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Girl Coming Over - Romantically Hopeless Ep2

Check Out this New Comedy Web Series! If you think your love life sucks, be glad you’re not this guy! “Romantically Hopeless” Written by Jordan Imiola. Starring David Pinion, Matthew Orlando, and Shane Vargus. Episode 1: “Let’s Just Be Friends. Episode 2: Girl Coming Over. Episode 3: Online Dating. Episode 4: Blind Dating (Dating a Blind Woman)

It took me a really long time to think of the perfect anniversary gift for this awesome human being. When I stumbled on to the amazing work of @buffalogirllife I knew in my heart of hearts that I’d come to the right place and people. The hand tooling and turquoise inlays are just incredible, the guitar strap is a true masterpiece. Music is something he lives and breathes everyday… and it’s played an enormous part in our relationship over the last six-years. The sound of him strumming his bluesy riffs at the end of my bed is a sound I couldn’t live without. So thank you for creating something that so perfectly encapsulates that. @wildbindi