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Pischu is so pretty, i wanna cry. Same with Schmelle, Nuri, Mats and Buerki...why our players are so beautiful, i feel blessed.

I’m fairly certain that we’ve been blessed with the most beautiful team in modern football. I could stare at their faces for ages. And they all have different kinds of appeal, you know?

There’s Mats who looks like absolute perfection to the point that he looks unreal, but then there’s Nuri whose face is just so beautiful that he takes it to another level, and Marco is Marco (I can’t describe it, he’s way too cute imo), and Piszczu is basically the definition of hot, and Manni could literally be a high fashion model, and when Roman Bürki arrived he completely knocked me off my feet, and I could go on forever about the others as well.

Even our players who don’t get much attention for their looks are pretty damn handsome. We don’t talk enough about how cute Miki is or how hot Neven is or how pleasing Schmelle is to the eyes or how great Weidenfeller’s face is or how charming Adrian’s smile is.

We literally don’t have any unattractive players. It’s kind of unreal…

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Hey, guys!

I just wanted to let you know that I changed my url. Before it was ixlovexfall and now it’s buerki-baby