buffalo fourth of july

theworldofbookshaveruinedme  asked:

For a Playlist: dealing with a break up

dealing with a breakup playlist:

01. disloyal order of water buffaloes // fall out boy
02. fourth of july // fall out boy
03. ghost // halsey
04. nicotine // panic! at the disco
05. it gets better // fun.
06. miss missing you // fall out boy
07. memories // panic! at the disco

[send me the title of a playlist and i’ll tell you what songs would be in it]

for anyone who does not know the wintour set list:

1. Irresistible 

2. Sugar Were Going Down 

3. The Phoenix 

4. Hum Hallelujah 

5. Alone Together 

6. The Take Over The Breaks Over 

7. The Kids Aren’t Alright 

8. This Aint A Scene Its An Arms Race 

9. Novocaine 

(video change over to piano) 

10. Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes (piano) 

11. Save Rock And Roll (piano and band) 

12. Fourth Of July 

13. Grand Theft Autumn/ Where Is Your Boy 

14. Uma Thurman 

15. Young Volcanoes 

16. Dance Dance 

17. American Beauty/American Psycho 

18. Immortals 

19. I Don’t Care 

20. Beat It

21. Thnks Fr Th Mmrs 

22. Centuries 

23. Light Em Up

24. Saturday (with confetti)

scoutfinches  asked:

imagine Guy Fieri getting emotional over Fourth of July fireworks, ignoring the buffalo sauce dripping from the corners of his mouth to gaze at the spectacle in the sky. a single tear rolls down his cheek and joins the sauce trail

#saucetrail #merica #dickcheneymademoneyofftheiraqwar