Showed an ex-drag queen friend of mine a picture of the shape I want for my next corset and this shady bitch starts going on about how I’m not curvy enough to fill that at all. That I’m straight up and down, like a skinny tie. Ugh, bye Felicia. Like, I’m by no means the curviest person in the world but I have a SOME shape to me now, geesh. Also this person knows zilch about authentic corsetry or waist training so whatevs. Haters gonna hate, taters gonna tate.

Velvet skirt and Python bone collar from @loudnight #lastritesvintage
Crop top thrifted from #buffaloexchange (no tag/no clue who made it). #ootd #wiwt #wiwtd #lotd #gothgirl #gothgoth #altgirl #girlswithtattoos #partyondarth #me

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