Booster Pack 4 You!

Welcome to today’s Booster Pack #4 Blog Update

Edmund is out at piano class tonight. I’m your guest host Tyrone Rodriguez (@tyronerodriguez)

If you’ve been following Isaac and you probably have if you’re here, you know we’ve been working on Booster Packs. Yesterday we released #4.

Booster Pack #4 (insert applause here).
Exciting news, Booster Packs now have long-overdue credits for the modders. Special thanks to all the modders and Brenton for putting together the modder list for us to include in the credits. You’re all awesome and we love what you’ve put together. Now go beat the game, watch the credits and take a bow! 

Aside from the credit roll update for Booster Pack #4, we included a lot of new items that have been adjusted and balanced by the team to work better in the Isaac universe. Also, we have more guest dev members in the form of FixItVinh + LethalLeather and Zami on this pack.

Booster Pack #4 has a lot of new awesome stuff from our team and yours. We want to thank you for the continued support of the game and making awesome stuff! Keep making it!

OK, so what’s new:

Death’s List

Extension Cord





We’ll be gathering names and information to update the credits again with all the new mods ASAP. 

Console people, Booster Pack 1-3 are currently available for your Nintendo Switch and PS4, we’ll integrate these BP4 changes and try to add within a timely fashion. PSA: We don’t have control when Nintendo/Sony do/don’t approve them, but we’ll work as fast as we can.