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Buffering Series -The “Lost” Ben Diaries: The Ex

→ The Many Faces of Alex Brody (Eric Carroll) and Ben Little (Curt Mega)Young Ben tries to make friends after moving to Los Angeles. 
Before it all ends… let’s go back to the beginning.


**If you haven’t watched the video above yet, you MUST!**

So proud to be a fan of Buffering! So proud to be a Buffie and so proud to be able to say that I had a tiny role (very tiny, but still) in helping support the creation of this episode. 

It is so clear after watching this that the entire cast and creative team took the donations they received from their funding and used them to create something incredibly special and wonderful, and worth it, not only for themselves but for the fans as well!

And this my friends is WHY you should support what you love.

As a Head Start teacher I don’t always get the benefit of having my superiors or the parents of the kiddos I teach tell me that I’m doing a great job, but I have the children showing me and reminding me every day that I am loved and that what I’m doing is important to SOMEONE.

And that is such a vital part of life.

So when someone creates something that makes you happy, that makes you smile, that makes you laugh or feel good even if it’s only for a few minutes of your day, make sure you let them know!

To the ENTIRE Buffering Cast and Crew (who I won’t even try to list all the names because I know I will forget SOMEONE), THANK YOU for making me smile.  Thank you for making a crappy day better.  Thank you for taking the time to connect and care about your fans.

You are all amazing.

This episode was AMAZING.

Can’t wait for the next one!



Buffering: episode 6 finale teaser trailer!

Watch it.
Love it.
Share it.