Summer memories.

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in Helsinki, above, on Helsinki Pride Day, 27 June 2015.  Rainbows in Vienna, 10 June, below:

 (this is a long post ) Vancouver, 17 July:

Baltimore, 8 August:

Buffalo, 3 September:

(Liam sees Harry with the flag)

Montreal, 5 September:

Ottawa, 8 September:

Boston, 12 September:

London, 25 September:

London, 30 September:

Birmingham, 12 October:

Dublin, 16 October:

Dublin, 17 October:

Belfast, 22 October:

Sheffield, 30 October:

Belfast || Montreal  xx || Buffalo  xx || Vancouver  xx || Birmingham || London  xx  xx  xx xx || Ottawa || Boston  xx || Dublin xx || Vienna || Sheffield || Helsinki 

above in Helsinki, 27 June — Helsinki Pride Day. (Also on 27 June 2015, the U.S. Supreme Court guaranteed the right to same-sex marriage in all fifty states. “Today,” said Pres. Obama, “we can say, in no uncertain terms, that we have made our union a little more perfect.”) || #LoveWins


It’s the best time of year! The first baby bison of spring was recently spotted at Theodore Roosevelt National Park in North Dakota. Calves are orange-red in color and can walk within 3 hours of birth. Before long, nursery groups of calves will romp around together, but never far from their mothers’ watchful eyes. Video by Deb Lee Carson, National Park Service.


Here is an awesome view of Niagara Falls from Luna Island, a small piece of exposed rock sitting right at the cliff edge. The small falls to the left are Bridal Veil Falls, the falls to the right are the full American Falls. Look at all the debris from the cliff face collapse below. Plus a rainbow!


A New York firefighter’s house burned down days after he received a racist letter.

Kenneth Walker is a volunteer firefighter in North Tonawanda, New York. He and his family are homeless after a fire destroyed their apartment on Wednesday.

Two nights earlier, on Monday night, Walker reportedly received an anonymous letter that said “n****rs are not allowed to be firefighters,” adding that he had “until the end of the week to resign the position” or else he would regret it.

“We believe it was retaliation,” Amanda Walker, Kenneth’s wife, told The Buffalo News. “The letter said if he didn’t resign from the fire company, he’d regret it.”

No one was home at the time of the fire. Local police, as well as the FBI, are investigating the letter. Despite the loss of his home, Walker, 28, says he is not backing down.

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The carcass of a bison that drowned in the Yellowstone River became a feast for an alpha female of the Mollie’s wolf pack and her two year-old offspring. Bringing down a live bison is dangerous; Yellowstone wolves far more often target elk, which make up 85 percent of their winter diet.

By Ronan Donovan