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yknow how sometimes you see like, a godzilla picture or a dragon and they're muscled as shit? like, absolutely shredded? do some reptiles actually do that? is there like, a tegu or something out there that can punt an adult human?

Well, Godzilla is a pretty special case because of his upright posture. There are some species of monitor lizards who climb trees and monitors in general look pretty jacked, but reptiles usually don’t put tons of muscle into their limbs (and they don’t really have abs as we know em) and usually the animals that can fuck you up in the reptile world will do so with teeth or tails.

A good tail whoopin is a favorite of feisty iguanas, and if you doubt the power of a reptilian bite just go to youtube and watch clips of a Nile crocodile murdering a zebra.

So are there buff reptiles out there that could send you to the hospital by hitting you with their limbs? Probably, but you aren’t gonna die from that attack till the teeth get involved.


Thank you all who did this tiny challenge :) It was pretty impromptu and rough so I appreciate you guys participating! I love all of these! Here is the credit for each artist in order:

1) Quasi Comics

2) kerma

3) Brandon Bradshaw

4) Tristan

5) kilos-lavoid

Click on the names to go see more of their stuff!

Something I noticed is that the comic frames I provided was actually smaller than I intended. If I do this again in the future I’ll buff out all the rough spots like that and probably provide you guys with a little more time. Like I said I’ll be back to making my comics next week when things are less hectic. Thanks again to all the comic artists that helped me out by making these :) you rock! See you next week.

u know when ur in pain and you start imagining ways to alleviate the pain that are impossible…..like my fuckin back hurts right now because i have garbage quasimodo posture & im sitting here waiting for the advil to kick in like “fuck dude sure wish i could rip my spine from my back and like buff out the kinks and then put it back :/” like that’s not horrifying at all