Team Service Announcement #34: The Phlogistinator

This was a Team Service Announcement that I was working on when the Phlogistinator got buffed, and everyone complained about how overpowered it was. Then a few weeks later, Valve removed the health restoration and increased the amount of fire damage needed to charge the “Mmmmph” meter. So I said fuck it, and made this. Maybe someone will still find the information useful.


Great stuff from @therealdingles

I was going through Anor Londo when I got invaded by this guy. I kicked his ass in about 5 secs with a fire buffed fully upgraded claymore. Afterwards he asked what my soul level was and when I told him 125 he accused me of cheating

transcript: lol dont lie if thats true im reporting u for save modifying (2) Lol reported for save modifying

Buffing away the black then going to toss them all into the tumbler for orders from thewickedgriffin.com ☺️ on a side note, our puppy Mr. Wolf lost his first baby tooth today!

what I’d like to see from a future pokemon game and why:

  • make it a console game like XD or Colosseum. the power of a home console would make some of my future suggestions more possible, plus I just prefer to play console games over handheld games
  • ditch the 1v1 pokemon battle system and make all battles 3v3. this makes pokemon with buffing abilities actually useful within the context of the single player game. you can clear any pokemon game with just raw attack power and absolutely zero buffs or debuffs. this way, you can apply buffs and debuffs to your pokemon without interrupting the flow of battle without having to withdraw pokemon, wait a turn, apply the (de)buff, withdraw, and then send out the pokemon you actually want to fight with
  • Add an on-screen “order of battle” thing like SMT and the new Digimon game has, make battles less unpredictable by laying out what pokemon will go when based on their speed stat.
  • Add an on-screen indication of an enemy Pokemon’s type during battles. There’s like 700 pokemon and 18 different types now. It’s not reasonable to expect anyone to memorize all of the pokemon’s types and the type matchups.
  • Add a type matchup chart in-game that can be accessed at any time. To balance this out and add a bit of fun to it, have the chart fill itself out as the player experiments with type matchups, only filling in once the player discovers what’s super effective and what’s barely effective.
  • Remove the need for HMs entirely from the game. Nobody likes having to have an HM slave taking up space in their party or having to stick Strength or Rock Break on a Pokemon they actually like. The attacks have shit damage outputs and just waste the player’s time. If you want to have players fenced out of certain areas, make it based on the player’s pokemon’s types. Instead of having Surf, just make it so that all Water pokemon over a certain level and/or past a certain gym will be able to cross bodies of water. You can say in-story that it’s because the pokemon needs you to earn its respect before it’ll let you ride on it or something.
  • Limit the number of Pokemon in the game to around 200 instead of having the full roster of ‘mons. This will allow the development team to focus efforts on the included Pokemon, giving them and their attacks better-quality animations unique to them. It will also make the goal of “catching ‘em all” way more realistic for the average player.
  • Bring back the low health music from Black and White because that shit was factually the bomb diggety.
  • Have a story that actually carries a bit more weight than “the goodball incompetent villains that can’t seem to find any pokemon other than mightyenas and arbocks are trying to steal all of the pokemon!!!” The “the world as we know it is going to end” stakes of RSE were my favorite Pokemon story because it actually felt like you were accomplishing something by stopping the baddies.
  • Let me get married to the Hex Maniac
  • Have the starter Pokemon be different than the usual Fire/Water/Grass starter types, make them pokemon that aren’t actually “starter pokemon.” Make it like, those elemental monkeys or something? Those guys are rad, I love them. Or like an Eevee.
  • Have it so that less people keep giving you Pokemon for free? Like, holy crap man. X and Y was the last Pokemon game I played and the NPCs in that game give you like ten free pokemon and then they talk shit about you if you don’t use them. That’s more of a personal nitpick, but I’d really like to shape my Pokemon team according to my own tastes? Please stop giving me a million Riolus? Who gave me this immensely overpowered Torchic? Where did it even come from? I love Blaziken but this thing is insanely overpowered. I picked one starter, stop covering all of my bases to make sure I have one of every starter type so that the game isn’t too hard for me? I got a little off track on that one there.
  • No seriously let me get married to the Hex Maniac.
  • Man, have you played Digimon Cyber Sleuths? I haven’t but my friends keep talking about it and it sounds awesome. I want to play that game, but with Pokemon instead of Digimon, because I genuinely don’t know a damn thing about digimon. Evidently it’s like, a more accessible SMT but with Digimon? Why couldn’t Digimon Cyber Sleuths have been a Pokemon game?
  • I wish the Pokemon games weren’t so mired in tradition, because it’s actively holding the series back mechanically. JRPGs are advancing to be more smooth, fun to play, and engaging past just “playing menus,” but Pokemon has barely advanced at all.

Stabilized spalted curly ambrosia maple sanded to 800 grit and lightly buffed..

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im not on my full dose of lamictal until 2 more weeks but it’s been super helpful so far. ive been on vyvanse for 2 weeks and it’s helping a lot too. Celexa needs to be buffed or something it essentially just brought me 3 feet from the bottom of the pit. that’s why my doc is putting me on prozac and he says that and lamictal go well together. and then im on xanax (if i need to be) daily (i dont take it daily) and propranolol or whatever it is called situationally.

Kali was buffed!

Often Kali was “do or die”, and while this kind of play can be exciting, it often led to a dynamic where missing a kill could cause a lot of frustration. Assists will now provide a smaller bonus, helping alleviate this frustration.

Marked for Death

  • Kali is now rewarded on kills or assists.
  • Kali now heals 80% of her maximum Health on kills, and 15% on Assists.
  • Increased gold bonus from 25% → 30%.

Nemesis was buffed!

Scales of Fate

  • Passive Changed: Nemesis holds the scales of balance. Hitting enemies with Basic Attacks reduces their Physical or Magical power by 4% per hit, while increasing her own Physical Power by 4% (max 4 stacks).

Divine Judgement

  • Reduced cooldown from 90 → 70s.

Bakasura was buffed!

Eat Minion is one of Bakasura’s core mechanics, and as such we wanted to provide it with a bit more utility and make it less expensive to use.


  • Increased Base Physical Power Scaling from 36 → 38

Eat Minion

  • Increased Protection Buff duration from 5s → 10s.
  • Reduced Cooldown from 18/17/16/15/14 → 15s at all ranks.
  • Reduced Mana Cost from 75 → 55.

Vamana was buffed!

Some love for Vamana. With increased movement speed, and a larger radius while in Colossal Fury, Vamana should more easily be able to chase people while in his Ultimate.


  • Increased base movement speed from 365 → 380.

Colossal Fury

  • Increased radius of damage in Ultimate from 12 → 16.