These abandoned and decrepit mansions are one of the last remaining structures at Fort Bayard, outside of Silver City, New Mexico. The fort itself dates back to 1866; it served as an outpost for the African-American Buffalo Soldiers in the years when the U.S. military was heavily segregated. These soldiers defended New Mexico territory against raids by the Apaches whose land had been stolen from them. During World War II, Fort Bayard housed German prisoners of war; after the war, it became a tuberculosis sanitarium. Sometime in the latter part of the 20th century, the site was abandoned, and is now inhabited by rattlesnakes, deer, and ghosts.  

I’ll have more photos from the rest of Fort Bayard in a future post.


Concordia cemetery in El Paso. They do ghost tours at night that people claim to hear children in the child section of the cemetery, and buffalo soldiers riding their horses, and a lady in white.

There are a few outlaws and other gunslinger burried here, like John Wesley Hardin.


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August 8, 1917 - African-American Groups Protest Racism and Segregation in the US Military

Pictured - The American military was segregated in both World Wars. In World War One, African-Americans contributed dis-proportionally to the war effort, but were subjected to unending racism by military authorities and often assigned to menial tasks.

When the United States entered World War One in 1917, its military had 10,000 black soldiers. Black Americans had served in the military since the Civil War, and as “Buffalo soldiers” on the frontiers and against the Spanish, but they were relegated to their own units, usually staffed by white officers.

At America’s entry into World War One, many more African-Americans joined up. They came with various motives: many wanted to prove they could fight as well as any other, that they deserved to be treated equally or “as a man”, to escape racism and poverty at home, or maybe just because they were bored. Meanwhile 13% of draftees were black, despite blacks making up only 10& of the population. Yet for many the American military would only extend the racism they faced at home.

Many African-American units were sent to train in the Jim Crow south, where southern white drill instructors tormented them. Not all branches of the American military allowed black men to serve; the Marines refused black recruits. The National Guard tried to address the problem by prohibiting black soldiers from training in the south. This attempted solution dodged the root cause and sparked uproar with groups like the NAACP, the National Association for hte Advancement of Colored People, a civil rights group formed by W.E.B. DuBois.

These groups protested racism in the military in major American cities. “We protest against any order by the government based upon race discrimination,” the Chicago Tribune reported a spokesman saying.

“We demand the same treatment and training for all United States soldiers regardless of race or color. Let our government stand for one country, one flag, one duty for all citizens and for real democracy in our own country as well as for democracy in Europe.”