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Heckler & Koch’s newest rifle is a hybrid of the G36 and 416. Featuring the ergonomic controls of the AR platform, it ditches the buffer tube setup to allow for an adjustable side-folding stock. It has the expected modular features that many modern day rifles offer, but I thought the internal maintenance free round counter was interesting. Apparently it uses RFID technology to count how many rounds have been through a particular rifle and the information can be downloaded. I guess kind of like a service check up for a car after so many miles. (GRH)

📸 @aaronsizzle

Hammerhead 10.3 -
@danieldefense MK18 upper
@seekinsprecision SP223 billet lower
@spikes_tactical enhanced LPK
@cmctriggers single stage, flat faced trigger
@strikeindustries_si ambi safety selector
@executiveordnance stealth grip
@kak_industry buffer tube & shockwave blade
@primaryweapons enhanced buffer & spring
@vortexoptics SPARC AR
@magpul mbus flip up sights
@radianweapons x @griffonindustries charging handle
@strikeindustries_si Cookie Cutter Comp
@inforce01 WML gen2
@bravocompanyusa shorty VFG
@magpod magpod

So I bought this, and its on the way to the FFL. I need to figure out how to get some kind of cheek riser on that ACE stock, or some other replacement. It has an AR buffer tube adapter installed.
Any suggestions? I'm considering just using one of those strap on stock accessory things with a built in cheek rest to add some height but I think that might look silly.
Zastava M77 .308



From a distance it looks like a Knights Armament M110, but about the only KAC parts are the magazine, flash hider and handguard. It’s a budget build that mimics what normally is a $15,000 (or more) rifle. We all have dream rifles, but sometimes the closest we can get is to build a clone or lookalike. The owner of this one listed the parts list. (GRH)

CMMG upper receiver
KAC Rifle Length 7.62 URX II
Fulton Armory (Criterion) 20" M110 barrel
Fulton Armory rail gas block
Fulton Armory chrome BCG
BCM gunfighter 308 CH

Lower Bushmaster (made by DPMS) lower DPMS LPK DPMS buffer, tube and spring Cav Arms C1 stock KAC 20 round mag (1 included) Giessele SSA-E trigger

My Franken-Kalash: Izmash Saiga .233!

Ever since I picked it up used for $250 at a gunshow about 2 years ago, it’s been the rifle I’ve used to learn about modifying and changing the platform. She’s not pretty from all the experimenting, but she works and she’s an awesome rifle.

I originally removed the Tapco M4 style stock it had on it, and moved the trigger group forward. I added a Vltor stock adapter, Carolina Shooters Supply trigger guard, and then an Ultimak rail/gas tube.

After that I decided to go more wasteland with it and added a vented gas tube and wood handguard, cut off the original gas block and front sight, and added a Venom one piece front sight/gas block. Also added a polymer fixed triangle stock with a Russian bandage and TQ in it.

In it’s latest configuration I removed the Venom gas block/front sight and put on an extra traditional gas block, and an AK74 front sight so I could mount the Zenitco brake my buddy left at my place. Don’t worry, he’ll get it back when he’s out of military and living up here again.

I also added a Zenitco extended charging handle, and a Rifle Dynamics stock adapter. I picked up a Magpul grip and QD end plate from work, and luckily had an extra STR stock in my parts box.

In a month or two once I have some more money to spend on stuff I’ll most likely get the AK Operators Union Keymod handguard and upper rail so I can mount an optic and light on it. I also might get a Canis AR mag adapter since all the surplus Galil mags I have don’t feed for shit, only the Promag mag I have works 100% reliably.

Also gotta give a shoutout to AK Operators Union, I ordered the RD adapter w/ buffer tube and Zenit handle and they shipped it absurdly quickly!


The Pistol Build~

- Upper: 10.5" Aero Precision Barrel, YHM gas block folding front sight & rear sight, Primary Arms Micro Red dot, Strike Industries Mitch handguard, AR Charging Handle & J-Comp FH, PSA Blem Stripped Upper with logo, and AIMS NiB BCG.

- Lower: 80% Lower painted with VHT engine block paint job (Flat black), KNS Zombie Green Mod 2 Pins, PSA classic LPK, Strike Industries Trigger Guard, Umbrella Corp. Grip 23 with cut Hogue grip sleeve, Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer tube Cover with MFT stock saddle.

Truly, this is my most proudest build. This was my first time doing an 80% lower (The cuts aren’t perfect but seems functional; I will shoot it soon). I’ve been in budget thanks to the Memorial Day sales and sniping items last minute on eBay auctions. The only items I paid full price for were the Strike Industries parts (And they are decently priced already!) and the Thordsen Customs Standard Buffer Tube (fits excellent).

Please enjoy these pictures as I’ve enjoyed this build.  


Deployment build (sans AN/PEQ-15 and useless 3rd-burst, plus 1.5in of barrel): 

-Windham Weaponry WW-15 MPC (Multipurpose Carbine), 16in 1/9 twist, 5.56 NATO
-USGI-style leftie-mounted sling swivel
-USGI-style 2-point “parade” sling
-UTG 4-position buffer tube
-CAR-15-style buttstock
-Knight Armament M5 quadrail
-Knight Armament vertical foregrip
-Surefire 951 flashlight w/ pressure switch
-MAtech flip-up backup iron sight
-Aimpoint CompM4 (killflash removed)

Just what I need, part 5

Harry Styles - 2655 words

You can read part 4 here.


I didn’t see Harry in the last two days and right now I was rushing to be on time, otherwise Brown would have my ass. I sling my bag over my shoulder as I run through the hallway, taking a sharp turn into the kitchen for a bottle of water and maybe an energy bar if I could locate one somewhere. I’m halted in my tracks though when I pick up the scent of croissants and spot one on a small plate on the table, a little note accompanied by it.

Dear Y/n,
I know you were going to be late, so here you have some breakfast.
I prepared some lunch for you as well (fridge).

“He’s so sweet.” I sigh, taking a large bite out of the croissant, chewing loudly as I peek into the fridge where indeed, a small bag sat with my name neatly written down on it. I press the lunch into my shoulder bag, grabbing the rest of the uneaten croissant on the way out. I was incredibly  late by now and I knew the traffic would be a bitch, so I stepped on the gas and stumbled into the laboratory only ten minutes late. “Ah, there you are Y/n.” Brown greets me as he pushes his glasses back up on his nose, passing me swiftly into another door.

“I’m sorry Brown, I overslept again.” I drop my bag near my desk and shrug my lab coat over my grey t-shirt, following Brown into the lab. “Troubles with Liam again dear?”
“Liam left for Spain last Thursday. He won’t be back until the first of July.” I keep my face blank, taking the book from my boss and flipping through it, in search for the right protocol to follow today. “That is nice for him, tell him my best regards. But quite the strain on your relationship, isn’t it?” Brown smiles as he gathers the buffers we’ll need to conduct the experiment, handing me racks and all sorts of other utilities we’d need for the extraction.

“I think I’m not in a relationship anymore, to be honest.” I sigh, getting the plant out of the incubator and selecting a leave off of the green plant, handing it over to Brown so he could grind the leave into mush. “And your roommate problem, is that at least fixed?”
Brown knew an awful lot about me, but that’s mainly because we worked together almost every day since September. I’d grown on him and he’d grown on me, and before we knew it we were talking and talking throughout our experiments. Other people always found it odd, seeing as how Brown normally never spoke so informally to someone else.

“Yeah, a new guy in our friend group. Harry Styles.” I smile and Brown reciprocates with a glare as he stares me up and down. “Oh my god, does Harry live with you? He is so sweet and handsome, and they say he’s covered in tattoos! Could you like maybe give him my number so he could give me a call? Going on a date with something like that would make my year complete!” Melissa, another intern that works here, pipes up and my eyes widen as I stare at her in complete and utter shock. “Uh, yeah – sure?” I mumble, Melissa giving a tiny squeal before scribbling her number onto a scrap of paper and pushing it into my hands. “Thanks Y/n!”

“Everyone responds to Harry like that.” I sigh out, jamming the pestle onto the leave, crushing it completely under my rage filled actions. “I had Mr. Styles in my first and second year of Biology. He is a very unique person to be around. I cannot argue with that.” Brown smiles and I roll my eyes, but still I am amused that even Brown couldn’t get away from that famous Styles-charm.

“I think you have quite the interest in him, Miss Y/L/N.” Brown continues as he smirks at me from the corner of his eye, taking the pestle and mortar out of my hands. I raise my eyebrows, biting my lip as I rub my hands on my once white lab coat, trying to keep his gaze so he wouldn’t think I would be lying. “Why would you think that?”
“I saw the look you just shot Miss Belcourte when she showed her interest for the boy. He is winning over your heart.”

“I think there is no one that can resist that charm, Brown. As much as I try to, I just can’t seem to fight it. He consumes my thoughts.” I rub both my hands over my face and Brown lets a light hearted chuckle past his lips. “This doesn’t sound like the cool, collected Y/F/N Y/L/N to me.”
I groan and push his shoulder lightly, letting a bit of the now crushed leaves fall into the microtube I had prepared earlier. “I don’t know what is up with me. All I can think about is those deep green eyes.”
“I can tell you, I experienced the same feelings when I met Suzan all those years ago. Just because one option seems like the logical choice, doesn’t always mean it’s the one to follow when the heart is involved.” Brown nods his head at me as he dripples a few droplets of buffer into the little tube and now we have to wait for half an hour, so we mostly take some time to go grab ourselves a cup of coffee.

“Did you bring food today? Suzan didn’t have the time so I have to go get a sandwich.” Brown sighs as he thinks of his lovely wife whom he was married to for twenty five years just a few months ago.
“Harry actually made me lunch.” A ferocious blush crawls onto my cheeks as Brown laughs heartily, clutching his stomach while shaking his head. “You are so head over heels right now, Miss Y/L/N.”
“Oh shut up Brown.” A scowl takes over my features but I cannot stop the grin from breaking through as I push past him, lab coat already off of my shoulders to go to the cafeteria for a much needed cup of coffee.


“Does this look okay?” Harry asks for the millionth time tonight as he adjusts his button up and tie, eyes trying to catch mine through the mirror. “Yes Harry, you look fine.” I know my tone is a bit harsh, but I didn’t expect him to actually take up on Melissa’s offer for a date, calling her the same evening as I had handed him the note. Ever since Melissa mentioned the tattoos scattered on his skin, I couldn’t help but stare every time a small piece of ink was on full show for me. Which had been incredibly awkward, seeing as how I was practically gawking at Harry while he undressed.
Right now I was on his bed, fiddling with the corner of his duvet as I tried my best to let the pang of hurt don’t get to me as much. I didn’t think he’d go for the perfect type.

“Are you alright? You’ve been fidgety and short the whole week.” Harry stops fiddling with his tie to look at me, sprawled out on his bed. He sits at the edge and squeezes my ankle briefly, lips set into a thin line as he awaits my answer. “I have a lot on my mind.” Yeah, you for example.

“Well tomorrow night I’m all yours. We can watch a few horror movies and I’ll even bake that chocolate cake you seem to have taken a liking too.” Harry smiles but all the reminder of that cake does is make the scowl on my features even deeper. It was the first and last time our lips had met and I thought he might have actually felt the same spark. I was wrong.

“I have taken up a shift at Louis’ tomorrow. Sorry.” I wasn’t actually sorry, I asked Louis to plan me in because I knew Harry would be home and I didn’t want to spend time with him knowing he would probably gush over that Melissa’s and his date. Harry’s face falls and he mumbles something that I think must resemble an okay, turning back towards the long length mirror, adjusting his tie once more before grabbing his jeans jacket.
“Then I guess I’ll see you Sunday? Later Y/n.” Harry pats my leg again and off he goes, leaving me alone in the flat. I take a few minutes of laying in his bed and breathing in his scent of cinnamon mixed with vanilla before my phone rings obnoxiously loud through the empty apartment.

“Yeah?” I breathe into the phone, out of breath from running across the hall to get to the living room in time. “Wow, what were you doing?” Naomi laughs on the other side of the line and I roll my eyes but keep quiet. I’m not in the mood to get another lecture about how I am sort of cheating on Liam by merely thinking about Harry.

“Nothing bitch. Why’d you call?” I let myself fall down onto the sofa and click on lone button at the top of the remote to enlight the television, mindlessly going through the channels as I hear Naomi’s answer.
“Annie and I wanted to have a girls night. It’s been a while and with all the shit that has been going down with you and Liam and a certain roommate, I know you can use one as well.”
“You have no idea, Naomi. I feel like shit.” I almost sound like a little girl whining against her mum again but I hear Naomi sigh through the phone. “I kind of saw this coming a long time ago. Let’s meet at Annie’s.”


“I brought wine.” I sigh as I push past Naomi and enter Annie and Niall’s flat. Their home was decorated in a nautical way, Annie being obsessed with the sea and everything that could be associated with it. I liked it though, the scent of salty seawater always hung in the air and it burnt my nostrils in a good way. “Hi Annie. Niall.” I smile as I kiss Annie’s cheek before walking around the kitchen island to press my lips to Niall’s cheek as well.

“Don’t worry Y/n, I’ll be gone in a bit. I’m hanging out with the other guys tonight.” Niall winks in my general direction and I roll my eyes before taking a seat next to Annie. “So, ‘s up?”
“I ordered us some pizza fifteen minutes ago and then watch some chick flicks and talk.” I hum in response, my mouth already watering at the mention of pizza and Naomi joins us back in the kitchen, grabbing the bottle of wine I had brought along.

“Y/n, care for a glass?” Naomi shoots me a look as if to ask me what’s wrong mentally and I nod my head, wishing Niall my goodbye’s before he disappears through the front door.
“You could say this is some sort of intervention.” Annie states as Naomi sets my filled glass in front of me and I widen my eyes as I stare from Annie to Naomi.

“Harry was here.” Oh great. What did he say? That I enjoyed walking around in my pajama’s sulking all day? Because I am fairly sure that Naomi and Annie already knew that was how I rolled. “And?”
“It’s not only you being a total bitch towards him the last couple of days, because I know you are aware of what you are doing. But he was speaking to Niall alone and he spoke of.. a kiss.” Naomi seems as surprised as I am that Annie eavesdropped on her boyfriend and that Harry had the guts to share something that personal with our friends. Especially since I knew something like that always backfired right up in your face. He hadn’t experienced that, yet.

“Uhm – well, yeah – “ I didn’t know what they wanted me to tell them. It had happened, I had surely enjoyed it and we never spoke of it again. Well I didn’t, apparently he did.
“You kissed Harry? But what about Liam?” Naomi sits down and her hands are covering her mouth, as if she is shocked that I would ever consider another male but Liam.

“What about Liam? He left her without saying anything he shouldn’t expect her to be faithful to such a toxic relationship!” Annie booms at Naomi and I kind of perplexed as the words leave her lips.
“Our relationship is toxic?” I question, both girls soothing their stares as they’re redirected at me.
“Y/n, you were more like a trophy for Liam. You didn’t actually love him, did you?”

“I don’t think so. But I’m not even sure if I am still in that relationship or not.”
“And yet you kissed Harry, while not being sure. Must say something.” Naomi points her half empty glass my direction and I shrug my shoulders. “It’s hard not to like him.”
Annie is nodding her head yes and I breathe in satisfaction, knowing at least one person realizes the grip Harry has on other people. “But it doesn’t matter anyway, he’s on a date with Melissa as we speak.”

“Melissa? That shallow blonde that works at the lab with you?” Naomi makes a noise that resembles disgust and I can’t contain the laughter bubbling inside me and leaving my lips, clutching my stomach as the doorbell rings. Annie gets up to get out pizza and before I know it, three steaming hot ones are placed in front of us. “Oh, I love you Annie.” I breathe as I take a huge bite, chewing loudly as I decide to just enjoy the company of my best mates instead of dwelling on a lost possible love.

“So what’s our game plan?” Annie smirks in Naomi’s direction, whose features are similar to Annie’s and all I can do is watch in confusion. “What?”
“You should at least take your shot with Harry. I’m sure you’ll regret it if you don’t.” Annie throws her hands up in the air before shoving another point of cheesy pizza past her lips and I breathe, my stomach already turning into knots at the thought of it.

“The kiss was a mistake you guys. A heat of the moment kind of thing.” I surprisingly fast state, swallowing down my huge bite with half a glass of wine. The alcohol was already getting to my head. “That’s not what Harry told Niall, Y/n.” Annie wiggles her eyebrows and Naomi claps her hands like a retarded seal at the revelation. “He came here to ask if you had broken up with Liam or not and if he should like ask you out on a date. Of course, Niall doesn’t know because no one has heard from Liam since he left. And we hadn’t spoken to you either.” I groan loudly and drop my head harshly onto the table, a throw of a headache already jolting through my head at impact.

“Basically Liam has been a cock block for fourteen years and he’ll continue to be my cock block until I die.” I groan out exasperatedly, causing Naomi to chuckle at my apparent amusing miserable life.
“You just got to make Harry want you even more, I’m sure you can do that Y/n. Okay, you’re a bitch but he doesn’t mind apparently.” Naomi shrugs her shoulders and I gasp before throwing a piece of crust at her face. It bounces off of her nose and she lets a shriek leave her lips, both Annie and I chuckling at her inconvenience.

“Guess it’s time to think up a game plan then.” I smirk as I raise the almost empty wine glass to my lips, our eyes meeting sporadically as the gears kick in to form a plan.

You can read part 6 right here!

Lots of love,
L. xox


I’m impressed with the quality of the Shockwave brace, externally. It is smooth over the casting creases and is made of a polymer not unlike my pistols frame. I was expecting more give to it, a bit of flex like rubber.

I did notice metal shavings, very small about the size of a grain of salt, on the outside of the brace. Looking inside it appears they press in a brass piece that is threaded for the set screw and then file it down to size from inside the tube. This leaves deep scratches around the brass piece. While I suppose this is the best way to keep the brass low enough to not scratch the buffer tube, I would think just using a shorter piece would be worth the labor cost.

I also bought the Shockwave tube with the dimples in it to really lock the set screw in place. The quality on that looks like every other milspec buffer tube I’ve seen.


Having a boring afternoon, so I’m making an as-they-stand-now, end of 2014 Glock and AR15 masterpost. 

Glock 19 Gen 3

Warren Tactical 2 Dot night sights

Ghost 3.5lb Trigger Disconnect

Vickers Tactical Extended Slide Lock

Vickers Tactical Extended Magazine Release

GripForce Adapter

Streamlight TLR-1s

Stippling and grip work done by a local guy

Frankengun AR15

Palmetto State Armory Lower

Palmetto State Armory Upper with 16" FN barrel

PWS Enhanced Buffer Tube

Rainier Arms BCG

Geissele SSA-E Trigger

BCM Gunfighter Mod 4 Charging Handle

Midwest Industries SSK12 Rail

BCM Gunfighter Mod Something Grip

BCM Gunfighter Keymod VFG

Vortex Crossfire II 1-4x24 Scope in a Burris PEPR mount

Surefire M951 with an LED head on a Haley Strategic mount

Emdom E-MM Gunslinger Sling

Beat-to-shit Krylon paintjob

AR still needs new BUIS, but other than that I’m thrilled with both of these guns. They’re not the prettiest, but they shoot great and they’re tough, reliable, and accurate as hell.

Also pictured: Oliver the Battlecorgi


The M231 Port Firing Weapon,

During the 1970’s the US Army decided that it was about time for the creation and adoption of a dedicated port firing weapon. Such a weapon could be mounted on special firing ports to fend off infantry assaults in close quarters. Originally crews of armored vehicles and mechanized infantry were issued World War II vintage M3 submachine guns, however the Army needed something newer and better.  In 1974 Colt introduced a variant of the M-16 assault rifle called the XM231.  The Army was impressed with the design, and gave Colt the go ahead to improve and perfect the weapon, which was adopted in 1979 as the M231 port firing weapon.

The M231 was specifically made to be operated within the tight confines of a vehicle.  It has no stock in the traditional sense, merely a buffer tube.  Early examples featured a telescoping wire stock, but this feature was discontinued to discourage its use in lieu of standard issue rifles.  Officially the Army mandated the M231 not be removed from the vehicle unless in an emergency.  Its barrel is only 15.6 inches long and features a screw type locking mechanism to fasten it in place in a firing port.  The M231 fires in fully automatic only.  Original models had a lower firing rate of 200 rounds per minute to prevent overheating and conserve its 30 round magazine, however later models discontinued this feature, allowing it to fire around 1,100 - 1,200 rounds per minute. 

The M231 was first issued to crews of the M2 Bradley Infantry Fighting Vehicle.  Today Bradleys are still issued the M231 despite the fact that the firing ports on the vehicle have been reduced to two, located at the rear door of the vehicle.  Regardless they are still commonly issued for emergency use and as handy self defense weapons.



A custom AR-15 build using the Umbrella Corporation upper and lower. The HUUCR (Hard Use Umbrella Corp Receiver) are factory blemished uppers or lowers sold at a discounted price. Overall this rifle is a actually a well done build with great quality parts. (GRH)

Umbrella HUUCR Upper
BCM Forward Assist & Ejection Door Assembly
BCM BFH 14.5” Mid-Length 1:7 5.56
BCM Low Profile Gas Block & BCM Gas Tube
BCM GunFighter CH Mod 4 Medium
Geissele MK2 13”
PWS FSC556 Flash Compensator (Pinned & Welded by NFA)

Umbrella HUUCR Lower
ALG Combat Trigger
Spike’s Tactical LPK
Spike’s Tactical Buffer Tube w/ ST-T2 Buffer
Spike’s Tactical Billet Trigger Guard
BCM GunFighter Grip Mod 1
Magpul STR Stock


The Browning M1919A6,

First introduced in 1943, the Browning M1919A6 was an attempt by the US Army to created a light machine gun that would have the portability of the Browning Automatic Rifle with the sustained firing rate of the German MG-34 and MG-42.  During World War II, the MG-34 and MG-42 were the best man portable machine guns in service throughout the war, and Allied armies struggled to match their firepower and portability.

The M1919A6 was built off of the M1919A4, which was a medium machine gun which was either bipod or tripod mounted.  The M1919A6 was lightened and more portable modification of the M1919A4.  The most notable modification was the addition of a buttstock, giving a profile that was more of a rifle than a mounted machine gun.  A carrying handle was also added to make it more portable.  Since the M1919A6 lacked proper mountings, a buffer tube was added to absorb the recoil of the gun and make it more easier to control.  Finally a lighter 4 pound barrel was used, 3 pounds lighter than the M1919A4.  The barrel could be removed and replaced in the case of overheating.  The M1919A6 was made for a two man crew, one how was the gunner, the other who handled ammunition, changed out barrels, and served as spotter.

Despite the lighter barrel, at 32.5lbs, the M1919A6 was 1.5 lbs heavier than the mounted M1919A4.  Regardless due to its setup and ergonomics it was faster to deploy than the M1919A4.  However it was still no match for the German MG-34 and MG-42.  Both were much lighter, more accurate, and easier to use.  More importantly the M1919A6 could only manage a firing rate of 400-600 rounds a minute.  The lighter barrel also caused the gun to overheat quickly.  The MG-34 and MG-42 could manage 800-900 rpm and 1,200-1,500 rpm respectively.  Regardless of its flaws the M1919A6 saw more and more combat as the war dragged on after 1943.  It was also used extensively during the Korean War.  It saw limited use in the Vietnam War, but for the most part was replaced with the newer M60.


Ok, so it looks like everyone likes the new stock :-) Here are a few updates for everyone that has been asking for more details. We will have our first samplesin about 1-1.5 weeks. Once we have the samples we will make a product video, like we usually do. This will help answer a lot of questions that most of you are asking as well as showing installation etc. In the meantime here is some more general information, we hope it helps:

The stock will come in 3 color choices, Black, FDE and OD Green.

The only difference between the “normal” stock and the “California” stock is the addition of a “REMOVABLE” machined aluminum plate which prevents the fingers from warping around the pistol grip.

The stock will fit right over the existing carbine buffer tube. Both commerical and mil-spec buffer tubes will work.

There are separate aluminum spacers to adjust the length of pull.

A bottom plate comes off to expose mounting rail for a rear monopod.

The price is not set 100% yet. We will advise ASAP. From what we have seen, it is very attractive.

The final product will be in the USA in about 4-6 weeks. We are hoping before Christmas time.

The front grip will be sold separately as well as with the butt stock.

The stock and front grip were designed for miliatary and LE groups in Europe. LAN World asked for months for the option for California. It was not made for California, it was adapted for California and other restricted states.

The standard version and California version will have 2 separate SKU numbers and price points.

The unit is extremely light weight and sturdy

Let us know if we forgot any “general” questions. Once we have the unit in hand the video will follow ASAP.

Thank you for all the support and interest in this upcoming product.

Thank you again,
Chris Bieling

p.s. Would anyone be interested in a pre-sale for those of you that already know you have to have it? This would mean once the first shipment arrives your name is on one. Let us know and we might be able to work something out.

- Hera Arms (Facebook)


I’ve decided to upgrade one of my tactical .22’s. I purchased the Smith & Wesson 15-22 when it first came out a few years ago & fell in love it.

Some of the first runs were plagued with ejection issues but was an easy fix with the ejector. Once I bent it inward for it to catch the lip of the casing it was flawless.

Shooting it with pin point accuracy from its Thompson Center Barrel.

It had many great features:

AR similar take-down(unlike the Umarex Colt branded rimfires).
Very accurate
Lightweight polymer upper & lower
Removable fixed AR styled sights
Full quad picatinny rail
25 round mag with after market mags available(up to 50 rounds)
Standard AR buffer tube and pistol grip

With the newer model that is starting to become easier to find now, comes with Magpul furniture.

MOE pistol grip, stock, flip-up sights, threaded barrel with flash suppressor, QD sling attachment points, and the option of FDE or black Magpul furniture.

Detailed pictures to come when it arrives!

Stay tuned!


The start of my MK18 Pistol build has began!

DDMK18 10.3 Complete upper came into my shop and i had to get on it.

Parts to come


Eotech 516 or Aimpoint Micro T-1

KAK industries SB-15 specific pistol buffer tube ( in the mail )

SB-15 brace

Superior Defense Pistol lower

Surefire mini Scout.

Maybe a AAC Blackout 

I live in CA so no sbr for me… Hence the “pistol”