buffy high school

What got you into fanfiction?

Me: I was in 7th grade (2007-2008), in my computer class. While the teacher was up front writing on the board, I was avoiding classwork and decided to see “what Naruto character I was” lol,  on this site called quizilla (lmao how many of you remember that site?) so after I took the test, I noticed some fan made stories of Naruto and decided to check it out.

My fucking god, I almost shat myself. Do you know what I was reading??

Fucking Kakashi Hatake was spanking Ino and realized he could stimulate her. Then they did the dance with no pants. I’m thinking, is this shit legal? will i get arrested? is this porn?!?! I almost died right then and there. 

Then I found stories where I could be a character. I almost shat myself again at the excitement of being in a relationship with a fucking Naruto character.

Here I am years later, still addicted, not seeking help. 


btvs rewatch ✞ 3x20 The Prom

Buffy Slays 20

It can be argued that no other show has been as important, for so many different reasons, for so many different people, as Buffy the Vampire Slayer was. And is. Premiering as I was on the verge of entering High School, Buffy was the perfect show for people like me. Less than popular, on the ‘outside’ of social cliques, and trying to navigate this new world that was ‘high school’. I grew up with the adventures of the Scooby Gang as my background, and I am grateful for that. They saved the world. A lot.