buffalo & back

I didn’t understand how Eyewitness could have a second season, now I do.

Everyone has been asking for another season for Eyewitness, and I was really confused, what, they would witness another murder? How would it even be done. 

But after watching the finale, I realized, Helen. This show has been based around both the boys and Gabe and Helen, Helen is broken and though at this point she loves Philip unconditionally, there is something lurking. She understood Ryan. She didn’t know that he had dislodged his chamber, but even before he put up his gun to her, she had already decided to kill him. 

The ONLY way I can see a second season happening and keeping the same characters is if something from Buffalo comes back and makes Helen do something bad. We have finally fallen in love with her and her support of Phillip (at least I have in these last scenes). It would be a mind fuck for the audience if she’s not as good as we want to believe. 

Does anyone know of another way they could go to make a second season make sense?

Delta Rae is made up of honestly like the nicest god damn people in the world I love them so much they actually really do care about their fans.

Imagine this..(After movie SPOILERS)

Somehow Thomas survived, against all odds. Edith found him on the floor, his breaths feint and heart slowing as blood pools round his face, hands bloodied and sprawled. It was a struggle, but with the help of the towns people, whose eyes looked round and glanced at the sight that laid out before them and then to Edith who shakes her head and no more questions are asked or sent her way. She takes herself, Alan and Thomas back to Buffalo, to her childhood home that still remains in her name thanks to the letters being destroyed that would have signed everything over to the Sharpe siblings. Edith and Alan both recover, Thomas however remains gravely ill. The sight in his left eye is permanently damaged and Edith watches as the red sclera of his eye slowly fades to a milky coating the whole of his eye. His vision gone. The other wounds heal, leaving their scars as reminders and slowly he returns to them. Though when he wakes he says nothing, not a word, merely sits silently. Edith remains married to him, her love shining through even after it all. She becomes his carer but still he doesn’t speak, remaining in silence. Both she and Alan unaware that as he sits silently it is out of terror. He remembers nothing other than coming to New York and meeting Edith, all else has been wiped from his memory. His childhood, the events in England, everything. Alan says it’s from the damage to his face and the nerves behind his eye, somehow all linked and damaging the memory. He and Edith are happy, it’s not very long after he’s awake and healed that they find Edith is expecting their baby, he’s thrilled and excited to be a father. Yet when he thinks Edith is not watching, he falls back into his silence. The woman who follows him, her skin black and her eyes sad and yet angered stare down at him, black smoke rising from her form that shifts between being whole and skeletal, she has become all the more enraged. At night as Edith lies beside him, her swollen belly filled with their child who kicks at delight against his hand, he lies awake. Piano music only he seems able to hear drifts through the house in a haunting lullaby, tormenting his damaged memory.