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May 22–August 30, 1915:  Tenth Annual Exhibition of Selected Paintings by American Artists

The Tenth Annual Exhibition of Selected Paintings by American Artists took place at the Albright Art Gallery from May 22 through August 30, 1915, and featured approximately 150 works by living American artists displayed in Buffalo for the first time. The director of the Albright Art Gallery, Cornelia B. Sage, said of the exhibition that it was “organized in recognition of the just claim that American Art ranks with the best contemporary art of the world and for the purpose of promoting and encouraging its further development.” She went on to detail the goals of the exhibition, and the nine that preceded it, which included “to exemplify the best achievement of the American painters of today; to show those works which in the future will be regarded as representative productions of the present period, and to afford appreciative amateurs opportunity to acquire paintings worthy of place in any collection.” Nearly all of the works in the exhibition were available for purchase.

Content and images courtesy of the Albright-Knox Art Gallery Digital Assets Collection and Archives, Buffalo, New York. © 2015 Albright-Knox Art Gallery


Documenting the Lives of Water Buffalo with @phukradung

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(This interview was conducted in Thai.)

In a small village in Thailand’s Sakon Nakhon Province, Phukradung Ungjaroensukan (@phukradung) grows fruit trees on his family’s farm. But his true pride and joy are the native Thai water buffalo that he’s raising there. Four years ago, three of the animals were on their way to a slaughterhouse before Phukradung and his wife, along with friends who made financial contributions, rescued them. Now, the herd has grown to six — including three calves that were born on the farm. Over the years, Phukradung has developed a deep affinity for the creatures. “They can recognize their owners very well,” he says. “Khao Pan, the six-month-old calf, always makes a sound and approaches me whenever she sees me.” For Phukradung, documenting the animals serves as a way to let others know just how precious they are. “I post their pictures on Instagram not only to let people see the buffalo from my point of view, but also to let all the people who saved the three buffalo see how they are living now.”