Honestly I don’t think we talk enough about the fact that it seems this bro came into this encounter already knowing a fair deal about Hannibal’s DARK GREY morals? Because he is markedly unsurprised at Hanners’ unscrupulous suggestion here, and also bouncily declared him Super Sane in the previous scene like it was an inside joke. Idk, with his little knowing smiles and whatever else, in retrospect he’s almost starting to feel like Medical Dimmond to me, which begs the question: did they bang in med school or what. - @wellntruly, Buffet Froid recap

I, for one, am v. surprised by how much I am here for this. MEDICAL DIMMOND!

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Hey, do you know how often Will has his sessions with Hannibal in season 1? Is there some kind of hint?

According to the dialogue in “Yakimono,” Will had a standing appointment open in S1 for 7:30 in the evening. Whether that was everyday, every other day, every week, who knows. I expect that it was “as needed,” given his on-call work for the FBI and how desperate they each were to see the other. He is shown having gotten there earlier than that on at least one occasion. Since “Buffet Froid” tells that Hannibal and Will have known each other for two to three months, there were 10 episodes at that point, and most episodes had more than one session in them, I think you’d be safe at saying that Will was seeing him twice per week.