buffalo fingers


MAKE ME CHOOSE: anonymous asked jenny slate or chris evans?

I hope that the restaurant I go to will have buffalo chicken fingers. I hope that one day I can work with Matt Damon. I have big and little dreams, and they’re all equally important to me. Though a life without buffalo chicken fingers… I don’t know if I would want that life, even if it meant I got to work with Matt Damon.



When we last visited Jared and the love of his life they were excited to find out they were going to have a “little bean”!

Jared walks into the house, covered in dirt, chalk and sweat. “What are you eating?” he laughs, instantly noticing the smorgasbord of food displayed on the kitchen counter.

“I couldn’t decide, so I just wanted a bit of everything,” she says looking up at him, licking the buffalo sauce from her fingers. “I don’t even eat most of this stuff.”

Jared drops his pack on the floor and walks over to her, his smile widening with every step. “This is going to be fun isn’t it?”

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If There’s No Objection
Rated Explicit

Prompt-verse: Belle & Gold are rival attorneys with benefits. When one attorney wins a case against the other then the loser must give pleasure to the winner.


Parts Two started with a tumblr ask (link)

How did this happen from the start? Who brought it up? Why did you go along with it?

Part Three will be posted for @rumbelleorderinthecourt​ on April 11!


“It was a pity about that break-in case, I suppose. If I didn’t know better, I’d have said the perpetrator had an honest face,” Gold smirked into his glass, tipping it back to drain the last few sips.

Beside him at the bar, Belle narrowed her eyes and pursed her lips. She genuinely liked Mr. Gold, respected his work even if they sometimes disagreed ethically. But there were times she was dying to slap that smugness right off his handsome face. Or perhaps kiss it off. Swallow his taunts and give him something else to grin about, instead… She flushed and looked back down at her drink, fiddling with the twin straws.

“Twenty dollars says they overturn it and he walks,” she threw back, at last.

Gold lifted an eyebrow, “I’d never have pegged you as the betting type.”

“Hmm, clearly you don’t know me very well…” She teased, closing her lips over one straw while keeping their gazes locked.

“Clearly…” he murmured, Adam’s apple bobbing.

Belle felt a little thrill run through her, centering at her core. She crossed her legs, pressing her thighs together. Gold smiled, gaze flicking down to where her stocking tops were just barely visible at the slit of her skirt. He took a breath before averting his gaze, cheeks tinged pink.

She’d allowed the skirt to hitch up as they sat, hoping for just such a reaction. The better to gauge his interest. She’d caught him checking her out more than once, recently. Despite the copious cleavage of many of his associates, he never seemed to look at them like that. With darkened eyes and that half-hidden smile. It wasn’t the first time she suspected her little crush might be mutual, just the first time she’d felt bold enough to do something about it.

Maybe it was the freedom of being out of town on a conference, away from most of those they knew in the legal world. Maybe it was the big empty bed waiting for her in the hotel room upstairs. Maybe she was just feeling brave.

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Straight White Boy Problem #504

hangin w/ the bros at a restaurant listening to some highly questionable sex stories (while watching football) and one dude says “I eat a**” with families and children around but I really cant go into details because I was mentally blocking out this story while I was eating chicken fingers at buffalo wild wings

Ɨ'm ŧħɇ łɇȺsŧ ɏøᵾ ȼøᵾłđ đø | C l o s e d |

Well it certainly had been an eventful night thus far. He could only watch as Kenny went about his night as if it were some kind of poor person holiday. Unfortunately for Craig, his buddy Clyde had practice and couldn’t make it so the Tucker was stuck metaphorically babysitting the other boy, or at least it was the same thing he did with Ruby; Sit and eat and generally just watch the other. Only Kenny wasn’t here to sit in front of a TV so Craig made sure to silently keep an eye on the blond least he get lost or go in over his head with some of the muscle of the joint.

Well, Craig had to admit, it was pretty funny watching Kenny derp around in a dress while either amusing strangers or weirding them out. He lets his eyes sink down to the small pile of numbers Kenny already was able to snag. He had to wonder how many of those numbers were fakes. Ah well, wasn’t the point of the game. He reaches out at his table, snagging a buffalo wing between two fingers.

“Don’t tire yourself TOO much Kenny.” He calls out without even looking in the blond’s direction before he sinks his teeth into the wing he snagged. He only had a small buzz himself but… he still had his second glass to drink.