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saintrenee  asked:

How do each of the chocobros deal with being jealous?

My first request on this blog! Here we go:


  • Gladio doesn’t even realize he’s jealous at first
  • He honestly isn’t the jealous type but when he does get jealous
  • oh boy
  • Whoever caused it is in for Gladio’s most intimidating side
  • He’s a tall buff guy with tattoos that guards the PRINCE OF LUCIS with his LIFE
  • So Gladio knows how to intimidate a man (and how to kill one)
  • He’d stand straight, chest out, while he stares them down as if to say ‘back off’
  • If that doesn’t work, he will just tell them to back off.


  • Ignis rarely get jealous
  • When he is jealous he surveys the person who he is jealous of
  • He figures out their quirks, their ways of talking, how they stand, how they act
  • Ignis will be able to identify them in a crowd just after first seeing them
  • He wont say anything but everyone can tell just by the way he’s starring them down
  • If the person notices and tries to make him back off Ignis will pull out every embarrassing thing they’ve done since the day they learned how to talk and either blackmail them or show it off for everyone to see.


  • Noctis is an extremely jealous type
  • He once got jealous of Umbra for getting to see Luna more often than him 
  • He’s terrible at expressing it though
  • Noctis doesn’t hide that he’s jealous, he just sulks
  • and pouts
  • and stomps around like a spoiled brat (which he technically is)
  • He also yells at anyone who confronts him.
  • Actually will kill a man when jealous (or at least injure)


  • Prompto feels guilty about being jealous
  • As in he knows he shouldn’t be jealous, but he is because he doesn’t always feel like he deserves love (or friends really)
  • He will actually cry if he thinks the person is better than him
  • Will hide away because he thinks he’s not needed anymore
  • He won’t even be able to tell jokes
  • Seriously, his sense of humor will fly out the window
  • Prompto is not good with jealousy at all

If you guys want an actual drabble for this I wouldn’t mind writing that too :)

more everyday macdennis au’s:

- dennis takes the commuter rail to work now after a small incident during a traffic buildup on the highway where he got out of his car and starting screaming at people to move through their windows. mac is the conductor who goes around and checks everyone’s tickets. he feels super badass because he gets to wear a walkie talkie and the ticket hole-puncher could act as a deadly weapon if needed. dennis gets on at the first stop each morning and sits in the same seat—it’s next to the window that allows the perfect lighting for him to fix up his makeup in his pocket mirror—and always spreads out his bag and items on the seat next to him so no one can sit there. mac always lingers after checking dennis’ tickets, hoping to strike up a conversation before the next stop where it starts to get busy, but dennis barely pays him attention, too busy with scrolling through his Important Work Emails to notice. usually mac would yell at people for taking up two spots, but he lets it slide for dennis.

- dennis joins a gym because he feels like he’s losing his perfect physique from sitting around at work all day. he’s tried not eating anything but he’s still losing his tone. the first time he goes he notices a well-built guy with muscular arms on one of the workout bikes. he’s going pretty fast and sweating hard and dennis wants to laugh because he knows if that were him he’d barely break a sweat given how naturally athletic he is. knowing he can one up Arm Guy, he takes the bike next to him, peering over to see what speed/resistance he’s going at and sets his level even higher. within five minutes he faints, falling off the bike and hitting his head on the floor. he comes to a few minutes later, eyes cracking open, and sees dark, fluffy hair and brown concerned eyes. he feels a wet towel on his head. “you okay, bro?” Arm Guy asks. dennis mumbles something about not eating today and that it had nothing to do with how in shape he was and Arm Guy —mac, he learns—helps him stand up and then buys him a fruit shake at the smoothie bar downstairs.

- dennis gets shared custody of his son brian jr. and moves closer to him and his mother so he can see him more often. his first week taking care of brian, dennis brings him to elementary school before work. he’s never been there before and is less than pleased when the first two people he meets are charlie, the school janitor who smells of cheese and carries rat traps in his pockets, and artemis, the brazen principal who has a tendency for oversharing information about her body and smokes in the halls. he’s about to go rage and scream about the poor health standards and unconscionable behavior when brian jr. happily calls out “mr. mcdonald!” and runs over to a guy with slicked-back hair who’s wearing a tie and a tight, short-sleeved button up that showed off his buff, tattooed arms. the teacher gives brian a high-five as he answers “hey little dude!” he then looks up and notices dennis. his expression changes and he clears his throat as he stands. “you must be brian’s dad,” he smiles with an extended arm. “i’m mac mcdonald, brian’s first grade teacher.” dennis shakes his hand reluctantly, suspiciously eyeing the man. maybe he’d give the place a chance. for now.