Donald's learned a lot in the first 100 days:
  • Healthcare is complicated. 
  • There are different factions in the Republican Party. 
  • N. Korea is not easy. 
  • China is not a currency manipulator (anymore). 
  • Executive orders can be overruled by judges. 
  • What NATO does. 
  • Mexico won’t pay. 
  • Iraq and Syria are different. 
  • Russia is allied to some bad dudes that use chemical weapons (not even Hitler used chemical weapons (on his own people (except of course at the Holocaust Centres))) 
  • Steve Bannon cannot be trusted. 
  • Michael Flynn cannot be trusted. 
  • Paul Ryan cannot be trusted (to get a bill passed). 
  • NAFTA isn’t so bad after all. 
  • How to shake hands (? or at least not to until he learns how to). 
  • How trade with the EU works.
  • Germany doesn’t have any trade deals with the US. (He may also now know that applies to all EU members but probably not.) 
  • Nuclear holocaust would be like no other.

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you know that one song that just feels like a hug

Keith: (slowly and a little too loud) Hey, It’s me Keith. I am your fa-ther. We are bonding? Yes?

Lance: Keith, no. Just no. You know, she can’t talk, right? Try again. Just talk to her, like a normal person and not, I don’t know, like you are a robot who works with the elderly, maybe? 

Keith: Hi, I’m your dad.

Lance: Better.

Keith: Well, one of your dads. You have two dads. Your other dad, Lance, he is going to be a great dad. You’re a lucky little girl. Honestly, I have no idea what I am doing, but I’ll love you. I love you now, more than I thought I could ever love someone I just met. And I promise I will always protect you. In fact, I’d slaughter-

Lance: Uh, I’m gonna stop you there, Keith. Up until the slaughtering, you were doing great. Can I have our baby back, now? 

(Lance looks like a man who regrets his life choices and it cracks me up. He doesn’t. Just the fact that Keith really has no clue about babies is dawning on him.)

ok but rich said that michael was “by, like, a ton” which means michael came to see jeremy in the hospital even though he didn’t wake up until then so he probably just. sat there near him while he slept and i’m cryinG ahsjkdlsl


how can you not love yellow/gold singlets?


BM, East Deerfield, Massachusetts, 1980 by Center for Railroad Photography & Art
Via Flickr:
Westbound Boston and Maine Railroad freight train prepares to depart yard in East Deerfield, Massachusetts, on a foggy day in June 1980. Photograph by J. Parker Lamb, © 2017, Center for Railroad Photography and Art. Lamb-02-114-08