On the south side of Buffalo near the lakefront is the General Mills plant that has contributed much to the mystique of the city.  It is responsible for the T-shirts emblazoned with the slogan, “My City Smells Like Cheerios” and the claim by nearby residents that they can tell which cereal the plant is producing just by the aroma in the air.  My photos from August 21, 2015.

Best pizza in Western NY: 15 picks for Buffalo, Niagara Falls, Rochester, more

Western New York is home to a myriad of highly regarded local establishments for pizza. The pizza found in Western New York is often described as a hybrid between the thin-crust New York style pizza and the deep dish Chicago style. Many who leave Western New York bemoan the loss of access to the region’s deliciously seductive slices. In this article by NewYorkUpstate.com they share what they believe to be some of the region’s best. If you’re interested in further Western New York pizza reviews check out here.

Clicking my heels together 3x, hoping that I’ll open my eyes and I’ll be home in #BuffaloNY w.my family +friends! ❄🙇❄ (+my pups of coarse who are currently home alone😭💔) Oh + if you haven’t heard, my amazing hometown has almost 6 feet of snow, it’s still snowing, AND they are expecting 3 more feet! The current death count is 10. My best friend hasn’t left her house since Monday. 😔😓😫 So next time you want to complain that it’s “Sooo cold in NYC” please #STFU! At least you aren’t trapped inside a fucking snow globe!! ❄❄ Also my #Buffaloves don’t hate me for DESPERATELY wishing I was home to experience this w.my furbabies🐶👸🐶💕 (at NOT Buffalo :’()

Buffalo Central Terminal on August 21, 2015.  Like the proverbial moth to the proverbial flame, I’m attracted to this place every time I visit Buffalo.  It was late afternoon and good light so I visited.  I was surprised to see the parking lot abuzz; it turned out to be one of the Restoration Corporation’s periodic occult and supernatural events.  Some people think this place is haunted.  Photo by yours truly.

Buffalo’s tech scene reboots the city

USA Today covers the fervor of Buffalo’s ongoing revitalization comparing it to other cities on the rise such as Baltimore, Pittsburgh, and Austin “on steroids.” The article states, “Blue-collar Buffalo is undergoing a high-tech renaissance. From major expansion projects by Solar City and IBM to a myriad of start-ups, such as virtual dressing room triMirror and social-media app KeepUp, this western New York city of 261,000 is slowly transforming into an attractive destination for tech entrepreneurs.”

Buffalo is increasingly being recognized for its start-up image. The 43North competition has created the biggest spectacle with millions in prizes and other benefits. Launch NY, incubator spaces, and coworking spaces bring the type of atmosphere that lured companies like Bak USA to Buffalo, the first tablet PC manufacturer in the United States. Peter Burakowski, whose family has lived in Buffalo for generations and also director of 43North, sums it up: “My parents saw years of decline, but I’ve only seen upward movement. The last 10 years have been remarkable in Buffalo. It’s a really cool moment to be here.


If Abraham Lincoln visited the Parthenon?  Why, then you’d have the Buffalo History Museum.  The marble building housing the museum is a survivor of the Pan American Exposition of 1901.  Intended for use as a museum after the fair, it was constructed of Vermont marble, unlike the exposition’s other buildings which were temporary structures.  My photos from August 21, 2015, when I took advantage of the Free Third Friday offer–the admission fee is waived every third Friday at the museum.


Serving food to the gathering occultists etc at Buffalo Central Terminal on August 21 was Betty Crockski, Buffalo’s First & Only Polish food truck.  Don’t even hesitate, just go right up to the window and order something.  I had the Dyngus Sandwich, which was sensational.  I am salivating all over my keyboard just thinking about it.  (My photos, August 21m 2015)


Pilgrimage to 1D complete. Due to the demographic of the audience, most of the men’s rooms are ladies for the evening. The girls were suitably grossed out by the pee troughs in the men’s room. It’s probably really sexist of me but I said it. GUYS HAVE LOUSY AIM. Now think of a few thousand DRUNK guys. They probably barely make it into the troughs! Hey phlintscones you like these boys yes?? Pee troughs not withstanding…

Buffalo Niagara’s 63-month job growth is longest since 1990

Since April 2010 the Buffalo Niagara region has had continual private sector job growth making it the longest stretch since 1990 and shows no signs of stopping. The area is not only breaking regional records but is leading the state with an annual growth rate of 2.3% which is ahead of both state and national averages.

Buffalo Niagara falls behind only New York City (2.7%) while leading all the other major cities in Upstate New York including Rochester (1.8%), Albany (1.7%), and Syracuse (0.9%). The Buffalo Niagara growth rate is a major contributor to New York State’s record number of jobs at 7.83 million.

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