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I took better pics of this so it could be worthy of @maggie-stiefvater ’s eyes….
There were so many moments in the series that I would like to get inked on my body, but for now, I have this delightful amalgamation of my favorite non-human elements. Thank you, Maggie ♥️ can’t wait for the Ronan trilogy

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Congrats on your blog! How about a headcanon of the chocobros seeing their female significant other all dolled up (in dresses, make-up, high heels) for the first time? Thanks!

ahhhhh thank you so much! I’m so excited to get going on requests, it’s unreal.

This is actually my first time writing headcanons, so I hope it’s okay! Enjoy!


  • When you walk into his line of sight, Noctis has no idea what to do with himself
  • He just freezes
  • Everything you do is in slow motion. He tracks the curve of your lips and the swing of your dress as you walk like it could be the last thing he’ll ever see
  • “Noct, you’re staring”
  • He knows
  • He doesn’t care
  • As crown prince, this boy has been surrounded by pretty girls for as long as he can remember, but you?
  • When it came to beauty, no other woman could even come close
  • When he finally snapped out of his trance, he’d reach for you immediately, like he was snatching up a prized jewel
  • “I still can’t believe I convinced the most beautiful girl in Lucis to be my queen. I love you, Y/N.”

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Meet Lowell and the Twins, Katie and Kale! 

    Lowell is Klovers dad as well as a stay at home dad and a very lovable one at that!  He looks like he could break you and actually could, but he would never. His temperament is kind and gentle– that is unless you mess with his babies.
    Lowell started his family at the young age of 19 with the love of his life. Before having his first child, he was in the service for about five years, but as soon as he saw his little girl, things changed and he only left when it was vital to do so.
    Lowell loves his family more than the world itself and will do everything in his power to keep them safe… which is a big reason Klover keeps Blake’s identity a secret.
    Lowell suffers from PTSD but strives every day to suppress it as much as he can.  During and after an episode, he gets undying support from his family to help calm his mind, and in most cases this works.  Very rarely will an episode cause him to harm someone… but I’m not saying that never happens.  
    Katie is the more rambunctious twin and she is just full of energy night and day. It is almost like she has no fears– until she meets Cirrus.  
    Kale is the twin that assesses every situation unless candy is involved or someone dares him to do something.  Let’s just say that the dare thing has gotten him stuck in the toilet quite a few times…

here’s my first ever DnD character, Kiriz Spiritfinder Anarea!

my dm showed her to one of his friends while we were building her in a voicecall and his immediate response was “i’d be terrified if i went up against her in volleyball. i’d just forfeit the game immediately. don’t even get me started on football"