I just love the breakfast buffets at Asian hotels, where you have edible AM options from pretty much anywhere in the world. Dim sum, noodles, bacon and sausage! And this was just round one. :)

Plus, the view from my window table on this beautiful morning was not bad at all!

One thing did strike me as odd though… there was no kimchi to be found at the buffet this morning, which is unheard of in Korea. Weird.

My bass clarinet is an old Buffet Prestige! I think it’s from around 1991.

It’s name is Bailey, and although it has a few issues (the bridges are reeaallly tempermental), it’s still a great bass! :D

Interesting things to note are the spit valve on the neck, and that the low C note is on the lowest part of the wood, not on the bell. I hadn’t seen these on other basses before.

I use a Selmer C85 120 mouthpiece, the Vandoren ligature with the plate thingies, and Vandoren V12 size 3 reeds.  


(Part 2)                                                                                          

I survived day three! After hosting the tea party on Thursday, dinner party on Friday, today was the big party.

…….and then there were all those veggies to prep, made dip from scratch, and 3 other sauces. Roasted beef tenderloin….load up car and drive 15 minutes to party location….cheese biscuits from scratch, roast asparagus, slice beef, make a salad.. slice salmo..oh, send hubby back home to retrieve the salmon we forgot.. set up buffet.