buffalo lists

Underrated fall out boy songs

Disclaimer: these are just my opinions and I never really hear about these songs being mentioned

• disloyal order of water buffaloes (my personal favourite fob song)
• hum hallelujah
• bang the doldrums
• don’t you know who I think I am
• pavlove
• music or the misery
• from now on we are enemies
• (coffees for closers)

If you say "wing sauce" three times it will appear!

I work at a chicken restaurant, where we sell southern-fried chicken. The second we open this family comes in, a BIG family, idk why they were all out together getting fried chicken so early in the morning, but here they were.

They literally line up at the counter and place their orders all together…at the same time, surprise-surprise almost NONE of them had any clue what they wanted and they started arguing and talking over each other while they ordered.

We get through it though…eventually. It really wasn’t that bad, except when I hand out all their food and ask them if they’d like any sauce to go with it. Most of them said no, but the (mom?) asked/demanded buffalo sauce. I told her that we actually don’t have buffalo sauce, and instead list to her the 7-8 sauces that we DO have.

She did that thing that customers do, where they stare at you and just…blink like they can’t comprehend that you’re not giving them what they want. And it basically went like this:

Me: Would you like any sauce wi-

Her: I need buffalo sauce.

Me: Oh, we actually don’t have buffalo, but we have [list of sauces].

Her:…*blink*…*blink*…*blink* Okay well, I need some kind of wing sauce. Like you put on the wings. Just give me some of that.

Me: We don’t put any kind of sauce on our wings they’re breaded, crispy wings. ((and even if we did I couldn’t just give you that sauce???))

Her: *ugh* Well I need wing sauce! Buffalo! Some kind of wing sauce

She demanded some variation of “wing sauce” a few more times, as if I just wasn’t understanding her question, and maybe if she called it something different I would suddenly be like “Oh! We do have that!”

Look I’m not a fucking google search lady, repeating the same question 5 times and slightly rephrasing it isn’t going to change my answer. I’m not a moron, I know what “wing sauce” is, and I know we don’t have it.

Frantically chanting “wing sauce” is not going to make it magically appear in our restaurant. She finally stormed off, pissy that I suggested BBQ sauce, but not before telling me “Ugh, whatever. I’ve got some sauce in my purse anyway.”

???????So use that then????? Who tf carries condiments around in their purse?????????