These abandoned and decrepit mansions are one of the last remaining structures at Fort Bayard, outside of Silver City, New Mexico. The fort itself dates back to 1866; it served as an outpost for the African-American Buffalo Soldiers in the years when the U.S. military was heavily segregated. These soldiers defended New Mexico territory against raids by the Apaches whose land had been stolen from them. During World War II, Fort Bayard housed German prisoners of war; after the war, it became a tuberculosis sanitarium. Sometime in the latter part of the 20th century, the site was abandoned, and is now inhabited by rattlesnakes, deer, and ghosts.  

I’ll have more photos from the rest of Fort Bayard in a future post.


Concordia cemetery in El Paso. They do ghost tours at night that people claim to hear children in the child section of the cemetery, and buffalo soldiers riding their horses, and a lady in white.

There are a few outlaws and other gunslinger burried here, like John Wesley Hardin.


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The Buffalo Soldiers

As with all units of the Frontier Army, the buffalo soldiers looked very different from their parade ground appearance when on campaign. The 10th Cavalry sergeant, circa 1872, wears a civilian ‘fireman’-style shirt with plastron front, and crossed sabers crudely embroidered on each side of the falling collar. His misshapen headgear indicates how unsuitable the 1872-pattern campaign hat was for field service. The only signs of his rank are the one-inch seam stripes on his 1861-pattern sky blue kersey trousers. He carries a Model 1865 trial Spencer repeating carbine in his hand, and has a Remington .44 New Model Army revolver tucked in his 1863-pattern black leather holster. His equipment includes a Blakeslee cartridge box slung over his right shoulder, plus a percussion pouch attached to his waist belt to facilitate carrying pistol ammunition. He has a non-regulation blanket draped over the pommel of his 1859-pattern McClellan saddle. 

The 9th Cavalry trooper, circa 1884, is dressed in an 1882-pattern shirt with yellow piping, an 1882-pattern campaign hat with 'Brachers’ Patent Ventilators and yellow cord. His colorful civilian neckerchief or bandana was standard, but non-regulation, campaign wear. His 1872-pattern sky blue kersey trousers are reinforced with buckskin on seat and inner leg, and are tucked into 1876-pattern boots. Fastened by a yellow metal 'H’ plate, his blue woven 1881-pattern Mills belt has yellow painted selvages, or edging. He carries a Model 1873 Springfield 'Trapdoor’.

The 25th Infantry enlisted man, circa 1890, wears clothing suitable for the harsh northern winters. His double-breasted buffalo-skin overcoat is worn over an 1884-pattern blouse, underneath which is a non-regulation vest or waistcoat. Headgear consists of an 1872-pattern forage cap with 1875-pattern crossed rifles insignia in front. 1876-pattern arctic overshoes of canvas and rubber protect his feet. He is armed with a Model 1873 Springfield rifle.

(Richard Hook)

Fight Like a Girl

Anhotep I, Ancient Egyptian Warrior Princess, Hyksos War, “cleansed Egypt of the Hyksos”.

Queen Boudicca, led the Iceni Rebellion against Rome, 1st century.

Relief of two Roman gladiatrices found at Halicarnassus, Roman Empire

Hua Mulan, Tang Dynasty China, disguised herself as a man to fight in her father’s stead.  Inspired the Disney movie “Mulan”.

The Trung Sisters, 1st Century Vietnam, rebelled against the Chinese Empire.

Joan of Arc, the Hundred Years War. Led the French to victory against the English.

Tomoe Gozen, 12th-13th century Samurai.  The woodblock print below depicts her beheading the Samurai Moroshige of Musashi at the Battle of Awazu.

Matilda of Tuscany, Middle Ages, Investiture Conflict, personal bodyguard of the Pope.

The Isabella de Carazzi and Diambra de Pettinella Duel, circa 1552.

Julie d'Aubigny, 17th century swordsmen and opera singer. Considered one of the greatest duelists in history.

Mary Read and Anne Bonney, 17th/18th century pirates.

Elizabeth “Lady Bare Knuckles Stokes, popular bareknuckle boxer in Britain, early 18th century. Fought both men and women, was also noted for her skill with the broadsword and cudgel.

Hannah Snell, Royal Marine, Seven Years War, disguised herself as a man.

Deborah Sampson, American Revolution, disguised herself as a man. Removed a musket ball from her thigh with a knife.

The “Petticoat Duel” between Almeria Braddock and Mrs. Elphinstone, circa 1792.

Nadezhda Andreyevna Durova,  most heavily decorated soldier in the Russian Cavalry during the Napoleonic Wars.

Pine Leaf, Crow Nation War Chief, 19th century

Harriet Tubman, American Civil War, spy, army scout, and co-commander of Union forces during the Combahee River Raid.

Loretta Valsaquez, American Civil War, Confederacy. Disguised herself as a man.

Frances Lousia Clayton, disguised herself as a man to fight with her husband, Union Army, American Civil War.

Cathay Williams, 38th Infantry (Buffalo Soldiers) during the late 19th century. Disguised herself as a man.

“Stagecoach” Mary Fields, Old West icon, once shot a man in the bum in a gunfight after he called her a nigger.

The Dahomey Amazon’s, West Africa 19th century.  The most feared warriors of the Kingdom of Dahomey.  Their favorite pastime was to decapitate their captured enemies.

Princess Pauline Metternich and Countess Kielmannsegg Duel of 1892

One of many “Soldateras” during the Mexican Revolution

Captain Flora Sandes, World War I, English woman who fought in the Serbian Army.  Won the Serbia’s highest honor (the Order of the Karađorđe’s Star) after leading her company on a successful assault despite being wounded by a grenade and in a bout of hand to hand combat.

Edith Gerrud, the Jiu Jitsu Suffragist

Spanish Civil War.

Lydia Litvyak, Soviet Air Force, World War II: First female fighter ace, first kill scored by a woman, highest scoring female fighter pilot with 16 kills. Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Nancy Wake, World War II, commanded a 7,000 man resistance group in France. Was tortured by the Gestapo for 4 days and never talked.  On the flip side she was known for interrogating enemy spies and getting them to talk, then executing them.

The 46th Taman Guards Night Bomber Group, a Soviet all female bomber group during World War II.  Nicknamed “The Night Witches” by the Germans because of their stealthy bombing tactics.

Partisan Fighter, World War II

Lyudmilla Pavlichenko, Soviet Sniper during World War II, deadliest female sniper with 309 kills. Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Mariya Oktyabrskaya, Soviet tank driver during World War II, Heroine of the Soviet Union.

Capt. Kim Campbell, US Air Force, A10 Warthog pilot during the Iraq War, the pictures speak for themselves.

Rukhsana Kausar, defended her family from a band of terrorists with an axe and a captured assault rifle.