buffalos tho


Fall Out Boy Creations Challenge  |  s0fthearts
Theme: Favorite Song

B o y c o t t   l o v e
Detox just to retox

Guys. I’m still not over this. The way Jack says “Where’s my confetti??” I’m dying. And Chucky and Larks both looking good, too. This off-season has been brutal in so many ways. (xxx)

Woojin: white chocolate is obviously the superior chocolate

Youngmin: oh please! Dark chocolate is clearly better!

Woojin: dark chocolate is bitter

Youngmin: that’s why you of all people should eat it!

Woojin: white chocolate is like me sweet, smooth and superior

Youngmin: yeah, well, dark chocolate is the healthiest type of chocolate

Woojin: nothing nutritious is delicious

Donghyun: *pops his head into the room* actually, I think milk chocolate is the bes-

Woojin & Youngmin: Donghyun, shut the fuck up!


What’s your name? Jake. McCabe. Sorry, I don’t really follow- Nah, that’s fine, I’m a nobody, don’t worry about it.


Inktober days 3 and 5

I’ve been dealing with strong Donquixote Family feels these days and today we celebrated Don Quixote’s 400th year publication anniversary at the campus so I drew something for the ocation :3