Last night, me and a friend were playing Overwatch and I was practicing my Widowmaker. I was doing pretty well if I say so. We were on Gibraltar and were pushing the payload to the final checkpoint. I saw an enemy run into a room with no exits, a mercy, trapped, and ran towards her. I aimed my rifle… And she said hello. I stood there confused. She said hi again, I waved at her, blew her a kiss, and she did the mercy giggle emote. I preceded to leave her alone the rest of the game.

Next game, she was on our team and she clung to me like glue. Always buffing me or healing me and staying by me. She still helped the team, but once she was done, she came to me. The Pharah on our team was jealous and kept trying to melee me.

We won.

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I like how people groaned at how underpowered Camazotz is, when he's not lmao. He's stronger than prepatch Susan but with significantly less mobility. His scalings are so through the roof that you can go tank on him and he still deals massive damage

Well he was underpowered, HiRez even said so, thats why they buffed him