buff nails

a non-cutesy self care guide, for when you need to bounce back after being really dysfunctional


  1. Wash your hands with warm water and soap. 
  2. Trim, file, and buff your nails and toenails. 
  3. Trim any hangnails. 
  4. Push back your cuticles.
  5. Put hand cream or moisturizer on your hands and/or feet.
  6. If you have any rough skin, buff it off with a pumice stone. 
  7. If it’s your style, give yourself a manicure and/or pedicure. 
  8. Roll out your ankles, flex and point your feet a couple of times. 
  9. Stretch your calves, hamstrings, quads, shoulders, triceps, upper back, lower back, chest, or any other part that feels tight. 
  10. Roll your neck in circles in both directions. 
  11. Shake out your hands and roll your wrists. 
  12. If you want to, shave anywhere you want to shave. 
  13. If you have any sore muscles, massage them with your hands or a foam roller. 
  14. Go through your normal facial care routine. Splash water on your face, put on moisturizer, use a facial cleanser, or put on a nice mask. 
  15. Take a warm bath or shower. Warm, not scalding hot. 
  16. Take a cutesy, Instagram-worthy bath with a bath bomb, or use this guide for what to put in your bath.
  17. Wash your hair. Shampoo and condition if you want. 
  18. Dry yourself off gently with a soft towel.
  19. Put on clothes that make you feel confident. 
  20. Eat something, preferably healthy.
  21. Drink a huge glass of water. 
  22. Use the restroom, if you’ve been holding it for a long time. 
  23. Use a warm washcloth and wipe off the crusty bits around your eyes and nose.
  24. Blow your nose. 
  25. Take any medications or vitamins if you need to do so.
  26. Have a warm drink. Avoid caffeinated drinks if they make you jumpy.
  27. Comb or brush your hair, then style it in a way that makes you feel most confident. 
  28. If you have open cuts, put on bandages; if you have mosquito bites, apply anti-itch cream; etc.


  1. Delete unnecessary photos and apps from your phone.
  2. Close all apps running in the background of your phone.
  3. Close all of the tabs open on your computer.
  4. Delete unnecessary files from your computer.
  5. Organize your files.
  6. Check emails, and clean up your inbox. 
  7. Clear every notification on your phone.
  8. Take everything off your desk and wipe it down. 
  9. Put all papers where they need to go. 
  10. Put all books on your shelf.
  11. Reorganize your shelf by author, series, rainbow colors, or whatever else you prefer. 
  12. Untangle all of your cables.
  13. Make your bed.
  14. Change your sheets, pillowcase, and duvet cover.
  15. Put all scattered clothes in a laundry bin.
  16. Do that laundry. 
  17. Turn off all the lights if it’s daytime, or turn them all on if it’s nighttime.
  18. Put all of the random junk that doesn’t have a place into a box, and hide the box under your bed. 
  19. Hang clean clothes in your closet, or fold them and put into drawers. 
  20. Open your blinds and curtains. 
  21. Straighten everything that is hanging on your walls, unless everything is slanted in a certain way for your ~aesthetic~
  22. Vacuum the floor.
  23. Clean your phone screen, laptop screen, keyboard, etc. 
  24. Put all of your pens in jars. 


  1. Take any medication you need. 
  2. Dump all your thoughts in a journal. 
  3. Make an appointment with a therapist/psychologist/psychiatrist/etc.
  4. Tbh, beyond this I don’t know about each person’s circumstances. You can check out my mental health resource tag and find something to help you.

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secretlystephaniebrown  asked:

Fluff Week: Red team sleepover!

They’re watching a horror movie (it’s the star wars prequels). Sarge is super excited to have his nails painted red, the color of true soldiers. Yes, Donut has a ‘Sarge 2′ poster in his room.

Did I give Lopez a pillow just so I wouldn’t have to deal with armor? You’re damned right. Sorry this is so sketchy and uncolored, I’m absolutely awful at colors when there’s a bunch of people.

This is Sidon/Link and I completely blame @sinnabar for this bc that’s who made me improvise this. It’s largely unedited, and just a small amount of Fluff.

I’m still working on other things but there’s something relieving about 30 minute drabbles.

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Quick Ways to Relax

It seems like the older I get, the less free time I have, so I am always looking for quick, easy, and cheap ways to destress. It is so so so so so important to take some time for yourself and unwind. It’s not selfish at all to get yourself back to a good place; it allows you to continue performing at your peak. Every day I try to do something simple from the following list to help restore myself (but obvi you may have different things you like to do – I can’t expect everyone to enjoy some of the nerdier things in life like I do 😂).

  • Take a bath or long shower; use some of the fancy, sweet-smelling soap you save for special occasions, light candles, read a book, and when you get out, slather yourself with lotion
  • Do your nails; pick out a pretty polish, buff your nails, put on your current jams on Spotify or a show or just let your YouTube To Watch list roll, and spend some quality time w. yourself
  • Read a book; open the covers of a book and go on an adventure between the pages
  • Go on a walk; take a leisurely stroll around your neighborhood or a park, go without music or any other sound but what is around you, and let yourself be calmed
  • Journal; take a pen, a notebook, and put down your thoughts, your plans, the day’s events – anything you want, just get it out of your head and onto paper
  • Plan; every Sunday evening I use stickers and washi tape and lay out my plan of attack for the next week
  • Netflix or equivalent; make a large bowl of popcorn, curl up with a blanket and some pillows, and escape your world into another for a bit
  • Quiet time; I believe in God and honestly one thing that really gives me confidence that everything will be okay is spending time with Him
  • Organize; this is the nerdy thing I was talking about
  • Art; everyone expresses creativity in different ways, but for me I love to write and sometimes I draw. Creating gives you a sense of self-pride, which is so important to feel proud of the work you can produce
  • Chat with friends; yo, this is dangerous though, because sometimes they don’t make me relax, they crack me up so that I am rolling around laughing
  • ASMR; I am lowkey obsessed with asmr videos (if you don’t know what it is, the best explanation would be to just search it on YouTube). I almost always go to sleep listening to them, so during the day they make me so calm NO JUDGEMENT

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Sits Like a Whore But Wears Pearls

Author’s note: This is for the Kate’s Card Against Humanity Challenge
My prompt was: clothes off, penis in vagina. (it’s bolded) This may also be my longest fic.
Warning: Swearing, the use of the word whore, but it’s used making fun of the way Tom sits. Mention of sex


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It never fails to make me happy, that my husband thinks I am funny. Not just “ha ha you’re adorable”, but in the way where I can render him gasping for breath with tears streaming down his face Funny. And he tells people too, at every given opportunity. He’s proud of me, immensely so, and it makes my little heart sing because I was always told this would never happen.

My mother always told me that boys don’t like funny girls. They especially don’t like girls that are funnier than them. Boys don’t like a lot of things, according to my mother. They don’t like sluts but they also don’t like prudes, and they don’t marry bimbos, but they also don’t want someone too clever either. Because you’re life is supposed to be a supporting act. You can be funny, but you are part of a duo. You are the cheap laugh to his comedic genius, the assistant fluttering the feathers to distract everyone from his slight of hand.

And it makes me sad because my father—a profoundly funny man—agrees with her. Oh women can be funny of course, but not because they are quick or witty, but because they are laughable. The fact that I work hard at my craft is irrelevant, explained away by an anomaly of chance and luck, and as he so often says with an buff of his nails on his imaginary lapels, genetics—empirical proof that some men will try to take credit for whatever you do, even if their last worthy contribution was sometime post utero, but mostly prior.

A sentiment many men in my life feel the need to reiterate as they comment on my facebook with things like “wow you sure are something” or “where did you get that line from” as though it could never have come from my own pretty little head.

Which is hurtful, to say the least. Insulting as middle ground and at worst a broken record stuck on repeat for the last thirty years of my life.

So the next time you think about sending me a message that says “wow you’re really funny for a woman” I would like you to reconsider your outlook on life, and whether or not it might be better improved by first removing your head from your arse.

two random headcanons about dueling culture: 

  • the most hardcore duelists are obsessed with keeping their hands clean and smooth and their nails buffed/cut/manicured. since they’re so emotionally attached to their cards and their decks, it’s sort of like a ritualistic way of honoring thyself + honoring the cards. you wouldn’t eat food with dirty hands, right?? so don’t touch decks with dirty hands and untrimmed nails!! so gross
  • given kaiba’s and yuugi’s proclivities for wearing the same shit to every duel (kaiba’s white trench coat is no less than dueling regalia), a lot of duelists adopt “wear the same thing to every duel” as a dueling superstition/good luck charm, and it becomes a very fashion-forward thing, people get all intense about the clothes they pick for their battle outfits, they blow major cash on clothing, and then swap things out if an outfit isn’t ~lucky enough


nellynee said to livelivefastfree: Fun Poly!Burners thought like, without them flat out stating it to literally everyone in Motorcity there’s probably a lot of different assumptions going on and I like to think that the general grapevine is both so wrong and confused. No one outside of the Burners is sure who is sleeping with who or at all and there’s probably a lot of uncomfortable moments where the Duke thinks he’s got dirt on a cheater or Ruby hates Mike for cheating on Chuck and it’s hilarious and awful. (and also TENNIE!??


Julie starts it, because when the Duke calls them up to triumphantly dish out dirt he’s “dug up”, she says, perfectly evenly, “—of course you saw Texas making out with Dutch.  What did you expect them to be doing?”  and hangs up the call on his startled double-take.

“It’s none of his business anyway,” she says, with cool dignity, and opens up the magazine she was reading again.  “I wonder why he thought I needed to know about Texas?”

“Probably saw him pick you up the other day,” says Chuck, without looking up from his screen.  “He was touching your butt and you totally didn’t even get mad.”

“Oh yeah.”

And then it’s over.  And it’s not a big thing, but it…sets a precedent.

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Looking High Dollar on a Low Budget

When you’re new as a Sugar Baby it can be really hard to find your first Daddy, this lifestyle has a steep learning curve. On top of that, when you’re trying to attract money you have to look the part. A girl who looks broke is going to stay broke. Since I have a lot of unused cosmetology training I thought I’d compile a few of my best low budget beauty tips so you can look like the expensive, luxury woman of his dreams.

There are three things that will cheapen any look immediately, no matter how much you actually spent on it. Bad eyebrows, cheap or unkempt nails and skin or hair that’s in poor condition. Keep those three in check and your entire ensemble will seem so much more put together.

Bad Eyebrows

Ooooohhhhhhh boy. There are all kinds of bad eyebrows. The good news is that there are also all kinds of good eyebrows and maintaining them can be super cheap!

So, for the majority of people your eyebrows should enhance your face but not take center stage. That doesn’t hold true for every look but if you’ve got one of those looks that can rock some outlandish eyebrows I’m going to assume you’re an eyebrow goddess and don’t need my advice anyway. For us mere mortals we’re going to aim for a solidly middle ground, they should be groomed but not overdone.

A few things to avoid: 

Over plucking eyebrows. Razor thin eyebrows don’t usually look natural and can draw a lot of attention to themselves. 

Under plucking eyebrows. Take care of those strays! Try not to let those bad boys get too crazy.

Overdrawn eyebrows. Avoid super sharp lines and block-filled eyebrows.

You want to aim for a natural brow shape that flatters your face. There tons of tutorials floating around on the subject so if you’re new to maintaining your eyebrows I suggest looking up some videos on grooming and shaping.

Now, if you’ve got awesome, thick brows to begin with you may not need to fill them but otherwise filling them correctly can really polish off your makeup. Like I said, avoid drawing hard, dark lines when you’re filling your eyebrows. If you don’t have the extra funds for eyebrow pencils you can just use a small brush and some eyeshadow for fill. Try to use a matte color that is a shade or two lighter than your natural hair color, you’re aiming for fullness not darkening. 

And remember, your eyebrows are sisters, not twins. You want them to look similar but do not expect them to be a mirror image of each other. You’ll drive yourself nuts.

Cheap Looking Nails

People see your hands a lot. Every time you shake hands, gesture while speaking, use a fork, touch someone, etc. your hands are in the spotlight. Keeping them looking pristine is one of the BEST ways to make yourself look pulled together. If you don’t have the cash or inclination to get your nails done professionally it’s entirely possible to give yourself an expensive looking mani pedi.

First things first, avoid touching your cuticles unless you know what you’re doing. You can get infections that way and that’s definitely not nice looking. The majority of men will never ever notice your cuticles.

Pay attention to the length and shape of your nails. Don’t let them get too long and don’t trim them extra short. If you like longer nails I’d suggest filing them into an almond shape, here’s handy tutorial for how to do that yourself. If you favor shorter nails give the squoval shape a try, which is basically just flat across the top with nice rounded edges. Here’s how to do that. Obviously you also want to avoid hangnails, ragged edges and such.

I would suggest always going with painted nails. Unless you want to take the time to buff your nails or just have crazy gorgeous nails naturally a few coats of polish just looks nice. The best color choice is going to vary a lot from person to person based on style and skin tone. If you’re really unsure, sheer nudes, reds and pinks are pretty safe for everyone. I like to pick colors based on my wardrobes color pallete. As an example, my wardrobe is black, cream and grey with cobalt and rose gold as accents, I do my nails in cobalt or a sheer pearl color most of the time. If you rock a certain color all over your wardrobe, absolutely incorporate that into your polish choice!

Chipped, cracked polish does not do you any favors. Cheap polish or laziness are often the culprit here and the solution to both is the same. It’s totally fine to cut costs on your color polish. It’s fine. It may be harder to apply but if you’re careful you can make it look good. The one thing that will take make that cheap polish work for you is a really good top coat. If you’ve only got a bit of money to spread around, cut corners everywhere but the top coat, you want to splurge for that. A quality top coat will do beautiful things to the gloss, smoothness and longevity of your nail polish. I personally like Revlon’s Extra Life No Chip Top Coat.

Hair and Skin Ills

Ok, this is a huge topic and I definitely can’t cover everything here. My #1 budget hair and skin solution is coconut oil. I use that shit for everything.

Chemical or heat damaged hair? Dry, frizzy hair? Comb some coconut oil through it, toss a towel on your pillow and sleep on it. Wash it out in the morning and enjoy your shiny, soft hair.

Dry skin? Massage coconut oil into your skin before you hop in the shower. The warmth will encourage your skin to soak it up and you won’t feel greasy when you get out.

Part of my daily beauty routine is a facial massage, it encourages blood flow and lymph movement and helps keep the skin glowing, acne free and keeps wrinkling at bay. I take a dab of coconut oil and spend about two minutes massaging it in small circles all over my face, afterward I wash my face as normal and go about my routine. This is also an excellent way to remove your makeup!

It can also be used for cuticle care, oil pulling, as under eye cream and probably lots of other things.

I see a lot of people suggesting exfoliation to keep your skin soft and while that’s fantastic on occasion you don’t want to overdo it! Exfoliating too often or too vigorously damages the skin. Staying hydrated, avoiding sun damage, and moisturizing are much more vital to your daily beauty routine and skin health. Exfoliate about once a week and avoid sugar or salt scrubs, they’re too harsh and cause abrasions that can lead to infections.

The final trick that I’m going to suggest for hair and skin needs sucks. It really does but it works so well. Cold showers are AMAZING for your skin and hair. Dousing yourself in cold water for a minute or two at the end of your shower does a few things. It will close the the cuticle of your hair, leading to less frizz and more shine. It will also stimulate the blood and lymph fluid to move away from your skin toward your organs in order to retain heat. This is great because more lymph and blood circulation means more cell turnover, healthier skin, improved immune response and can actually stimulate changes in body composition by signaling to your body that you need more brown fat (the good stuff) rather than white fat (the harmful stuff). Not only that but cold showers have been shown to help alleviate depression, improve stress responses, help with insomnia, improve mental alertness, aid in digestion and tons of other things. Basically it’s torture and it’s so fucking good for you. Yes, I do in fact use this tip. Every day.

Edit: I forgot to mention, a cold shower will also make your boobs perkier by tightening the skin and increasing collagen production. 

Anyway, I definitely had more to add to this in the makeup department especially but this post has gotten crazy long so I’ll be splitting that into another post. I hope you guys find some of this helpful, feel free to add your own tips and have fun making yourselves look extra fine.


How to remove your gel nail polish when they look like shit.

What You Will Need:

Cotton balls
Nail buffer

1. Buff nail polish layer until it appears matte.
2. Soak cotton ball in acetone.
3. Wrap each nail with foil and cotton ball inside.
4. Set 15 mins.
5. Use towel to catch the excess polish that should peal right off.

IG: herabstract

Dipped at the Tip

FYI the trick to getting a perfect looking naked nail is: it should have a little polish! Buff your nail, then apply one thin coat of sheer pink or nude polish, then top w a matte topcoat. Optional: if you have length, tip w gold like I did here. Shortie nails- try a gold half moon instead.

*If you have any questions about this look, or any of the looks I’ve created on this blog, please ask me here.

A Good Base


  • Are you still doing requests? If you are can you do one with Jackson with the prompt #20? Ty💕😘 (lmao this is my first time requesting,, sorry if I did it wrong)😂
  • Can I request 20 with Jackson from GOT7 please? 🙈

20) You have been feeling insecure about yourself lately. Your bias enlists the help of their group members to make you realize how special you are. 

Prompt list can be found here!

Member: Jackson x Y/N x (6/7ths of Got7)

Type: Fluff

I pulled down at the hem of my t-shirt and sighed. I felt like my love handles were popped up over my skirt and the tight shirt I was wearing wasn’t helping the cause. I grumbled to myself, ripping off both articles of clothing and letting them flop to the floor. 

It was going to be a day. 

I heard a light knock on the door and sighed, looking down at my barely clothed body. I grabbed quickly at my bathrobe draped over my bed and pulled it on, half running, have shuffling towards the front door. I wasn’t expecting any guests. 

I pulled open the door, to be greeted by what was very much nothing. I looked from side to side, complaining to myself as I began to close the door again when something in my periphery caught my eye. I looked down to see a small pink envelope placed on my welcome mat. 

“What the hell,” I muttered. I leaned down and took the thin paper in my hands, sliding my fingers against the black ink scribbled on top. “Y/N.”

I gave one last cursory glance down my hallway and retreated back in my apartment before my neighbors saw my gudetama bath robe. I leaned against the door and tugged at the envelope. 

“Y/N, please meet two undisclosed guests at this location for noon. Love always.”

I lifted my brows and flipped over the card. It wasn’t signed by anyone, but had an address plainly written at the bottom. I knew who’s handwriting this was and I definitely wasn’t in the mood for this. Not today. 

I looked to the clock in my hallway which read quarter after eleven already. Did I dare to participate in one of Jackson’s charades? He knew I wasn’t feeling particularly stellar about myself lately. Why would he want to play games?

I shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I stood outside of the boutique I had been guided to. I had decided to pursue the note after all. Jackson was a little misguided sometimes, but he usually always had my best interest at heart. Would it really kill me to follow his directions?

Then again…meeting two undisclosed guests at a secret location wasn’t on the top of my list of “safe things I plan on doing today.”

 I took a deep breath and entered the shop, immediately greeted by two familiar, smiling faces. “Y/N!” BamBam gasped as he spun on his heel. “You look beautiful today!” 

I looked down to my beat up converse and ripped jeans. Beautiful?

“But you’re about to look even more beautiful!” Yugyeom gasped, brimming with excitement. Either boy took me by each elbow and guided me towards the back of the boutique. 

“Uh, guys?” I asked, shaking my head. “What in the hell is going on?”

“Well Jackson asked us-” Yugyeom began, but BamBam flicked him in the ear. 

“We don’t know a Jackson, but we’re here to help you pick out a dress,” BamBam nodded. 

I groaned, tilting my head back on my shoulders. If there was one thing I hated, it was trying on clothes. Now I had an audience for my own special brand of hell. 

“To be honest, she doesn’t sound very enthusiastic,” Yugyeom grumbled, crossing his arms. 

“To make it easy,” BamBam continued, not skipping a beat from what seemed like a pre rehearsed script. “Your personal stylist has picked out three dresses. The’ve slaved away for the better part of three days to analyze your style, body type, and what they have found in season.”

I lifted my eyebrows. “Personal stylist?”

“Kumpimook Bhuwakul!” Yugyeom chirped, throwing spirit fingers BamBam’s way. 

Well that made me comfortable. The thought of BamBam agonizing over my “body type” for three days.

I grimaced and stepped into the small dressing area in front of me. 

“But wait, we weren’t done talking,” Yugyeom pouted. 

I closed the curtain behind me and groaned. All three choices in front of me were definitely BamBam picks. 

“The black one is my favorite,” he whispered through the curtain.

“Great,” I sighed, knowing black washed me out. I tugged on that dress first to prove how silly this all was until the fabric hit my hips and slid down my thighs. It felt so good. 

I spun around to face myself in the mirror, surprise coating my face. Damn. 

“Told you!” BamBam screeched, jumping up and down as we left the boutique, my new dress wrapped around my body. “You look bangin’ Y/N.”

“Not like you don’t all the time,” Yugyeom nodded with a cheeky smile. 

I rolled my eyes and sighed. “Now can you tell me what this is all about?”

“We can’t, but this can,” BamBam nodded, putting another small envelope in my hands. 

I quickly ripped open the paper and stared down at the next message, hastily written in Jackson’s handwriting. 

More undisclosed persons. More random addresses. 

“Thanks guys,” I sighed, shuffling along in my new heels. 

I arrived outside of the hair salon/nail parlor and groaned. Another thing I just “loved.” People to poke and prod at me.

“Y/N!” Youngjae screeched as he came catapulting out of the parlor.

“Youngjae!” I screeched back as he pulled me into his arms. He chuckled excitedly as a defeated Mark shuffled outside. 

“I told him to stay inside,” he sighed. “He thought you weren’t going to come in and - holy shit, that dress.”

I gave a slow spin and smiled. I was surprised at myself for flaunting something I had on my body. 

“You look stunning,” Youngjae beamed. 

“Thank you,” I sighed, running my hands along the black fabric and my hips. I looked to Mark who was focused on my hands and licked his lips. 

“Yeah, uh, come inside,” he nodded, grabbing my wrist and tugging me. 

“They’re going to style your hair,” Youngjae nodded. “And we’re getting our nails done!” 

“Not we,” Mark grumbled. “I’m here for moral support and moral support alone.”

“Your cuticles need help Mark,” Youngjae sighed, his face serious. “And a clear coat wouldn’t kill you.”

“No, but I might kill you,” Mark whispered. “Now drop it.”

I giggled at the two boys as they bickered before me. They were like an old, married couple. 

I sat down in one of the chairs and Youngjae plopped alongside me, his face full with a smile. Mark shuffled back up to the front of the salon and began to dig slowly through magazines. 

“Youngjae,” I sighed, as a hair stylist appeared behind me and a woman in front of me began to buff my nails. “What is this all about?”

“Jackson wanted to make sure you’re feeling special,” Youngjae smiled. 

“But why?” I asked, tilting my head. 

“Well he-” Youngjae began, but his eyes grew wide as Mark quickly approached. 

“Are you serious?” Mark gasped. “I can’t leave you for five minutes and you start telling Y/N everything. I hope no one ever has to interrogate you for anything.”

Mark plopped into the seat on the opposite side of me and shot us both a moody look. He looked down to the woman who appeared in front of him and began to reach for his hands. 

“Yeah, yeah,” he grumbled. “Just do a clear coat.”

I pulled my freshly done manicure through my hair and smiled at my reflection in the mirror. This was the best I had felt in awhile. 

“Look at that smile,” Mark whispered, hugging me from behind. Youngjae stood by my side and smiled at our reflection. 

“You shine brighter than the sun,” he chirped. 

“Yeah, because I’ve sat in a salon all day and BamBam bought me a hundred dollar dress,” I sighed, looking down from my reflection and at my feet. 

“Y/N, you provided a good base,” Mark chuckled, spinning me around and holding me lightly by the shoulders. “You are simply an enhanced version of what is already there. You, yourself, are beautiful, aesthetics added or not.”

I nodded and gave Mark a weak smile. 

“Feel better?” he whispered. 

“I’d feel better if I knew what was going on…” I sighed. 

“Well,” Youngjae sang, grabbing me by the elbow and navigating me out of the shop. “They might be able to answer that better than us.”

“Your chariot madam,” Jaebum smiled, holding the door open of a sleek, black vehicle. Jinyoung stood on the opposite side, a smirk on his face. 

“You look gorgeous!” he whispered, taking my hand and helping me slide into the vehicle. 

“Thank you,” I laughed. These boys were killing me with their secrecy. JB climbed into the driver’s seat and Jinyoung into the passengers. 

“Who’s car is this?” I asked, feeling the expensive leather beneath my thighs. 

“It’s one of the manager hyungs,” Jinyoung sighed, analyzing the car himself. “If anything happens to it, we will become Got5.”

“Then why risk it?” I asked, my eyes growing wide.

“Because beautiful women deserve to ride in style,” Jaebum smiled into the rearview mirror, making momentary eye contact with me. 

“Even if it’s only for a block,” Jinyoung chuckled. 

“What?” I croaked. 

Almost as soon as the car had sprung into motion, it seemed we had stopped again. Jinyoung sprang from the passenger seat and opened the door, helping me out. JB leaned over his seat and gave me a quick wave. “Enjoy yourself Y/N, you look incredible.”

Jinyoung nodded as he shut the door and led me down the sidewalk. We stood outside of an alley placed between two buildings. It didn’t look like something I wanted to travel down. At least not alone. 

“Now just walk down here,” Jinyoung whispered in my ear, and someone is waiting for you on the other side. 

I gave Jinyoung an alarmed look. “You aren’t coming with me?”

He gave me a sad smile and a light push against my lower back. “Knock em dead.”

I grumbled to myself as I stepped slowly down the wet alley. I turned around to see an encouraging JInyoung had disappeared and the fancy car they had driven me in had gone as well. I closed my eyes and shook my head. At least if I was stumbling to my death, I would make a pretty corpse. 

I got to the end of the alley and gasped in surprise. I stood in a beautiful courtyard covered by vines and flowers. There was a small table sat in the middle filled with candles. I looked over at the sudden movement to my left to see Jackson standing, just as dressed up as I was, with a wide grin on his face. 

“All of this…was for me?” I whispered, near tears. Jackson nodded slowly, approaching me. He pulled me into his arms and set his palms on either side of my face. He kissed me gently and set his forehead against mine. 

“But why?” I croaked. 

“I’ve noticed,” Jackson began slowly. “You haven’t been your own biggest fan lately. I have no problem doing that, supporting you when you need it, but also thought it wouldn’t hurt to remind you how wonderful and beautiful you are…how much I love you, how much my friends love you, how important and special you are…”

“Jackson,” I whimpered, kissing him again. 

“But damn, did BamBam pick out that dress?” Jackson whispered, stepping back and pulling me into a spin to better see my body. “My boys do good…

but they had an amazing canvas to start out with, so I shouldn’t be surprised.”

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petalsnpinwheels  asked:

Hi Morgan, what nail glue do you use? I can never get mine to stay more than 24 hours and dehydrate and roughly buff the nail surface too

I use beauty secrets from Sally’s but almost all nail glues work the same. The trick is to dehydrate your nails with rubbing alcohol first- then buff!


My Nail Prep Essentials
Over time I have tried a range of things to deal with the discoloration, scuffs, and jagged edges of my nails, and I have finally settled on four products that together create the perfect nail prep routine.

1. Use a nail buffer! I don’t have any specific brand recommendation but I do recommend you buff your nails if you have trouble with nail discoloration or scuffs. The buffer helps remove layers of leftover nail polish that build up on your nail after repeated polishing. It will leave your nails feeling super soft/smooth and looking nice and shiny!

2. Use a crystal nail file! The brand I use is called Cheeky and can be purchased on Amazon for just a few bucks for a pack of three. I love these because they are gentle but very effective! I swear by these things.

3. Hard As Hoof nail strengthening cream. This stuff is cool because it works on your nails and your cuticles, and can even be used over your polish. Not to mention, the cherry almond scent is wonderful! 

4. OPI Nail Envy. Okay, I have yet to run into someone who doesn’t recommend this stuff. I have definitely seen improvements in the minor flaking and peeling that I used to have on my nails, but in terms of just plain breakage, this isn’t going to be your rescuer. BUT, it does make your nails look extremely healthy, and like I said, I haven’t ever heard of someone not liking it. I got mine as a gift (luckily, considering the price is a bit steep), but if you can get your hands on this stuff for cheap, go for it!

I hope this helps you all keep up those gorgeous nails! Let me know if you have any other questions! 

So for Bill teaching Dipper magic during Billdip week… here’s this drabble. Whoops. Not fluff. For once. (Triangle!Bill btw).


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