buffalo half marathon


I don’t have words for this morning. I ran the Buffalo Half Marathon with a 7+ minute PR (1:52:13) despite the sun and humidity. It wasn’t my goal time by any means, but I am still very pleased with my performance. Went out too fast and had some stomach issues around mile 10, which definitely added some time on there, but I listened to my body and slowed down as it told me to. As much discomfort I was in by the end, I am already looking for another one!
Jenn ran the same half and finished just 10 minutes behind me with a new PR for herself too! My dad and my grandma on his side actually came out to see me too, which was freaking awesome :) I got to meet some of my running idols and friends from Instagram this morning and am still just processing everything that happened. Boston cream donuts, water, and rest for the rest of today.
1:45 next time 👊🏼

The Marine Corps 17.75k sold out IN UNDER AN HOUR!! UGHHHHHH. And the Historic Half is a little expensive for my budget right now so I signed up for the Buffalo Half Marathon instead. I’m trying to get my mom, who did a Couch to 10k program a few years ago to get in shape and run it with me!

On March 27 I have to camp in front of my Mac so I can register for the marathon!!!

My mom and I are signing up for the Buffalo Half Marathon

We’re walking it. I can’t run to save my life, so we’re walking a half marathon. But hey, at least I’m trying something new, right?

I’ve never done a race before, but on the plus side I get a free t-shirt and a medal when I finish.

I always say, if there’s a free t-shirt involved, it’s probably a good idea, so I’m going for it.

Course map for the Buffalo Half Marathon until either Josh or Katie get me pictures they took from their bikes or I upload some from Sport Photos, the company that takes care of the photos for the race. 

Yes, this is what I ran Sunday morning. Thankfully for nearly the entire thing, my love and my sister were riding alongside me, no matter how slow or fast I was going, aside form places where they simply couldn’t fit or would be too in the way of other racers or stopped to pee or, y'know, the start and finish line where they literally just can’t ride. They helped make it a great morning for me.