none of it was in any way her fault. I know Giles kind of did, and I appreciate him for that, but there was still that whole ‘you acted rashly’ part of the speech and no, she actually didn’t.

She had sex with her longterm boyfriend (who could not get her pregnant or pass on any diseases) after talking it over with a trusted friend and deciding she felt ready. There is absolutely no way she could have known Angel losing his soul was even a possibility, let alone that having sex with him would be the thing to cause it. This isn’t like she was driving too fast and hit something but we all drive too fast sometimes and it could have happened to anyone. It’s like she was going the speed limit with her hands at ten and two and then a sinkhole opened up underneath her and swallowed her car.

She did absolutely nothing wrong and yet there are several instances where she blames herself in front of her friends and they’re sympathetic but they don’t disagree. I don’t blame them for that, because they’re teenagers too and it’s not like there’s a handbook for what to do when your friend’s boyfriend loses his soul and goes all serial killer-y. I just wish it could have been different and that someone could have taken a little of that guilt off her shoulders, because really the whole thing was tragic enough without Buffy hating herself on top of it.


So all of this is compiled from the different promos and sneak peeks but it’s from the same episode! Because of how much we’ve seen from this episode I think this will be the second half of the premiere. A lot is going to happen.  A Breakdown and some theories below.  

So we have Buffy saying “Andi that’s so exciting” so it seems to me like Andi and Jonah may tell them they are together now.  Buffy also says “You’re nervous?” and Andi says “Things are different now.”  which most likely happens before Jonah shows up as I don’t think she would admit her nervousness in front of him.  So she’s nervous about her relationship with Jonah and may not feel totally comfortable.

Then we have the “Taters Later? Sounds good.” scene so we know that Jonah is there for whatever Buffy said is exciting and things do seem a little awkward but it would make sense that Cyrus would try to be ok with it and make that invitation.

Then a quick shot of Andi and Jonah meeting up which may be before or after school or on their way to the spoon. Where they then see Amber walk in.  

Later we have Andi asking “Where’s Jonah?” and they see that Amber is outside in her Spoon uniform talking to Jonah and they hug.  Buffy at some point says “Just be yourself” most likely to comfort Andi and her worries about Jonah and Amber seeming to be getting close again after the hug. We can also see that Cyrus is with Iris doing Tater Theater. It would make sense to me that Cyrus is still with Iris even if he has come out to Buffy because if he knows that Jonah is with Andi now and thinks he has no chance he wouldn’t want to be alone.  But I don’t think this will last long.  Iris isn’t in many episodes this season and I have to believe that Cyrus would do the right thing and break up with her if he knows there is no future for them. And then we have Andi, with Cyrus and Iris in the background, telling Buffy “You know you can tell me anything.”  My personal theory on that is that Cyrus has come out to Buffy now and Andi is sensing that something has changed and asks Buffy to explain but she can’t tell her because she wouldn’t want to out Cyrus.  

Lastly, a scene with Andi and Bex having a talk.  Probably after all the events of the day.

- Two adults, acting like adults, and having an actual adult conversation? On Disney Channel? You don’t see that often. But I like that they’re delving into their history a bit.

- Cyrus hugging Buffy was so cute. That little dork just can’t get it right, but I don’t think we’d have him any other way :P

- Andi creeping on Jonah’s social media stuff is pretty relatable, hahah.

Buffy learning about her death prophecy.
(Prophecy Girl)

Knowing Buffy’s life will be so horrible past this point that she develops a death wish is what makes this moment really sting.

But let’s forget about what we know of Buffy’s future for a while. 

Think of her life at this point. She’s basically a child with a terminal illness. What short life she has left has been decided for her and set in stone. She is the chosen one. She knows she will die young, she knows she’ll never grow old, possibly never grow up.

If she survives that long, if she by some miraculous way manage to get to an age where life mile stones are possible, like graduating college, landing a great job, having kids etc. She wont be able to actually live and enjoy it. Her number 1 priority will always have to be slaying.

This is why Buffy is so obsessed with everything normal in her teen years. She wants normal so badly cause she knows it’s only temporary. Normal will never last. Normal is one of those things that she sees all around her, being enjoyed by friends and loved ones, but it’s not for her. 

She wants to taste it as much as possible, for as long as possible. The longing for what it’s like to not have the weight of the world on your shoulders.

In Prophecy Girl she knows all this. And she haven’t had enough time to taste normal. The burden of slaying hasn’t taken over her will to live yet. 


… “Giles, I’m sixteen years old. I don’t wanna die.”


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Faith thinks that all that keeps Buffy in this room with her is the memory of those almost-kisses. The possibility that once, there was almost something beautiful between them.

written for the 2017 buffyverse femslash secret santa for @faithlesbihane!! merry (belated; yikes) christmas, clementine and i hope you enjoy this <3

the prompt i chose: buffy/faith + post chosen angst with a happy ending

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