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I picture Rhys as 6,2, Az about the same height, Cassian around 5,11 (shorter, but buffier😎), Feyre as 5,7, Mor as 5,9 and Amren as 5,2. Bonus: Tamlin as 6,0, Lucien as 6,3 (idk why i picture him as tallest?), Elain as 5,8, Nesta as 5,5.

That’s a pretty good grouping! I don’t remember if the books mention Nesta being the shortest sister, but even if they do, I think I headcanon her just slightly taller than Feyre? I don’t know why, but I just don’t buy her as the smol one. Idk I’m weird. But I like this overall! Way better than what I came up with!!