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It’s been a very long time since my family has done Ukrainian eggs, or pysanky, for Easter, but we finally broke the kit back out and did it this past Sunday. 

THIS is actually the second Sea Grunks egg I did, as I dropped the first one while I was cleaning off the wax, and it cracked and…well. That was the end of that. BUT, it gave me a chance to rethink some design choices, and I’m happy with the way this one came out. I’m hoping to get a chance to do one for Mabel and Dipper this week, and I’m tempted to try a buffalo plaid design, too. XD 

And speaking of patterns, I whipped this one up not long ago. I’ve been doing a bit of art with buffalos and bisons, lately, actually (so more of that to come) - they’re magnificent animals. Might have to get on photoshop at some point and spread this one out a bit. I think it’s be a great sort of wrapping paper. 

I like how Oda used the varying heights in the OP world to really emphasize the angst in Law’s backstory. Law is, during his tenure with the Donquixote Pirates, aged ten to thirteen. By comparing him with Baby 5, another average-sized human only two years younger, we can infer that at most he was slightly small for his age.

The entire rest of the family dwarfs him by several feet, making him seem younger and thus his induction seem more pitiable (this could also be said for Baby 5). Buffalo’s size, meanwhile, makes him seem bigger, older, and more able to take care of himself even when he’s only fourteen and clearly has a child’s mindset. Even his Minion Island appearance is makes him look older and more a full member of the group (admittedly, by then he is 17), while Law and Baby 5′s designs still emphasize their youth. So clearly Law and Baby 5 are meant to be seen as more childlike than he is.

But the real sympathy comes in during Law’s scenes with Rocinante. Look at any of those scenes and it initially looks like an average-sized man and a very small child. It’s really a thirteen year old and a guy who is 9′7″. Sure, making Roci tall also makes him similar to (but slightly shorter than) Doffy, but it really emphasizes how we are supposed to see Law in relation to him–a small child who needs help.

The kid is thirteen. Shonen fans are used to thirteen year olds doing all kinds of crazy shit, the bulk of the Naruto cast was twelve or thirteen pre-timeskip. So Law needed indicators for us to see him as someone who needed protecting, as a child, even at age thirteen (the ASL bro’s similar scenes take place when the oldest two are ten and Luffy is six or seven, for comparison). This is done by making him so much smaller than Rocinante. It also makes him feel more helpless during Vergo’s beatdown (while not in the inhuman range, Vergo is also still very tall and thus Law is still minimized in comparison) and Rocinante’s death. It’s done to increase sympathy.

I find it really interesting all of the effort put in to make the 10-13 year old Law feel younger. My guess is because the amount of training he goes through and his more complex thought patterns might have been harder to buy if he was, say, aged 6-9 during all this. Also it’s bad enough seeing a ten year old in the state he was in when he joined the gang, someone six or seven might have snapped suspension of disbelief among too many people, especially when he nearly kills Rocinante. So he needed to be old enough to comprehend his grim reality and participate in criminal behavior but also seem young enough to where we instinctively want to protect him.


Digital animal commission post! 

**They run from $20-$35 Price will depend on complexity/how many animals. These commissions are more design heavy than my normal ones and also include some play with light! All are on a white background. (You may ask about a vignette background thought… as seen on the wolf)

If you are interested in a commission like this, please email me(Kim) at Kimmikart@gmail.com!! I’d love to talk with ya and give you a price quote! 

Thank you guys for all the support with my commissions! It really helps me out a ton! All the reblogs are amazing support as well. <3