Since the armor I’m making has gotten some attention, I wanted to be completely up front and state that I do not do the stamp work on the metal pieces used. The metal is brass shapes that are stamped elsewhere, (cut and stamped by hand, the inconstancies in the patterns from piece to piece can sometimes get annoying), and then plated and buffed by my supplier. I take the individual shapes, bend and pattern them before drilling and riveting them together. They are annoyingly non-compliant to work with, but the end results are worth it.

I am fully capable of doing metalwork, as shown by my (really old) examples above. I cut each of those by hand from solid brass sheets. I just don’t in this particular instance because it’s already time consuming to design and piece together the armor.

Also, thank you everyone for all the lovely comments and reblogs of my posts! I read them all, it’s just hard to reply in Tumblr without spamming.

Toshimana as a first year maiko applying oshiroi in September, 2010.

First she used a wax base to ensure the makeup stays in place throughout the evening. Then she mixed the oshiroi powder with water till it became a paste, that she then put on with a brush and buffed with a sponge puff for an even coverage. 

As a first year maiko she applied only pink to her eyes and brows, before finishing by painting her lower lip. In her second year she began adding black and painting both her lips.

Picture by Marco Garcia Photography