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what I really love is that we were all like “Bitty’s 100% gonna be captain his senior year” and ngozi didn’t just give us that she gave us a whole buffet of character development and parallels and teasers-type-shit. Like we got Dex no longer the casual homophobe and full on applauding his gay team-mate with pride, we got Bitty’s epic “Eye of the Tiger” type shit of recovering from a check in the game, and Whiskey and Ransom seem to have become friends on the DL?? and Ford and Tango have immediately hit it off now??? And Bitty’s and Jack’s acceptances of the captaincy are so fucking paralleled???

Yet I’m more surprised Bitty’s managed to keep the same fucking suit for 3 years someone please fucking tell me how he did that.

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I've never read the comics, only read /about/ them, & I get the impression that, after brainwashing, comics!Bucky was still way more in possession of himself than MCU!Bucky. He managed to have a (shortlived) romance with Nat, something I don't think brainwashed-MCU!Bucky would've been capable of doing, and I get the idea he wasn't kept on as short of a leash in general. Can you tell me if I'm right in thinking all this? & do you think MCU!Bucky would've been mentally capable of having a romance?

Here’s the thing: it… really doesn’t matter that MCU Bucky was more of an automaton (I hate that word but at the moment I can’t think of a better one) while under HYDRA? The Russos… and really ALL of the filmmakers in the MCU… treat the comics as a sort of buffet line of character moments and traits to fit their own version of the story, focusing on including key facets that can’t be left out: Tony Stark’s genius, Bruce Banner’s rage, Captain America starting life as a weakling, etc etc. I’m completely okay with that because they’re exceedingly skilled at pulling out the important points and leaving the rest behind (like, say, Thor’s time as a frog and please God let them ignore the crapfest that is HydraCap).

So where does that leave BuckyNat?  Short answer: a wide open door and endless possibilities. They’ve already changed Bucky quite a lot from his origins and even from Brubaker’s run, and Natasha’s comics birthday is 1920 something, I think? (I haven’t read the Black Widow comics so I’m going off various online wikis.) They did a lot of hand-wavy science and “enhancements” to let comics Nat live as long as she has. So both characters are considerably different than their comic book origins (and retcons). To me, the romance is what’s important to both characters and not necessarily the details of how it happens. There’s a lot of ways the MCU could build it, including starting from the present day, which would require the least amount of mental gymnastics to establish. Heaven knows they have a lot in common: both used by Russia as weapons, both brainwashed, both at heart people who want to atone for their pasts, etc. Given that they’re both highly attractive people, there’s a lot of potential spark there (and many fandom ships have much less subtext as their foundation, admit it).

If you’re one of those stuck on the idea that it HAS to be the exact Red Room comics romance, they might be able to show a version of Bucky in the Red Room who does have more control over his own thoughts–we haven’t seen that in Bucky yet, but then we’ve only seen a very small glimpse into Bucky’s years with HYDRA. I don’t buy dismissing Red Room BuckyNat as a possibility simply on that basis.


A whole buncha DnD sketches from the past weeks lol. I’m very invested in my campaign’s NPCs! Descriptions in captions :d

It’s a low fantasy setting I made for my friends. The player characters got thrown in the middle of conspiracies and age-old mysteries of the world. We’re having heaps of fun. :]

like, I have nothing against cartoon porn. Heck, I am for cartoon porn because the mainstream porn industry is built on foundations of abusing women both mentally and physically so I’m completely for alternate porn for people who don’t want to support abuse!

but if your cartoon porn takes a character that was made to empower little girls, and teach them that they don’t have to be objects - something that not that many characters exist for, currently - if it takes a female character made to teach young girls “you’re not just a background character or prop to enhance the experiences of guys!”, if it takes that character and makes them a sexual object for male gratification, you don’t really have a right to bitch when people get grossed out by you.

There is a veritable buffet of female characters out there created with intent to tickle your dick. In fact it’s difficult to pitch a female character in current mainstream media who isn’t made for male gratification. So if you consciously decide to take one of the few female characters designed purely for girls, to teach them that it’s good to be a girl, and turn them into yet another piece of male wankbait - that’s your choice! You are totally within your rights to do that! But don’t act all surprised when people don’t like it.


when we checked the crowd forecast for October 14th, it said it Wouldn’t Be Very Crowded. obviously it was horribly wrong and our day at Disney Sea was definitely A Time. the main goal was to make it into sailing day buffet during the allotted character greeting time and we spent roughly six hours gauging and waiting in line….Karen was a champ for sticking with us. however we finally made it in and got to meet the recruiters T T hooksama and mr dalmatian were there, who we didn’t get to meet last time. sadly there we didn’t get to meet joe…

also, here is a thing that I've said before but I think it bears repeating

This is not in any way to derail the proper horror and indignation everyone should feel about what happened to internleland or the microaggressions that it seems like virtually all POC in this fandom are dealing with. All the anger and sadness is justified.

In the midst of it, though, I see something to be encouraged by.

I’ve in various fandoms for over ten years now, so I’ve got a lot of history and precedent to draw from when I say the following.

The fact that WTNV is even having a storm over an issue of race is a sign of measurable progress compared to, let me draw a number from my hat and say eight years ago, because that is when I remember a discussion taking place in Angel fandom. (Like, Buffy-spinoff Angel, not Supernatural angels.)

There was a character named Gunn. He was…just fucking amazing. He was kind of the Tamika Flynn of vampire-infested inner city Los Angeles? The first vampires (apart from Angel himself) that we met in the show were explicit metaphors for rich white privileged dudes and their power. And Gunn was the leader of a group of mostly black young people who were living in warehouses and shoplifting to eat because they spent their days riding around in a van killing vampires, because their people were being preyed on and no one was fucking helping. Kind of like how things are exactly that way in real life, sans vampires.

I was 24. And for the first time, I heard a POC fan that I considered a friend pleading with Angel fandom to pay Gunn a little more attention. Instead of endlessly slashing just the white dudes. She broke down why Gunn was amazing. (She actually made THE MOST AMAZING fanvid that is sadly vanished from the internet now but I wish I could make you all watch it.) She pointed out that the character people liked slashing with Angel the most actually had a much deeper and more intense connection with Gunn.

Here’s what’s different between then and now:

1. Mimesere (the fan in question) got backed up by like three people. The rest of the people in fandom were either actively hostile and trotting out all the same shit we’re hearing now, like HDU shame us for liking the characters we like it has NOTHING to do with RACE HDU HDU, or they were people like, well, me. Who felt vaguely uncomfortable with the implications of the fact that I’d barely noticed Gunn up to that point, didn’t really know how to unpack that discomfort, so made a very pointless comment on the post that I liked Gunn but I just didn’t “get” him. And mimesere replied politely, even though I was essentially derailing, or at least making a very useless non-contribution to an important discussion.

(BTW: I had every reason to “get” Gunn. I get Gunn harder than anyone else on that show now, and I always would have, if it had ever occurred to me to even LOOK at him, which it hadn’t back when the show was on the air, because I hadn’t yet swallowed the red pill.)

2. The Gunn thing didn’t blow up into a massive firestorm that lit up the whole fandom, and you know why? Because there were maybe three people going to bat for fandom needing to examine the whole topic of white supremacy in media, and most people? They didn’t even get angry. They snored. They scrolled by. They dismissed the whole thing.

3. Gunn was the only significant character of color on the whole show. The only other one, if I’m remembering right, was one of the evil lawyers, and we barely saw him. So, one character of color, very few fans going to bat for him, fandom easily and comfortably ignores the whole thing.

That was 2006. Maybe some of you were kids, but I was 24, so I’ve got that perspective. Now, fast-forward to the present day.

1. Fans who are POC don’t have to seek their representation in just one character (who despite his awesomeness was more or less a sidekick.) They get a whole buffet. They get a MAIN CHARACTER–who is one half of the ship in a mono-shipping fandom. There more than one kind of non-white character–there’s black, Latino, Asian, Indian characters. And holy fucking God, they have WOMEN. WOMEN OF COLOR. Do you know how rare that was just eight years ago? 

2. The showrunners are explicitly, vocally committed to diversity. Having come from several fandoms where the fans were more or less united in their justifiable disgust for gross showrunners, that is amazing.

3. Now, I’ve not told you anything you don’t already know in points 1 and 2. You already know what Night Vale is and what Fink and Cranor are like. That’s why you’re here. But this is the part that’s important. This is the part where I can look at the shitstorm in fandom and feel a kind of grim pride and satisfaction, even with all there is to be angry about and disgusted by:

The struggle is in the open now. Not just to POC, who never had the luxury of ignoring it, but to everyone. There is no possibility of sweeping it under the carpet where the white folks don’t have to look. The demands of POC and their allies are loud and unrepentant. A large part of the reason we’ve got a shitstorm going in the first place is that some people are having a temper tantrum over the fact that this time there is no possibility of ignoring the issues we’ve raised, or our demands that the whitewashing cease, or that attitudes contributing to the invisibility of POC be called out and examined.

This is probably slim comfort to the people who have suffered the most. Even to me it is, as I said, only a grim kind of satisfaction, but I think it’s a reason not to despair, or to think that what’s happening here is only sheer negativity. Most of that negativity is coming from people who don’t like their fun getting spoiled by some truth. Those people are whining for nothing. The Social Justice Warriors? They’re fighting for something. That is the opposite of a negative. It’s a striving towards a positive.

If you’re battle-weary, there’s no shame taking a break, taking care of yourself, shrugging the shit away. But if you’re all wide-eyed and baffled and frustrated that people won’t just let you have your fun–you’re missing something huge. Take another look.