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Es tiempo de agradecerle a Dios por las lecciones que la tormenta nos ha enseñado.
Yo solo espero que me mires a los ojos y me digas que vamos a tener días buenos y días horribles, pero que al final de todo siempre vamos a estar juntos, el uno para el otro.
Apparently Lance Likes Taco Bueno

Holy shit.

So I’m at Taco Bueno, eating my fill of cheap but delicious crispy tacos. If you’ve never been to/dined in a Bueno before, they call your name when your food is ready. I’m over here trolling through the Space Australia works on this site when I hear, “Lance?” and I turn to look because Lance is very relevant to me.

What I was NOT expecting was to see a tall, lanky guy with dark tanned skin, short brown hair, and blue eyes wearing jeans and a white shirt with blue sleeves walk up the counter, shoot finger guns at the guy behind the register, grab his bag of food, and strut out the door.

I…I’m pretty sure Lance Fucking Mcclain was just buying tacos at my local Taco Bueno.

Usa las palabras de la forma correcta, con amor, delicadeza e inteligencia. Convencido de que Dios puede transformar vidas a través de ellas.