And the Heavens Wept

Gather around my children and you shall hear of the most terrible, most implacable, most improbable friends ever met by our people. They came from the third planet of a tiny system, surrounded by desolate space. Not one sentient species for hundreds of lightyears, and they managed to propel themselves into space.

We watched from afar as they developed slowly. We watched as they warred among themselves, brutal and savage. We watched as they rendered regions of their planet uninhabitable to themselves, a hardy species able to adapt to even the most hostile of environments. We watched as suddenly and without warning they united under four banners, the rest falling by the wayside. We watched as they expanded into what we had begun to use as a buffer zone, to allow these humans to burn themselves out in.

But they did not burn themselves out. Despite their warring among themselves. Harsh people. Humankind is a race of warriors, do not be fooled by the eloquence of their diplomats. In their own words, “All diplomacy is a continuation of war by other means”. Their greatest artists and philosophers were born from blood and conflict. I had the privilege once to view a painting by one Pablo Picasso, entitled Guernica. It was a savage piece, with not a drop of color. It showed the horrors of war, and the irony of it all was that the painting hung in the office of one of humankind’s generals.

It was sudden, when they burst from the containment zone. When they realized they were not alone. And we, with heavy hearts, prepared to fight them bitterly and to the last. Imagine then, our surprise when humanity embraced us among the stars as long lost brothers. They were overjoyed to discover they were not alone in the darkness. Despite their brutal and warlike culture, despite their glorification of death and violence, their people do not seek out combat. An ancient general of theirs once put it thusly “Although a soldier by profession, I have never felt any sort of fondness for war, and I have never advocated it, except as a means of peace”.

For centuries humanity worked to better itself. They unified under a single Interstellar Empire, the Empire of Man, the Human Empire, however you called it. They enjoyed art and music. They became leisurely at home, exploratory in the field. Their weapons of war were long gone, beaten into plowshares as they say. Humanity was finally at peace. There was no conflict among them, a few border skirmishes for certain, and they kept a small standing military, but nothing more than that. We considered them domesticated.

At first we were surprised at their transformation, then overjoyed. We welcomed them into the fold of the cosmos, embraced them as they would embrace us. We thought we knew humanity then, that we had seen them at their best and their worst. We were wrong, so very wrong. We did not truly understand humanity until the Texar-Hakara came into the void between the stars.

Seemingly more brutal, more bloodthirsty than even the humans, they swept into our region of space like conquerors. They smashed whatever feeble resistance the Yungling managed to put up, took their planets, enslaved the survivors, and pressed on. The Junti were next, utterly destroyed. The four great races left, ourselves, the Itaxa, the Kukrama, and the Illnaa, banded together to try and stop them. In our arrogance, we did not include the humans in our pact. Too few in number, too weak in frame, too backwards in technology we thought.

The Texar-Hakara hit our borders like the great wave that sweeps life from the beach. We hardened our hearts and prepared for the worst. Seeming without pause they crushed our border defenses. They obliterated the first fleets we sent to them. The Itaxa fell to the Texar-Hakara, enslaved, killed, scattered to the corners of the galaxy. Then the humans sent us an offer, a request really. They asked to fight alongside us.

Bemused, we accepted. What else could we do? Deny them the right to fight with us for their very survival? We thought to assign them as rearguards, to ferry our people to safety after our fleets fell. We thought wrong.

Humanity swept into the stars with a fury unmatched by any other. Their fleets were not the heaviest. Their guns not the most accurate. Their soldiers however. Their sailors. Their warriors were unmatched by any others in the cosmos. I remember the first battle in which the humans fought the Texar-Hakara like it was but a single solar cycle ago. Our forces were on the brink of breaking and fleeing. Our ships were gutted ruins. Our fighters exhausted and out of missiles. Then humanity fell upon the flank of the enemy, and the full force of the Human Empire was unleashed in a single moment of utter fury. Landing craft spat across the distance in an instant, slamming into enemy hulls and disgorging humanity’s greatest weapon, their Marines. In close combat humanity is unstoppable, and so they took the vast distances of space combat out of the equation.

Their ships belched fire and plasma. Lasers crossed the vast distances in the blink of an eye. Half the Texar-Hakaran fleet was obliterated in minutes. The other half turned to face this new enemy, only to be wracked by internal explosions as the Marines did their work. Their greatest ships turned on the rest of the fleet, a handful of humans holding the bridge against waves of enemy attackers to turn the tide of battle.

The Interstellar War came to a screeching turnaround. The advance of the Texar-Hakara halted, like it had hit an immovable wall. In many ways that is what humanity is, an immovable, implacable wall. Then, with the ferocity humanity is alone capable of, they routed the Texar-Hakara. Not from that lone battle. They pushed them out of Itaxa space, liberating the slaves. The space of the Junti and the Yungling was swept clear of invaders. Then the Texar-Hakara committed the gravest of sins in humanity’s eyes. They warped a fleet to Earth, jewel of humanity’s empire. They burned that blue and green world. They destroyed it, and the trillion people it housed.

Humanity is a forgiving race my children. Even their most terrible of wars have resulted in lasting friendships between nations. When they left millions dead and broken on the muddly fields of their world, they rebuilt the aggressors. They raised them from the mud, dusted them off, and welcomed them back into the fold. But there is one thing that humanity cannot, will not, tolerate. It is abhorrent to them my children. To strike at their home, to strike where they raise their young ones. Where they leave their mates and non combatants. To strike there is to raise the ire of the human race, truly.

Humanity raged. Their attempts at obtaining the surrender of the Texar-Hakara halted. The war turned from a righteous war of liberation to a furious and hateful war of retribution. We begged the humans to stop, to leave what few planets the Texar-Hakara had alone. Our pleas went unanswered for months, until a single human ambassador came to us. His face was cold and emotionless. He told us, in no uncertain terms, that the Texar-Hakara had doomed themselves and that any trying to aid them would suffer the same fate. Quietly we watched then, as humanity wiped the Texar-Hakara from the stars. The Texar-Hakara pleaded for mercy. They offered their unconditional surrender. They came to us and begged on bent knee for us to reign in the mad dogs we had unwittingly unleashed into the universe. Humanity had for so long repressed their warrior culture. Tried to become better. Then we had given them back into the fires of war, and humanity had awakened it’s warrior past.

The Texar-Hakara ambassadors were taken from our halls by grim human Marines and thrust out airlocks. Finally there was but one planet left, and we came to the humans, we pointed to our own losses, our own dead friends some of whom had lived for longer than humanity had been among the stars, and we begged the humans not to take the last of the Texar-Hakara’s lives.

I watched, children, I watched as the Texar-Hakara’s world burned. As humanity left but one of their planets alive, a simple backwater colony of no more than ten million. Ten million, out of the trillions. Then the leader of the human military turned to me, and with no emotion in his voice, told me that humanity accepted the unconditional surrender of the Texar-Hakara, and walked off the bridge of my ship.

My children, the lesson here is that a warrior past is never truly gone. Only buried, mayhaps even wiped from living memory. But gone? Never. Humanity showed us that.

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what is your opinion of taking the last of the species in the wild and putting them into zoos with the goal of eventually reintroducing there future offspring back into the wild

Very interesting question, theres examples where this worked but also some where this didnt worked

Where it worked

Przewalski’s horse (Equus ferus

After 1945 only two captive populations of the Prezwalki’s horse in zoos remained, in Munich and in Prague. By the end of the 1950s, only 12 individual Przewalski’s horses were left in the world. In 1977, the Foundation for the Preservation and Protection of the Przewalski horse was founded in Rotterda, the Foundation started a program of exchange between captive populations in zoos throughout the world to reduce inbreeding, and later began a breeding program of its own. As a result of such efforts, the extant herd has retained a far greater genetic diversity than its genetic bottleneck made likely.

In 1992, sixteen horses were released into the wild in Mongolia, followed by additional animals later on. One of the areas to which they were reintroduced became Khustain Nuruu National Park in 1998. Another reintroduction site is Great Gobi B Strictly Protected Area, located at the fringes of the Gobi desert. Lastly, in 2004 and 2005, 22 horses were released by the Association Takh to a third reintroduction site in the buffer zone of the Khar Us Nuur National Park, in the northern edge of the Gobi ecoregion.

Since 2011, Prague Zoo has transported twelve horses to Mongolia in three rounds and it plans to continue to return horses to the wild in the future. The Zoo has the longest uninterrupted history of breeding of Przewalski’s horses in the world and keeps the studbook of this species.

The reintroduced horses successfully reproduced, and the status of the animal was changed from “extinct in the wild” to “endangered” in 2005. On the IUCN Red List, they were reclassified from “extinct in the wild” to “critically endangered” after a reassessment in 2008 and from “critically endangered” to “endangered” after a 2011 reassessment.

California condor (Gymnogyps californianus

Condor numbers dramatically declined in the 20th century due to poaching, lead poisoning, and habitat destruction. A conservation plan was put in place by the United States government that led to the capture of all the remaining wild condors which was completed in 1987, with a total population of 27 individuals. These surviving birds were bred at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park and the Los Angeles Zoo. Numbers rose through captive breeding and, beginning in 1991, condors were reintroduced into the wild. The California condor is one of the world’s rarest bird species: as of December 2015 there are 435 condors living wild or in captivity.

Arabian oryx (Oryx leucoryx

The Phoenix Zoo and the Fauna and Flora Preservation Society of London are credited with saving the Arabian oryx from extinction. In 1962, these groups started the first captive-breeding herd in any zoo, at the Phoenix Zoo, sometimes referred to as “Operation Oryx”. Starting with 9 animals, the Phoenix Zoo has had over 240 successful births. From Phoenix, oryx were sent to other zoos and parks to start new herds.

Arabian oryx were hunted to extinction in the wild by 1972. By 1980, the number of Arabian oryx in captivity had increased to the point that reintroduction to the wild was started. The first release, to Oman, was attempted with oryx from the San Diego Wild Animal Park. Although numbers in Oman have declined, there are now wild populations in Saudi Arabia and Israel, as well. One of the largest populations is found in Mahazat as-Sayd Protected Area, a large, fenced reserve in Saudi Arabia, covering more than 2000 km2.

In June 2011, the Arabian oryx was relisted as vulnerable by the IUCN Red List. The IUCN estimated more than 1,000 Arabian oryx in the wild, with 6,000–7,000 held in captivity worldwide in zoos, preserves, and private collections.

Where it didnt work

Thylacin (Thylacinus cynocephalus)

The Thylacine (Thylacinus cynocephalus) was the largest known carnivorous marsupial of modern times. It is commonly known as the Tasmanian tiger or the Tasmanian wolf. Native to continental Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea, it is believed to have become extinct in the 20th century

The last captive thylacine, later referred to as “Benjamin”, was trapped in the Florentine Valley by Elias Churchill in 1933, and sent to the Hobart Zoo where it lived for three years. The thylacine died on 7 September 1936. It is believed to have died as the result of neglect—locked out of its sheltered sleeping quarters, it was exposed to a rare occurrence of extreme Tasmanian weather: extreme heat during the day and freezing temperatures at night.

Quagga (Equus quagga quagga

The Quagga was an extinct subspecies of plains zebra that lived in South Africa until the 19th century.

After the Dutch settlement of South Africa began, the quagga was heavily hunted as it competed with domesticated animals for forage. While some individuals were taken to zoos in Europe, breeding programs were unsuccessful. The last wild population lived in the Orange Free State, and the quagga was extinct in the wild by 1878. The last captive specimen died in Amsterdam on 12 August 1883.

So you see this can go either way but i would say overall if it helps the species im for it because nature conservation is very important to me

The Marauders and Fighting

James: Classic Good Guy. Stands up, chest puffed out and calmly says ‘leave them alone’. Clenching his fists in rage, but trying to diffuse the situation before it escalates. If he does end up fighting, it’s clean. No hits to the back of the head, no cheap shots, he’ll fight with honor. Only satisfied if he can win fair and square.

Peter: The Joke Man. Cracks a joke that is totally out of place, and tries to ease the tension before it starts. He’s the safe zone buffer. Never escalates a fight, but evades them by distraction.

Sirius: The Hit Me Harder Guy. He’s the one that is constantly undermining your strength as he is punched in the face. There is no evading the fight, there is only winning. The 'come on and hit me’ with a bloody lip stretched into a smirk. The smile on his lips not matching the coldness of his eyes. He will hit and be hit until someone stops the fight, and he rarely loses.

Remus: The Silent Immovable Force. He has never been in a fight because people are too off put by his silence. He doesn’t need words, because his unwavering stare is absolutely terrifying. You are never asked to stop, but you know that if it were to escalate, you would lose. He’s the guy who stands up, walks in front of his aggressor and simply says 'no’. Not a question, but an order.

Hi, I’d like to file a complaint

Hi, hello, I’d like to file a complaint, please? Four, actually. I found some problems with how Volume 4 treated a Miss Ruby Rose and I’d like it to be brought to your attention.

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been thinking a lot about macdennis and degrees of separation. intimacy by proxy. mac only banging women that dennis has had sex with first. mac watching every single one of dennis’ sex tapes and Absolutely Never wishing it was him in that bedroom. mac and dennis planning masturbation sessions in their apartment because there’s plausible deniability just as long as they don’t touch. that one scene where they have their arms wrapped around their arms around either side of charlie with their heads resting on his shoulders and their eyes closed so tenderly but god knows if he wasn’t in the middle they wouldn’t dare to be that soft. playing characters and pulling off schemes and getting drunk and high out of their minds as excuses, as buffer zones for their affection, as ways to shove to the back of their minds how they really feel. both of them wishing the whole time that they could touch with nobody else around and both of them thinking the other would be repulsed at the thought.

When Zack, along with the viewer, is initiated into the mysteries of Murphy in the pilot episode, we’re lead to believe that we’re seeing a pretty typical trip to school for Milo. But “The Doctor Zone Files” reveals that Murphy’s Law may vary: as Milo himself puts it, “It’s unpredictable!” Like a lot of claims made about Murphy’s Law (obviously, not everything that could go wrong does), this one’s pretty broad; multiple episodes have shown that Milo’s friend Melissa has developed a faculty for predicting when Murphy’s Law will strike, which indicates that it has a logic of its own. And on most days, at least, it seems that Milo can ride the bus with his fellow students in relative safety–we see him do so in “Worked Day.”

So what made the first day of school different? Well:

A new kid came in from out of town. He didn’t know about Milo’s condition. He talked to him in a friendly way and even accepted his handshake. Which–look at how the kids at the stop react. 

They’re worried about this poor sap who’s here indicating a clear willingness to befriend Milo Murphy. They’re not only worried about him, they’re potentially worried about how it’s going to affect them (notice how Bradley is clutching his backpack). 

I propose that Murphy’s Law overacted because, quite simply, Milo was on the verge of making a new friend, and the worst thing that could happen to him would be for that friend to be scared off.

And, see, this is nothing new. This happens every time Milo is put in a situation wherein a friendship could potentially form. In “Rooting for the Enemy” we find out that a girl named Joni, who sat next to Milo recently, only just got her cast off and is unwilling to try a second time. In the same episode, Mort has a friendly conversation with Milo and is promptly thrown headfirst over a ledge and into a pond: 

By the way, Joni does end up in Milo’s blast radius again when she sits directly behind him on the bus in “Worked Day”.

She looks a little nervous to me. Can’t blame the girl. She’s even closer to him than Melissa is!

…but she’s probably fairly safe, because, while she’s close to him, she’s not sitting next to him. The real danger lies in talking to him or associating with him in the way a friend would.

Melissa and Zack are hanging out with him, but they’re probably all right too–at this point, they’ve both been established as friends of Milo. Both of them have firmly and repeatedly refused to be put off, so while they’re still getting swept up in Murphy’s Law and still risking life and limb by being in its vicinity, it’s no longer headhunting either of them specifically. 

Here’s what really sells this one for me:

We’ve seen that Melissa is normally unafraid to be close to Milo, though she’s not above establishing an “adequate buffer zone.” In the pilot, she initially walks gladly up to her friend, apparently prepared to stand next to him as she might on a normal morning…but then she hesitates.

We see her take a moment to test her surroundings before announcing her decision to put some distance between herself and Milo. Milo’s response is a thumbs-up and a cheerful “Good call!”

My guess is that this is a situation that both of them are familiar with through long experience. Milo standing here chatting with the new guy is a clear danger signal for Melissa, just as it is for the others at the stop. Milo, though equally aware that he’s in for a more-than-usually deadly morning, is undeterred. With his characteristic optimism, he’s embracing this possible friendship despite the risk it’s going to involve, but that doesn’t mean he expects Melissa to do it. 

Zack rides out the storm and stays with Milo; at some point before the series started, Melissa had to make a decision to do the same thing. They’re the exceptions. The vast majority of people who came close to befriending Milo were unable to take the heat. 

You’re Hitchcock.
I’m the blonde.
Your love invaded a buffer zone of romance,
to a no man’s land of obsession.
Control until complete surrender;
blockade my dreams,
airstrike my hopes.
What you want is ownership,
not a relationship.

// I was thinking of this the other day. You know how all the time, people like drawing fanart and writing fanfiction that portray Vegeta and Yamcha as being totally at each others’ throats? As Yamcha having a lifelong grudge against the guy that ‘took his woman’? It’s something you see pretty much all the time, but I just find it silly how much it doesn’t fit in at all with what we’ve seen in canon, because… Yamcha and Vegeta seem to be pretty cool with each other.

I’m not going to say they’re buddies. No, they aren’t. Nothing ever suggests that. But when you compare how Yamcha acts around Vegeta to how anyone else acts around Vegeta, especially someone like Tien– it becomes really obvious that they’re on pretty good terms. 

I suppose you have the anime to blame for this- in an effort to make VegeBul not come out of left field, they have a lot of filler where Yamcha sits idly by as Vegeta and Bulma form a romantic relationship. WHILE Yamcha and Bulma are still dating. But in the manga, Yamcha’s choice of words about ‘we broke up a long time ago’ implies that there was a buffer zone between her dropping Yamcha and then dating Vegeta. Given, in this certain period in life, Yamcha’s, even by his own words, “still not over it.” It’s expected. He and Bulma dated for twelve years; since they were sixteen. They have been dating almost as long as they’ve been not dating. That is a LONG time. But otherwise, he’s pretty cool with Vegeta. He even forms a healthy friendly relationship with Bulma (and honestly, I would categorize them as best friends, despite the fan insistence that Chi-Chi holds that status for Bulma) and supports her when she mourns over Vegeta and tries to calm her down when she’s terrified over Vegeta’s actions. Given, the anime changes these to make their relationship seem much more volatile than it is, but in the manga at least, it portrays two things:

1.) Yamcha has moved on, and

2.) Yamcha believes in Vegeta as much as Bulma does.

This probably dates all the way back to pre-VegeBul, honestly. There doesn’t seem to be any rivalry, despite how popular the idea is (and honestly, I find it fun to dip into that idea, too). Yamcha not only defends Vegeta from Tien, but the men are fucking having a barbecue with Bulma together when Frieza first shows up, and actually discuss this shortly among each other before traveling together to get to the location. 

This is just a big mess of me just blabbering on, but I think that’s something people don’t really pay enough attention to. Vegeta and Yamcha are not mortal enemies. They’re not even rivals. Yamcha’s not jealous of Vegeta. They’re not best friends, no, but Yamcha certainly tolerates him far more than the majority of the rest of the cast. Hell, I’d go so far as to say that maybe he sees in Vegeta the same kind of thing that Bulma sees in him.

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Do you have a better gay love story than yuri on ice then? Let's see it.



You really wanna hear it, anon?

Cuz I WILL tell you about it.

You wanna hear it?

I’ll tell you it, buddy.

Here it is, anon.

Imagine a war torn world divided by borders and mistrust and political unrest.

A soldier is sent on a suicide mission in a rival faction of the world and is captured in an isolationist country.

he’s tortured brutally for information but is not forthcoming and the man in charge is really just being sadistic as he knows that the prisoner wouldn’t have any information they could use. They plan on killing him, but the night before they intend to carry out his execution, he’s rescued by a political dissident of that country.

He takes him from the government facility and carries him to relative safety, brings him back from the brink of death, and waits for him to wake up. it’s revealed that the political dissident was hoping to use him as a hostage for leverage against the outside government, which had been trying to destabilize his government with the rebellion but was growing frustrated by their failure and was going to out them in a ploy to gain their country’s trust.

But the captured soldier bitterly reveals that he was a traitor.

He has no information and had been sent on a suicide mission to be rid of him. And because of the state of his world, he has no place on earth where he belongs anymore because the entire world is separated by satellite-enforced surveillance and high-tech thermal detecting borders.

Canada’s desolate and North America hasn’t been heard from in over a century after renouncing the Geneva convention and retreating into isolation from the rest.

The divisions between all countries are solid, but some countries chose to solidify into territories rather than separate from one another. The nordics, for example, and Western Europe, separated by the North African border.

The oceans are like buffer zones.

If you wander into neutral territory, you’re free game.

So back to the prisoner and the rebel.

The prisoner expects to be left to die in the wilderness because he’s wounded and a useless bargaining chip, but the political dissident hesitates.

Says he won’t leave him to die in the woods since he’s still of value to the opposing country since he’s got some kind of information on them.

He asks for it in exchange for the former prisoner’s safe passage through the wilderness back to civilization and the prisoner decides he has nothing to lose.

And as they travel back to the main hub of civilization, the dissident tends to his wounds and takes care of him. And is disgusted by what his country has resorted to for ultimately useless information. At first he wasn’t very friendly, but he grows closer to him if only because he’s taking care of him and because they’re all alone in the wilderness and he has no one else to talk to.

He begins to wonder about the world outside of his own, since he’s been trapped in his own country all his life with nothing but propaganda to inform him, so he starts asking the prisoner about his culture rather than their military plans, and they both begin to grow more and more curious about other ways of life besides their own.

over the course of their journey which is of course struck with hardships and wild animals and struggling to survive, their bond only grows because they’re sharing experiences, both verbally and physically. the political dissident for example, gets mauled by a bear and has his left eye gouged out, and the prisoner has to help him keep it clean as well as cope with the decrease in vision. He’s forced to be his eyes for some time and take care of him instead of the other way around. The political dissident had some lingering fear that he would be left to die on his own, but the prisoner says he won’t.

It’s gayer than it sounds, I swear.

You’ll get your survival cliches, cuddling up near fires to preserve heat, sheltering together in caves, slow binding of painful wounds, leaning on one another for support where the spirit calls, casual touching that’s totally normal until it’s not, and they’re both looking eye to eye and then becoming uncomfortable and looking away before unspoken words begin to complicate what had become an easy silence between them.


As they finally come back to civilization, however, the political dissident realizes that he’s wasted all of his time getting this man only to find he has no useful information on the wily outside threat, and he’s not useful as any kind of leverage, so he has to get back to headquarters empty handed.

He’s angry with himself for forgetting so he decides to leave his companion at the town they stopped in.

But the former prisoner tells him there’s no hope in staging a revolution, that even if his country managed to do so, re install a leader interested in opening up their borders again, they would merely be confronted by other borders and by countries that only sought to destabilize and undermine one another.

He asks why the dissidents want to re open their borders anyway, and he merely responds that they can’t live trapped within their own borders anymore, they are running out of resources, which the elite are squandering with their decadent lifestyles and utter disregard for the suffering of the producers.

The former prisoner tells him that he could just give up and struggle to survive like the rest of them.

But the dissident just says all of his life, he’s been unable to merely survive, he wants to live with purpose.

The prisoner bitterly says he’s lived his entire life with a purpose and it hadn’t done him any good.

The dissident smiles and ruffles his hair and tells him not to worry about it anymore, and he kisses him on the forehead and tells him not to get into trouble.

But he’s ambushed upon leaving the town because he’s suspected in the last terrorist attack against the mechanical enforcers on the borders (it left an entire corner of the country undefended for a full hour). He’s knocked out and taken into the back of an armored police truck.

The prisoner, who’d wanted to follow him and perhaps persuade him to take him with him, sees it happen from a distance, and promises that because he rescued him from his torture and death, because he didn’t just leave him out in the woods to die, because he took care of him and showed him the only real affection he’s ever known and is the kind of person he never knew existed in a frozen divided world, he will pay back his favor.

And as he follows him, he runs into other members of the resistance movement who’d been tracking the dissident, and they take him into their group. The larger group disagrees and won’t go to such lengths to save just one unimportant member, but these are his close friends and they gradually grow to trust this stranger and they band together to save him.

And that’s my gay love story.

Sorry it doesn’t live up to yuri on ice’s complex story.

You know me.

I wouldn’t know a good story when I see one.

EP Review: Frank Iero and The Patience - ‘Keep The Coffins Coming’

Frank Iero is truly a force to be reckoned with. The musician has been on the punk rock scene for seemingly his entire life (which is a feat in and of itself). Iero began his musical journey with raw and emotional Pencey Prep in the early 2000s before being recruited by My Chemical Romance as a second guitarist. He released four monstrous studio albums with MCR before the inevitable end of the run in 2013. All in the throes of this, he fronted hardcore band Leathermouth, which managed to shred plenty of faces in and around the New York / New Jersey area for about three short years. He’s also dabbled in industrial hardcore with his project Death Spells, alongside James Dewees of The Get Up Kids and Reggie and the Full Effect. 

Needless to say, Iero dips his toe in whatever suits his fancy at the time, so it was only natural for him to establish Frank Iero and the Patience in 2012, a shambolic and noisy punk rock outfit that has managed to separate itself from the emo undertones of Iero’s previous projects. They’ve released Stomachaches and Parachutes respectively since their beginning. The project has a little more bite and a lot more heart. Especially so on the band’s most recent EP, Keep The Coffins Coming. Recorded with Steve Albini, it’s the “missing link” between 2014′s Stomachaches and 2016′s Parachutes

It starts off with “I’m A Mess” which occupied the track listing of last release Parachutes. The song puts all insecurities under a microscope and celebrates them energetically – it’s an elaborate and jarring introduction to an equally spooky and fun EP. It begins with some beautiful feedback before punching you square in the face with a punk riff and an addictive melody. It’s not far off from the Parachutes recording, but it certainly has a more stripped down element that is immediately noticeable in contrast. 

“BFF” was written with Iero’s kids. Hardcore fans have heard it before (and probably seen the video). It’s cute and well-meaning but I have two differing opinions on the track that I can’t pin down. The sentiment makes you want to sigh aloud because it’s adorable. On the other hand, it feels out of place on an EP that gives off a “spooky” and haunting vibe. It would have been better suited as a b-side, but it’s understandable why The Patience went with “BFF” as the second track – it buffers the zone between “I’m A Mess” and the punk rock party that is “No Fun Club.” 

Wow. What can I say about “No Fun Club” that won’t be said by every other rock critic in the realm? It’s so good. This track is absolutely badass. As someone who has closely monitored Iero and his musical career since the MCR years, “No Fun Club” captures exactly what he’s been all about sonically for so long. It’s a quick-witted and spunky punk track that pulls you in and then pushes you out the backdoor and right on your back. If I don’t see fans annihilating each other to this song in a live setting, I’m gonna be disappointed. It begs for a good pit. This song is the climax to the EP, and it strikes me as the epicenter of a release that screams to be, well, screamed. 

Last but not least is the closer “You Are My Sunshine” which is a song so old that it’s tough to credit to the original writer. It rocks and rolls in it’s own way and it’s as dreary as it is magical. The harshness of the guitars work so well here, and it’s a joy to listen to. I’ve been fortunate enough to witness it performed live, and it was just as intricate and well done in this setting as this track is in studio. I had my fingers crossed that it would eventually be recorded in a studio setting, so I was psyched to see it as part of the track listing for Keep The Coffins Coming. It promises soothing rock, and it delivers. 

The artwork for this release sets a Halloween vibe, and the music itself carries it over. Keep the Coffins Coming is a beautiful selection of some of the band’s favorite back alley traits, from the highs of punk melancholy to the lows of slower and more lullaby-esque pieces. It’s a great introduction to Frank Iero and The Patience, but it’s also a much needed mainstay for the fan listener. I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t familiar with the band and it’s bound to be an adored addition to an already massive discography for Iero.

Keep The Coffins Coming drops on September 22nd via BMG / Vagrant Records.

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heal my soul

so i saw @nipuni​ ’s absolutely gorgeous art and got inspired, because i just really love angst, apparently.  (; ︵ ;)

His transformation is unwelcome, but not unexpected.

The first orb he had found had been Dirthamen’s, buried deep underground, in one of his lost temples. When he had taken its power with the Anchor, fueling himself, he had woken the next morning to crystalline, snowy irises that reflected the light. There had been two sets of slits on his forehead, connected by thin, shadowy lines, resembling the closed eyes of his mosaics.

He reaches into himself, and finds what he had feared most. The ancient being within his soul, the first spark that had shaped his nature, is stirring, feeding on the power he gorges like a glutton yet needing more still. There is no Mythal, no Inquisitor to calm that part of him, now, to soothe and humble, and shrink back into himself.

His attention makes it stir, and its stirring awakens it.

There is nothing he can do, save watch, as his skin turns grey, as hard nodules of scales begin to creep along his elbows, the back of his neck, over his scalp. He watches, despairing, and remembers words he’d once spoken to her, so long ago: I would not have you see what I become.

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“You can’t tell me that these people standing outside my clinic with their bloody signs, intimidating chants about Hell and murder, and even their physical contact with my patients is nothing more than free speech!!”             

~ Merle Hoffman ~

Nerves pt. 2

Type: smut

(A/N) Hey, guys!!! I wanted to write a story that was broken up into many parts and because my best fic so far is Nerves, I thought I would continue it! I really hope you guys enjoy it!!! & a HUGE thanks to @ultimate-top-trash for giving me ideas and keeping me motivated. Sorry this is so long, I got lost in the story

Warnings: unprotected sex, hickeys, small tiny slap, annoying character, !!cute Tyler!!, a tiny bit of angst at the end, cursing, VERY LONG

Pairing: Tyler Joseph x Reader

Word count: 9.5k


Originally posted by im-sitting-in-silence

It has been about a month since Tyler and I’s first “tutor session” and we had another one planned for this weekend. Thinking about being alone with Tyler always got me excited. Not just because when we’re alone, “things” happen but because I can be myself around him. He always cracks jokes and never fails to make me laugh.

A faint buzz pulls me from my thoughts. I pull my phone out of my pocket and read the message:

Tyler :)

Hey! Wanna catch a movie after school today?

I smile at the text knowing that he actually wants to hang out with me. I quickly reply:

Yeah! I’m down!

I finish packing my backpack and sling it over my shoulder. I say goodbye to my mom and practically skip out the door to wait for my bus.



It wasn’t long before Y/N replied to my text. I barely let my phone vibrate before I hurriedly yank the screen toward my face to read her reply:

Y/N :P

Yeah! I’m down!

Fuck yes! I thought. I was so excited I almost left my backpack in my room while walking out of the house. I run back inside and grab it and sprint back outside and practically throw myself in the car.

Hoping I get there before Y/N, I pull into the student parking lot and park my car. Grabbing my stuff, I quickly walk towards the piano room, a little earlier than usual.

Once there, I notice that the door is locked and the lights are off- which was unusual because Mr. Pike, the piano teacher, was usually here early in the morning. Being a teacher assistant in one of his classes, he trusted me with a key to the classroom. So, I unlocked the door and turned on the lights, taking in the wooden scented air. I glance down at my watch and realize Y/N won’t be here for another ten minutes. I decide to work on a song I had been writing for a couple days now. I soon lose myself in the chords of the piano.

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ANDROGYNOS. [2017-07-08 - BARKS live report]

ANDROGYNOS. “Just what the hell is this Megiddo and Acro? Can’t we all just get along?”


I really thought this wouldn’t take that long to translate but with all the militarily terminology and the damn wording of this thing it was like giving birth to a baby for three days straight. 

So please, LOOK AT MY BABY. 

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Hi Sam! I'm curious about your magical time management skills: you have a full-time job, are super active in fandom, answer countless asks, write fanfiction and books, and still have time for jogging and many other stuffs. How do you organize yourself? I feel super overwhelmed due to lack of time and end up not doing what I want do. Do you allot time to do stuff? How does your typical day looks like? And any useful tips for us slackers.

I dunno how helpful it’ll be – I mean, some of it is time management, and some of it is that I have spent a long time working on arranging my life so that I have as much free time to pursue my own interests as possible. This hasn’t consciously meant giving up things like close brickspace friends and romantic relationships but in some ways it has kind of worked out that way. (Not that I couldn’t have those things if I chose to work towards them, in other words, but they don’t come naturally to me and I don’t mind the lack.) 

So, I will give you a rundown of my average day, but before we begin, I will also give you some context! And this will be long so I’ll put it under a readmore. 

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Olicity in 601

Before I delve into my take on last night’s episode, I wanted to offer a brief story on where I watched it and with whom. It’s just too good not to share.

I was at a bar in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I don’t have a TV in my RV, something I need to remedy as the season goes on. Anyway, I found the bar and went in about an hour and a half before 601 came on.  There were eight people in the place, including myself and the bartender; all men. I asked the bartender if it would be possible I could watch Arrow when it came on. The guy looked at me, bored and dubious. He told me that the other patrons would probably not agree with watching the show. So, I slipped the bartender twenty bucks and asked him if I could address the other people in the bar. He agreed.

I introduced myself, and repeated my request to the drunken patrons. I got a lot of ‘hell no’s and ‘that’s bullshit.’ A tough crowd. So, I bought the house a round of beers (I had a club soda) and they became suddenly open to the idea of me watching Arrow.  After giving all of them a brief synopsis of the show, we all settled in as it started.

They went from guzzling their drinks to sipping them. Being guys, and being in a bar, they had some colorful things to say about Felicity, about how hot she was. They also appreciated the action scenes. I didn’t want them to get bored, so I bought another round on the house and made it through the show. After it was over, I thanked the bartender and his patrons and went back out to my RV. Once inside, I started to laugh myself to tears.

The whole experience was a lot of fun.  And maybe next week I will find another bar to watch the show in. I am on a mission, friends. To travel across the country and try to convert the non-believers.  Unbelievable.  Okay, on with the show…


There were a couple of scenes in the episode that brought a wide grin to my face and a strong tug in my heart. Fans watch the show for their own personal reasons (free beers not withstanding): the action scenes, the villains and the angst; to name a few. These are all good and valid reasons, and for the most part, 601 delivered.

But what I want to write about today is, I think, what the crux of this season is going to be about—love and family. And as usual, when the show is up and running, I am influenced by the interaction between Oliver and Felicity.

Watching them light up the screen, I thought the episode, at least during their scenes together, could have been subtitled—When Angst Is Transformed Into Sexual Attraction And Frustration. This was most notably portrayed by them in Season 3, but 601 took it to a whole new experience, without all the crying and suffering and will-they, won-they nonsense. Yes, there was more good stuff going on outside the Olicity bubble, a virtual cornucopia of storylines, of which I will leave in the much more talented and capable hands of other bloggers. I just feel more comfortable discussing a part of the show I’ve always been drawn too—for personal reasons. What can I say…it’s the romantic in me.

So. Back in 523, Felicity told Oliver, after she kissed him, that she regretted a variety of things when it came to the two of them. Oliver suggested they talk more about that when they’re off the island. When they hugged, it seemed that both of them had awakened after having a long nightmare. I don’t know about anyone else, but I felt relief, anticipation, expectation and a little frustration having to wait five months for the outcome of their “talk.” When the island blew up, not for one minute was I worried that Felicity would be a casualty. Seriously, if they had killed her off, the outcry of disapproval and anger would have triggered seismograph machines all across the planet. It would have been, (listen up fanboys) the ultimate slap in the face to all shippers who have laughed and cried and loved with Oliver and Felicity over the past five years. The showrunners, who gave us the BMD and Billy Malone and Susan Williams, would not be able to show their faces in public again. No, Felicity was going to survive. And Oliver was going to get another chance to make things right between them.

So Season 6 opens five months after the explosion. Did they have that talk about regrets? Were there tears or laughter or resolution? Maybe. But Felicity definitely went shopping for some new outfits. She looked beautiful and alluring. And Oliver—well, he was still Oliver, but I could sense a kind of inner peace about him, as if finally he was comfortable in his own skin. If felt like he had found his best friend again, after losing her in the aftermath of some bad choices he made. There was a new gravity between them that gave sure-footing on their path ahead.

Which brings me to the first of the two scenes I wanted to talk about. Are you all still with me?  What captivated me (and I’m sure a lot of other fans as well) was their interaction after John, Curtis and Rene left them alone in the Bunker. Felicity had gotten William some Big Belly Burger (fries and a mini burger, lol.) The subtle but direct way Oliver asked her if she wanted to have dinner with him and William was beautiful. And when Felicity became flustered and began to babble about it not being the right time, and at the same time, asking Oliver if he needed her to be a buffer zone—what a cupcake. Oliver let her babble, something that had always endeared her to him. But unlike the past Oliver, when he was unsure of himself and felt unworthy of her attention, present Oliver looked her in the eye and told her he wanted her company; precise, clear and honest. He wanted to be with her. He wanted to share himself and William with her, something he should have done from the get-go when he discovered he had a son. That barrier is gone now. When he invited her to come over, I could only think of one word—inclusion. Well done, Oliver. It only took you nearly two years to embrace it.

And Felicity? How cute was it when she became nervous by Oliver’s direct approach? When she said that the whole William situation was uncomfortable; for him, for “us” for her and for Oliver—it gave me warm fuzzys. Then her anxiety won out and she told Oliver that maybe another time, another night would be better. Uh, I couldn’t help think that there has been five months of another time, another night. If not now, then when? Was there a part of her that was screaming—Felicity, go with him. He wants you with him. It doesn’t have to be an intimate night of romance. It’s just dinner with him and his son.

But Oliver was not put off. He gave her a little smile and accepted her nervousness.

“Promise,” he teased her?

“Promise,” Felicity told him.

When he walked away, that little pout on Felicity’s face spoke volumes to me. I couldn’t help visualizing Homer Simpson saying, Doh! and slapping his forehead. How many times had this happened to them over those five months?

As I said, there was no angst in this interaction between them. There was longing and need and love; a far cry from where they started in Season 5.

Okay, I can concede that Oliver and Felicity are not going to jump in the sack right out of the gate. They’re not going to bring each other to the sexual heights they’ve been to before (not until maybe episode 504 after their date.) The slow burn and the anticipation this time around, for me, is more entertaining than the fluff of 4A. I know that eventually they will share mind, body and soul in that way again. The building up is going to be worth the wait. I had a glimpse of this when I saw those wedding photos the other day.

One last thing; the second scene that made me sit up and take notice. Oliver and Felicity calling each other on the phone made me want to squeal and do a happy dance. It was casual and comfortable and more intimate than being naked and having orgasmic fireworks going off. They are best friends, lovers and soulmates, wanting to tell each other how much they miss one another after Overwatch and Green Arrow hang up their personas at the end of the day.

So, I was pleased with the Olicity aspect of this episode. They brought me hope and strengthened the journey I’ve been on for the last five years. Watching them showed me once again what endgame means.

And I am all in for it.

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anonymous asked:

could you explain why you say that juuzou never suffers any consequences for his action?

First fo all to any fan of Juuzou’s this isn’t meant with any offense intended. The arc Juuzou has in :Re mirrors Tokyo Ghoul alot, almost exactly even. Juuzou also barely faced any consequences for his actions in Tokyo Ghoul right until the end so this is not calling what Juuzou is experiencing now bad writing, as a lot of characters in Re: refused to change. 

Howeer, it is definitely a thing with Juuzou. I refer to it as the buffer zone that Juuzou’s squad provides him. Every time it looks like Juuzou is about to hit some realization or change, one of his squad members interferes and stops him from having to self reflect in any way. Case in part, the auction arc in which Juuzou could realize the person who was using him had no attachment for him despite happy memories.

Hanbee prevents him from hearing it. Highly relevant, because Juuzou is to the CCG now what he was to Big Madame back then. A puppet dangling on strings, doing what he does not because he wants to, but because those are his orders.

Juuzou drops out of the plot for a long time in the auction arc, but the next time we see him is against Kurona. It’s important to remember that Kurona’s violent behavior here is something that Juuzou in part caused. He did not do so for good reasons, like self defense or wanting to do a good job as an investigator. After all Shinohara was injured badly because Juuzou went against orders to screw around with both Kurona and Nashiro, rather than staying behind to support Shinohara. 

This is his reaction to the results of his own actions though, which is to say none at all. No self reflection for what his actions had caused, no sympathy for Kurona’s current state and what she had become, he simply just played it off like another extermination mission.

When it looked like Juuzou might face consequences for underestimating Kurona, this is what happened instead.

So now, not only did Juuzou learn nothing from his experience with Kurona but he is also capable of wielding the Arata armor. An armor which in the original Tokyo Ghoul could only be wielded by either mutants with .01% of the population genes that let them have super strength on par with that of a ghoul, or extremely bulkly and experienced investigators like Shinohara.

The Arata armor is always something in Tokyo Ghoul that has completely exhausted or taken away from the users who were wearing it, it’s always come with a karmic punishment since it’s introduction. Kuroiwa and Shinohara were nearly eaten, Shinohara was beaten by Centipede, Shinohara was surprised by Owl along with Kuroiwa, Amon lost his arm. However, we’ve seen Juuzou use it twice to devastating effects on his enemies but no drawbacks whatsoever on him. 

Juuzou even lets the combat with Kurona end the exact same way as last time, not out of a sense of mercy or anything but his usual flippancy. At the time though, it was hard to read this behavior as problematic because in comparison Kurona looked much more sane. 

Yet if you take to reading some of his lines in the following clown arc.

Juuzou is becoming the new Arima, but remember the previous Arima felt like this about taking away any sort of life, whereas Juuzou is completely flippant about it.

So therefore, just like the Arata armor, Juuzou can wield all the strengths of being in Arima’s position of the reaper but with none of the drawbacks, none of the genuine guilt that Arima felt and that completely robbed him of a personality or will to live. We see Juuzou almost face a consequence in the clown raids too, but then.

There comes the buffer again.

It’s in the clown arc we see too, that Juuzou’s certain other responsibilities being left unattended. He’s completely reckless in watching over Mutsuki even though he compares his current position to being like Shinohara was to himself.

Both Mutsuki and Aura act incredibly recklessly, and both Nakarai and Suzuya are in positions of authority over them, and Nakarai himself is even asked directly to stop Aura if he goes too far and we see neither of them even lift a finger in that direction.

This is especially important because lack of supervision and being left behind by the system is literally what created Suzuya into what he is now. So therefore in repeating the same mistake and not taking proper responsibility for Mutsuki even though he is in a position to do so, Suzuya is just continuing the cycle that he himself was a victim of.

Suzuya also knows that Furuta is corrupt, but takes no steps to solve this situation. He does absolutely nothing with this information and follows Furuta’s orders all the while, and we see the result of this, Suzuya becomes depicted as a lot more vicious and uncaring when he’s fighting against the pacifist ghouls of Goat rather than the raging Kurona.

Juuzou’s absolutely merciless in his takedown of Kaneki too, he leaves him begging and desperate on the floor before going to exterminate the rest of his loved ones.

If this is any kind of mercy it’s a cruel one at best. So when Kaneki is pushed to his absolute edge by this action, then maybe… maybe… Juuzou will face a consequence for his absolute lack of any regard towards the lives of ghouls and his prioritization of Shinohara over everything else including his current living squad members but then….


Apparently Suzuya survived dragon by hanging from a ninety degree angle and just whacking at it with his scythe. As far as we know, all the squad members are completely alive despite Juuzou making the decision to recklessly risk their lives over Shinohara’s. Not only that, but Juuzou learned the exact wrong lesson, that he needed to kill Kaneki MORE actually. 

Which is why Juuzou’s arc is so confusing to me personally. My best guess is that we’re saving all of it until the end for one more great big final change in his character, but the question becomes as Juuzou refuses to change through more and more extreme circumstances what exactly could break him at this point?

Otherwise, Juuzou himself as a character having faced no real consequence is basically the same character we were introduced to at the beginning of :Re. He follows all orders, and kills ghouls even with no hard feelings against them.