Buffy: “I’m guessing that expression isn’t because they were all out of fresh OJ at the deli. - What happened?”
Angel: “Nothing happened. - I just..”
Buffy: “Where have you been?”
Angel: “I went to see the Oracles. I asked them to turn me back.”
Buffy: “What? - Why?”
Angel: “Because more then ever I know how much I love you.”
Buffy : “No. No, you didn’t.”
Angel : “And if I stayed mortal one of us would wind up dead, maybe both of us. You heard what Mohra said.”
Buffy: “Mohra is dead. We killed him.”
Angel: “He said others would come.”
Buffy: “They always come. And they always will. But that’s my problem now, not yours, remember?”
Angel: “No, I won’t just stand by and let you fight, maybe die, alone.”
Buffy: “Then we fight together.”
Angel: “You saw what happened last night. If anything I’m a liability to you. You take chances to protect me, and that’s not just bad for you, it’s bad for the people we were meant to help.”
Buffy: “So what? You just took a whole 24 hours to weigh the ups and downs of being a regular Joe and decided it was more fun being a superhero?”
Angel: “You know that’s not it. How can we be together if the cost is your life, or the lives of others? (Buffy just stares at him and after a moment he takes her into his arms) I know. I couldn’t tell you. I wasn’t sure - if I could do it if I woke up with you one more morning.”
Buffy sniffling: “I understand. - So, what happens now?’
Angel: "The Oracles are giving us back the day, turning back time, so I can kill Mohra before his blood makes me mortal.”
Buffy: “When?”
Angel looks over at the clock (it’s 9:00): “Another minute.”
Buffy crying: “A minute? No. No, it’s not enough time!”
Angel: “We don’t have a choice. It’s done.”
Buffy: “How am I supposed to go on with my life knowing what we had? What we could have had?”
Angel: “You won’t. No one will know but me.”
Buffy: “Everything we did.”
Angel: “It never happened.”
Buffy shakes her head: “It did. It did. I know it did! (Puts her hand on his heart) I felt your heart beat.”
Angel: “Buffy..”
They kiss. Buffy looks over at the clock. The minute is almost up.
Buffy: “No! Oh God. It’s not enough time.”
Angel is crying too now: “Shh, please. Please.”
The hold each other tightly both crying.
Angel: “Please, please.”
Buffy: “No. I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget. I’ll never forget.”

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