Buffalo Central Terminal has an impressive history despite its current uncertain status.  One of the controversial aspects of the building is its location, relatively far from the city’s center.  This location was desirable for its adjacency to the New York-Chicago main line which runs right past it, and the strategic value for the New York Central Railroad as that main line’s midpoint.  There was also an expectation that Buffalo’s growth would continue and the city would eventually reach the station.  The realities of the Great Depression, the demise of passenger rail, and the struggles of Buffalo’s economy all ultimately conspired against Central Terminal–but the newspaper article above, from March 1925, gives an insight into the selection of the site.  Top photo taken May 21, 2015, from Broadway Fillmore Alive.  Bottom image from Historic Polonia Preservation District.

Clicking my heels together 3x, hoping that I’ll open my eyes and I’ll be home in #BuffaloNY w.my family +friends! ❄🙇❄ (+my pups of coarse who are currently home alone😭💔) Oh + if you haven’t heard, my amazing hometown has almost 6 feet of snow, it’s still snowing, AND they are expecting 3 more feet! The current death count is 10. My best friend hasn’t left her house since Monday. 😔😓😫 So next time you want to complain that it’s “Sooo cold in NYC” please #STFU! At least you aren’t trapped inside a fucking snow globe!! ❄❄ Also my #Buffaloves don’t hate me for DESPERATELY wishing I was home to experience this w.my furbabies🐶👸🐶💕 (at NOT Buffalo :’()


A visit to Buffalo Central Terminal–my photos from May 17, 2015.  I liked the tour a lot–and recommend it–despite the fact that we didn’t ascend the tower or stray too far from the lobby.  One of the photos above shows a room piled with debris; such was the condition of the entire building when the Central Terminal Restoration Corporation took control of the building almost 20 years ago.  Beneath the debris was up to a half foot of dirt.  The progress is certainly commendable and encouraging, but as the preceding link suggests, it’s not enough and it’s happening too slowly.  Much credit goes to volunteers and local unions and retirees who have donated time and talent to try to stabilize the building and fabricate replacement fixtures after the terminal was essentially ransacked for salvage and left open to the elements.  But this historic place needs more, and it needs it quickly.

This Buffalo News story includes photos within the tower and this tumblr entry shows photos within the adjoining 5-floor wing (visible on the extreme right of the bottom photo above).

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“First Son Rise” on Allen St in Buffalo, NY.
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My list of places to visit in Buffalo included the Broadway Market, so when I found myself in the neighborhood I paid the place a visit.  It should be said that the place has a busy season that culminates with Easter (and the day after, Dyngus Day) so my Saturday morning visit found the place with closed booths and vacant spaces, as well as a small shopping crowd.  As an outsider prowling around taking pictures I felt like an intruder, but once I put the (in this case) cellphone away, I became a shopper and encountered some friendly people.  I bought some grain-free pumpkin dog biscuits, my pound of Wardynski weiners, some horseradish, and decided to grab a bite at the Potts Deli & Grille counter.  I saw that this was my opportunity to have a Buffalo specialty, the Beef on Weck (a type of roll).  I must say that the waitress and the cook were very friendly and I enjoyed talking with them.  The cook apologized for the sandwich, suggesting another place that was renowned for theirs, but I thought mine (pictured) was fabulous.  The coffee was excellent too–and I needed it.  As we chatted I asked about various other menu items.  I found out golombki is stuffed cabbage (a personal favorite) and asked if I could get an order to go.  It came with a couple of slices of good rye bread.  In its favor, at least my cheap motel room at least had a fridge and microwave.  Later, after a long day, a golombki dinner can be quite a treat,  Photos by me, May 16, 2015.