buffalo books


First two pieces for inktober with some new ink pens~!

Quite proud of how these turned out, to be quite honest. The brush pen is still a bit of a change but I’ll get used to it in time.

Will Graham has a fully grown Black Witch Moth over his mouth in reference to the calling card of Buffalo Bill in the books, who would leave pupae in his victim’s mouths, although it was changed from the film version.

I struggled with the plant to put over Hannibal Lecter’s eyes, but in the end I went with good ole’ wolfsbane, otherwise known as devil’s helmet. It’s toxic to the touch, but beautiful.

And of course a shout out to @elvenartifact for getting me into this and holding my hand through the finale last night with me.

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The world is a magic book, and we its sentences.
We read it and read ourselves.
                                                   We close it and turn the page down
And never come back,
Returned to what we once were before we became what we are.
This is the tale the world tells, this is the way it ends.

Charles Wright, from “Buffalo Yoga” in Buffalo Yoga: A Poem (Farrar, Straus, and Giroux, 2004)