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Disloyal Order of Water Buffaloes // Fall Out Boy

Morgan Rielly - Part Sixteen

As I have said multiple times, if you have no already (most of you have not) go follow my Wattpad account @NHLImagines_ please and thank you! I’m going to start posting my stories on there a day before I post them on here, but if you want to wait then be my guest. 

I pack for Pittsburgh when I get home. We have a stop in Buffalo first, but I’m more caught up in the city after that. The girls are spending time with their boyfriends before the road trip, one of the first longer ones of the season so I didn’t try to reach out to any of them.

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joe_early@fws.gov : Protect the Sacred White Buffalo! Create a White Buffalo Protection Act
We are seeking national protection status for the White Buffalo. Similar to The Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act of 1940. (16 U.S.C. 668-668d). On May 9, 2016. President Obama signs National Bison Legacy Act into law the resolution declaring the bison the national mammal of the United States. We...
My good weekend

I’d like to share with you My Good Weekend.

I’ve been feeling out of shape and bloaty lately (although I always get bloaty at this point in my cycle, so that’s a Thing) so yesterday I drove out to Yellow Springs, Ohio to hike at John Bryan State Park and Clifton Gorge State Nature Preserve. They look like this:

In short, they are lovely. It was a 5-ish mile hike. I definitely felt it more in my hips and back than I usually do, but I can work on that.

After the hike, I met a new friend at Yellow Springs brewery and sampled some of their house beers and they were delicious.

Then I drove back to Columbus, showered, and got ready to meet my friends Brian and Dayna. The first Saturday of every month is Gallery Hop in Columbus, when the shops and galleries in our Cool Kids’ neighborhood are open late, and Brian had two drawings in one of the galleries. We Ubered down so we could drink. We looked at art, hit up one nightspot for pizza and cocktails, and then went up to a cocktails-only lounge and had more cocktails. We Ubered back to Brian’s house and I hung out with his cats for awhile, then drove home.

I slept in today, spent my afternoon reading fic. When the hockey game started (5 pm) I went to my sewing room, put the game on the radio, and sewed two bags. The Pens were down 3-0 to Buffalo after the first period, but they came roaring back to win 4-3. Woooooo!

Then I came upstairs, cooked a Blue Apron and had some wine.

Ahhhhhh. I may watch a movie, or I may do some more sewing.


Rainbow!   8 Sept 2015 

Don’t worry! it’s not too late to get into the NWHL--> crash course post

Connecticut Whale

  • Best team on ice!
  • First in the league with 22 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • They have a record of 11-1-0 (as of 1/16/16)
  • They play in Hartford CT, so to everyone saying “i want to the hartford whalers back” WELL YOU’RE IN LUCK
  • They’ve only lost one game! (as of 1/16/16)
  • They’re big on the puns, and so are their competition, “let’s go whaling” has quickly become an NWHL meme
  • One time during the off season the players were all chilling in a house and made themselves cake pops
  • Any team with a girl named Shiann Darkangelo on it is a bad ass team
  • They really like the green and blue heart emojis
  • Captain: Jessica Koizumi (#56)
  • Goaltenders: Jaimie Leonoff (#32), Chelsea Laden (#78), and Nicole Stock (#24)
  • Their team hashtag is #FinsUp (in response other teams usually tweet #finsdown) and their twitter is CTWhale_NWHL

Boston Pride (my team so i know a little more)

  • Best team on paper
  • Seriously they have the most USWNT members and the most all stars on their team. 
  • Second in the league tho with 17 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • They’re record is 8-3-1(as of 1/16/16)
  • If you know any women’s hockey player they’re probably on this team
  • They Play in Harvard in Cambridge MA (which is like right across the river from Boston so it’s the same thing)
  • IF YOU PLAN TO GO TO A PRIDE GAME JUST KNOW THAT THE BRIGHT LANDRY CENTER IS THE COLDEST BUILDING IN THE WORLD. I’ve been to many hockey rinks and trust me you’d be warmer if the game took place outside. I’d suggest stuffing hand warmers in your shoes.
  • They have a team dog 
  • They played in the women’s winter classic against the Les Canadiennes of the CWHL and tied even though they were missing majority of their national team members.
  • Captain: Brianna Decker (#14) and Hilary Knight (#21)
  • Goaltenders: Brittany Ott (#29), Lauren Slebodnick (#30), Kelsie Fralick (#1)
  • The team hashtag is #ThePack and their twitter is TheBostonPride

New York Riveters

  • They have the best goaltender at least
  • Third team in the league with 7 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • They have a record of 3-8-1 (as of 1/16/16)
  • They play in Brooklyn and have a stronger relationship with the Islanders than the Rangers despite the color scheme. Seriously the Islanders are one of the only NHL teams following an NWHL team (the Rivs) and they give them suite tickets to games. good on you Isles.
  • Nana Fujimoto was actually named the best goaltender at a women’s international level
  • Their other goaltender, Jenny Scrivens, also works for the actual league as a media person. She literally does everything. 
  • They have a very diverse cast of characters. Lyudmila Belyakova (#9) is from Russia and she’s a pest, Janine Weber (#12) is from Austria and scored the Clarkson Cup winner last year for the Boston Blades, and Nana Fujimoto (#33) is from japan and the best.
  • Their logo was voted the best in New York! *flex emoji*
  • Captain: Ashley Johnston (#10)
  • Goaltenders: Nana Fujimoto (#33), Jenny Scrivens (#30), Shenae Lundberg (#1)
  • Their team hashtag is #RepTheRivs and their twitter is NYRiveters

Buffalo Beauts

  • They have Captain America on their team
  • If the National Team player you know is not on the Pride well it’s probably Meghan Duggan, and yes she’s Captain America.
  • Their fourth in the league with 6 points (as of 1/16/16)
  • Their record is 2-8-2
  • They play at the Harborcenter in Buffalo right next to the First Niagara Center. I believe they have a strong relationship with the owner of the sabres seeing as he owns the building they play in and they have low arena costs. 
  • They will be hosting the first NWHL All Star game
  • They have the most international players, seeing as they’re so close to the Canadian Border.
  • They may be last but they’re still super exciting to watch. One of their OT losses came in a shootout after they were down 5-1 and were able to tie the game at 6-6.
  • Their Goaltender, Brianne Mclaughlin, was on American Ninja Warrior and is the third goalie for the USWNT.
  • Captain: Emily Pfalzer (#7)
  • Goaltenders: Brianne McLaughlin (#29), Amanda Makela (#34), Kimberly Sass (#1). 
  • Their team hashtag isn’t as prevalent as others but #goBeauts seems to be a favorite, and their twitter is BuffaloBeauts

ALso the NWHL twitter has changed their handle. It went from NWHL_ to just NWHL, you can follow them Here and NWHL Gifs Here (they also have a tumblr @nwhlgifs).

anonymous asked:

Indigenous beliefs have a HUGE impact and influence on the overall story of American Gods. Major spoiler, but a character we already met has indigenous heritage and the white buffalo in the very first episode of American Gods is Native American. Just because they're not obvious yet doesn't mean they're not there.

Wow. I love only existing as background, subtext, and with our cultures being utilized by people who aren’t indigenous. Gee, guess I should be more grateful and stop asking to be OBVIOUS.

Seriously guys, you can stop spamming our inbox about a character from the book that hasn’t appeared on the show yet if you’re going to talk to us this way. The information is great and that’s a cool thing to look forward for season 2 but so many of these asks are telling us to stop complaining because you think our “non-obvious” representation is enough to make us “calm our tits”. You can be helpful without being this rude.

- mod g