Giles: Well, alright, l-let’s, let’s, let’s review. (sets the papers on the table) Um, so everybody became, uh, whatever they were masquerading as.

Willow: Right. Xander was a soldier and Buffy was an 18th-century girl.

Giles: (confused) A-and, uh, your, your costume?

Willow: I’m a ghost!

Giles: Yes. Um… w, uh, uh, uh, the ghost of what, exactly?

Willow: (covers herself with her arms) Well, this is nothing. You should see what Cordelia was wearing. A-a, a unitard with cat things, like ears and stuff.

The face you make when…

That person uploads a new chapter in the Fanfiction that your currently obsessing over.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar deserved an Emmy for “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” and the fact that she was snubbed is something I’ll never be ok with. Buffy, not only as a character but also as a show, was and still is to this day such a huge pop culture influence. The show gave TV the first lesbian kiss (the fact that it didn’t happen until the year 2000… yikes) and paved the way for better representation… No one else could’ve done Buffy justice the way Sarah did. She was the heart of this show and really demonstrated that women are multifaceted, and that if you’re “strong” you’re not just the “strong” girl, you have weaknesses and are capable of being vulnerable and that it’s ok to be both. And it’s also ok to be fed up with men and call them out for their abusive patterns and blatant misogyny. And it’s ok to slay vampires in heels and look super hot while doing it. She really was THAT bitch. The fact that her performance was written off by the television academy because they only saw it as a “teen vampire soap opera” is really messed up and unforgivable. 

A week ago with the promo of today’s episode, I wasn’t ready to watch Cyrus coming out to Andi, so I wasn’t excited. But when I watched this scene, I felt so happy and I started to cry because it was too pretty. Andi Mack is doing great and I feel so proud of this show, Andi’s reaction was really cute and to be honest, I wasn’t expecting that reaction but I loved it. Thank you Terri, for this amazing scene.

It makes me so happy to see how Sarah Michelle Gellar has embraced her Buffy legacy over the past few years. When Buffy was nearing the end, there were a lot of rumors about how difficult she had become, and how resentful she was of the show. Much of that may have been exaggerated, but as an adult I can understand how she may have felt at the time. 7 years is a long time to commit to one project. She started the show when she was still a teenager and it carried her through to adulthood. I imagine she may have started to fear her career was passing her by. A few movies here and there didn’t add up to much and at the time, television wasn’t viewed with the same respect and prestige as it is now. Actors feared being forever branded as their character, never able to break free. I can see why SMG wanted to move on from Buffy. There was no social media, no way to brand and promote herself outside of her work and her work labeled her as Buffy before it ever labeled her as Sarah.
That being said, it warms my heart to know that the long lasting impact of the show does matter to her. It’s validating as a fan and as a woman to see that she understands the importance of the character she brought to life. She has become a passionate advocate for the legacy of Buffy and it’s really really wonderful to witness.