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View of an advertising card for the Schilling Corset Company. Card is a humorous depiction of owls and frogs. Printed on front: “Dissipation. Compliments of Schilling Corset Co., Detroit, Mich. Copyright 1886. Richmond & Co., Buffalo, N.Y.” Price list and drawing of corset on back.

  • Courtesy of the Burton Historical Collection, Detroit Public Library

Buffalo Ties For 3rd in Most Underrated City for 20-Somethings

Andy Kiersz of Business Insider (and originally from Buffalo) decided that traditional “quality of life” rankings were far more subjective than sites like Areavibes would make it seem. Kiersz decided to contrast the traditional metrics used by Areavibes with his own - one that included amount of parkland, number of large music venues per capita, number of bars per capita, the amount of single people, access to public transportation, and cost of living.

The bigger the disparity between his numbers and the ones found on Areavibes was how Kiersz determined the most underrated cities using standards more likely to be considered by free-spirited young adults. Buffalo, tying with Jersey City, only falls behind Newark and Philadelphia on the great millennial list.