to start referring to philosophers in, like, gamer argot. examples

philosopher 1: dude i hear they reworked structuralism in this patch
philosopher 2: no way bro, was it, like, a nerf?
philosopher 1: nah dude its totally different now. i talked to this dude who got to playtest it in beta. he says its trippy, dude
philosopher 2: whoa

philosopher 1: bro you’ll never guess what happened…. jesus got buffed this patch
philosopher 2: dude, really?
philosopher 1: yeah dude some pro from germany just fucking dominated theology with heterodox “dialectical” theology regarding jesus’ status as both servant and lord
philosopher 2: whoa so thats basically a huge nerf for mainline protestant theology. think they’re gonna fix that next patch? sounds fucking broken
philosopher 1: idk dude this is shaping up to be one of the largest works of systematic theology ever written… theyre gonna have to rework it entirely if they want to balance it


Ok, but you know I’m very crazy about THIS fic, yes? I’m practically like a second mother to it right now, and I want to adopt Sophia

Also, yes, I love hippogriffs VERY MUCH, indeed

Me, whispering to myself last night as I worked on Inferno:

…I heard Katsuki Yuuri’s shredded, that he has an eight-pack…


…Unrack and brace like crazy‼️ I haven’t squatted 225 in months. My squat technique has been that hardest to fix since my back injury.
However with proper programming, technique, mobility, accessory work, and patience.. (Oh ya and @gpags42 ) it seems to be coming along💪🏼

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