buffbones said: explain. this appeals to my interests…

Forensic linguistics is a branch of applied linguistics. Basically it’s using linguistic knowledge in the context of crime investigation, law, etc. So I guess in some context it would be like… extracting linguistic information from a note left at a crime scene, or something.

Or that’s my understanding of it.

But how cool would that be.

the-courage-2-grow replied to your post: Hi friends!! I hope you’re having a k…

Wow loving the hair color

lifeneverfavorsweakness replied to your post: Hi friends!! I hope you’re having a k…

Your hair looks SO TERRIFIC this color, your complexion and eyes just glow! I’m biased to love blonde, but girlie - I think you look stunning in red!!

thehourofpearlandtopaz replied to your post: Hi friends!! I hope you’re having a k…

I really love this hair color on you <3

buffbones replied to your post: Hi friends!! I hope you’re having a k…

Geeeeez, you look fantastic as a red head. You were meant for that colour. :)

Thank you so much ladies!!!! This color is actually not too far off from my natural hair color and I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I’m glad I tried blonde and got it out of my system since it was a color I’ve been wanting to try for YEARS but this suits me much better. :D

Sorry this took so long, I just got to lazy to write one up so I’m just gonna do it now:




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