LeakyCon 2012: The Warblers Interview

The Warblers talk about Harry Potter, Glee, R5, Buffering Series, What they are doing in the future and more!


Carmilla at Buffer Fest (Season 3 Bloopers)


Buffer festival, Toronto. Carmilla Series stars- Annie Briggs, and Elise Bauman with Natasha Negovanlis . @carmillaseries. @bufferfestival @canada @torontointernationfilmfestival @torontocomics

Series of unfortunate events

This crap is my childhood and i’m so freaking happy and overjoyed and i just finished watching the first two episides on Netflix and i’m sobbing and my sister thinks i’m crazy(she loves MLP and ever after high)but my parents and bro know what’s up becausw they fueled my childhood addiction and I’ve been really down this last week and i’m just really happy right now


Buffering Series -The “Lost” Ben Diaries: The Ex

→ The Many Faces of Alex Brody (Eric Carroll) and Ben Little (Curt Mega)Young Ben tries to make friends after moving to Los Angeles. 
Before it all ends… let’s go back to the beginning.