cuppa crystals, about to get a final polish on their cut ends then they are done. I go through 7 grades of sandpaper then a buffing compound to bring back clarity and shine to the flat cut ends.

anonymous asked:

what's the difference between a regular kabuki brush and a flat top kabuki brush? (other than the fact that one is round and the other is flat lol)

Flatter brushes tend to give a bit more coverage than round ones. Rounder ones are easier for buffing while flat ones are  better for stippling then buffing.

i actually like how powerful a group of radroaches could be in fallout shelter

it probably means that radroaches will be buffed in 4, especially with the new burrowing mechanic. you could be walking the wasteland and then BAM 8 fucking roaches right in your face

luckofakennedy asked:

are you ever going to sell more orphan black patches?

If i do, it’ll probably be new designs! I’m working right now on buffing up my universal monsters patches, and after that I’ll consider going back and fleshing out other patches!