buffet group

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I'm still haunted by the rumour of Harry having a suit tailored recently lmao... if it was for the Brits? Boyyyyy! I would die if they all went together. I've gotta psych myself out of thinking it'll happen though cause it'll go down exactly like it did last year with all of them in London but probably only Louis will go or something lol. But like. Their last award? Potentially ever? Come on dudes, you gotta!!!

that suit rumor haunts me tooooo. i don’t think they’d all go together, but they might all show up and accept the award together? idk liam might be like… giving birth or smth but it would be really special if they were all there. i’m trying not to get my hopes up either like harry will probably be at home in his donut hoodie playing scrabble with his mom but also remember the lonely buffet? the group haircuts before the brits last year? 🙃


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