buffy ann summers

buffy anne summers saved me. she is brave and smart and kind. she is everything good in this world. buffy summers has dealt with the literal weight of the world on her shoulders since she was sixteen years old. can you imagine being put under that kind of pressure at SIXTEEN? she has risen against all odds, and overcome her fears again and again. buffy summers has battled suicidal thoughts and depression. buffy summers lifts up and encourages the women in her life to be their best selves. buffy summers has inspired and continues to inspire hundreds of thousands of girls worldwide to own who they are, accepting themselves for better or worse. buffy summers and the show she’s the protagonist of set the social landscape for portraying simultaneously strong and feminine characters in television. buffy summers is a superhero but she’s also an amazing and powerful person. buffy summers is a truly iconic character, and deserves to be appreciated for it.