Here’s a teaser for my upcoming short film “Chosen.” 

This one’s been a dream project. I’ve been writing little “Buffy” scripts since 8th grade. Working on this literally makes me feel like a child again.

What I like About “Mona Lisa Smile”

Ooh, please do Mona Lisa Smile! 

What I like about this story first and foremost is that it’s Buffy and Faith interacting in S7 (ish), which is something we didn’t get nearly enough of.  Their relationship is so complex, and so much more could have been done with it!  

Buffy’s reaction to Spike’s death is something which is really hard to get right, judging by the number of fics which get it wrong (in my not so humble opinion.)  I mean, I get it; we all like to think that Buffy meant that “I love you,” and that she’s really sad to lose Spike, but we don’t get a lot of that in canon.  Strike that; we don’t get any of that in canon.  So many post-Chosen stories have Buffy descend into wildly OTT and OOC paroxysms of grief, which is… just not Buffy. But this story both manages to allow Buffy her grief, and to portray it in a believable manner.

(Also, and this is just me, I am always unreasonably annoyed at stories where Buffy takes up smoking in Spike’s memory, or something, so I love that this one has her NOT doing that, but nonetheless taking a kind of comfort in watching Faith light up.)