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El amor es paciente, es bondadoso. El amor no es envidioso ni jactancioso ni orgulloso. No se comporta con rudeza, no es egoísta, no se enoja fácilmente, no guarda rencor.
1 Corintios 13:4-5
Yo solo espero que me mires a los ojos y me digas que vamos a tener días buenos y días horribles, pero que al final de todo siempre vamos a estar juntos, el uno para el otro.
El arrepentimiento verdadero no se mide por la cantidad de lágrimas derramadas, sino por el esfuerzo y determinación de enmendar nuestro camino para bien.
How to tell if someone’s a hardcore Sunshine fan:

1. Write down the word “dia” and ask them to say it.

  • If they say “dee-ah”, the person you’re talking to probably has at least a passing knowledge of a Romance language. Thank them for their cooperation and stop here.
  • If they say “die-ah”, don’t celebrate just yet! They might just be thinking of the gemstone. Keep calm and proceed to step 2.

2. Write down the phrase “I love You” and ask them to say it.

  • If they say “I love u”, wink suggestively and walk away without saying else like the mysteriously smooth operator you are.
  • If they say “I love Yoh”, congratulations - you’ve found a fellow denizen of idol hell! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
  • …well, either that or you’ve found someone who pronounces things oddly. Use your best judgment here to determine which conclusion you should draw.

3. Alternatively, just say “hagu shiyo” and see if they instinctively scream then proceed to cry uncontrollably.