buffbones said: explain. this appeals to my interests…

Forensic linguistics is a branch of applied linguistics. Basically it’s using linguistic knowledge in the context of crime investigation, law, etc. So I guess in some context it would be like… extracting linguistic information from a note left at a crime scene, or something.

Or that’s my understanding of it.

But how cool would that be.

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Wow loving the hair color

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Your hair looks SO TERRIFIC this color, your complexion and eyes just glow! I’m biased to love blonde, but girlie - I think you look stunning in red!!

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I really love this hair color on you <3

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Geeeeez, you look fantastic as a red head. You were meant for that colour. :)

Thank you so much ladies!!!! This color is actually not too far off from my natural hair color and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I’m glad I tried blonde and got it out of my system since it was a color I’ve been wanting to try for YEARS but this suits me much better. :D

buffbones said: I REALLY WANTED TO BUY THIS DRESS FOR GRAD but I’m scared of buying things that don’t fit, see your shoulder fitting issues :(

If you can, I would say size up. I normally wear a medium or a large in Modcloth dresses because a lot of their dresses flare out at the bottom and so having larger thighs, etc. isn’t such a huge deal. For this one, I kind of guessed that the zip-up would be a problem and I went with a large. The only area where I feel like the dress is actually tight is in the shoulders, though. The rest of it fits pretty normally and I don’t notice any reduced mobility. If that helps????


#sifu going heavy on rear delts. #shoulders #delts #fitness #buffbones #damansara @iskywanie

buffbones said: Does rowing usually have an “elite” attitude to it? I’m not familiar with the community, but do they normally make it easy for people at lower incomes to partake? It sucks that they aren’t understanding about funds :/

I mean, it always is characterized as being a sport for very affluent people. Shells are expensive, regattas are expensive… and when I rowed at CU it was fairly expensive, too but they broke things up so you could afford it. I’ve never really witnessed any elitist attitudes until I started racing in masters (21+) programs.

And tbh, I wouldn’t be this angry if the woman hadn’t acted like $1000 is something anyone can afford if they just ~really work at it~.


June 24!

Went to Akihabara and Ikebukuro with my cousin Gohe! We went to the Pokemon center and bought about 100 dollars worth of souvenirs and for myself
(Got yours but some may not got the exact Pokemon, gomen)
Afterwords there are copic markers in Japan that is way cheaper than in the U.S. or Online! 200 for 72 marker set!!
There is a Gundam cafe right outside of the subway station and he got a vanilla taoyaki Gundam thingy. And saw bought anime thingies like charms and tiny nendroid!

Later for dinner had some sushi with my mom’s friends. I only like tuna sushi and eel sushi though. Last picture is a kabuki theatre. The men play as women in the plays.