Nice hat.

Loremaster of Clan Wolf
Indeed, your knavish looks about my purse
Hath deliver’d o'er a precious gift
That attends to the vysage of your mind,
Which I receive as wholly whoreson and
Portentous to broach my countenance all.
Alas, as my noble lineage would,
I shall permit that, thine mark, to pass mine ear
And thank thee for it as good manner bid do so.

Where did you get the hat?

Presume your tongue be taken to my Khan
Before my knowledge, which is firmament,
Will be given up to such a scoundrel’s
Curiosity, that is thievery.

[Energy Weapons 85/70]
lmao prepare to overheat dogfucker

Two stars and two points shall meet you upon
The contested orb designate by my betters
For such an ill conceit of thy bold self.
Mark, simply and in your plain spoken tongue,
You will lose this Trial of Refusal.

refuse deez nuts scrublord hope clans get buffd soon lol