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Kayn League of Legends!

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My first Sherlock imagine on this blog, how scary. just a little imagine to get started hope you enjoy it.

Summary: Sherlock’s addiction becomes too much to handle.

warnings: no explicit mention of drugs but heavily implied ovi 

word count: 1378

His eyes were closed, his mind elsewhere, she could see that he wasn’t in the room with her: he was in his mind, absorbed by his thoughts. His hands clasped together over his lips as he sat in his armchair, where he’d been for the last two hours.

She was consumed by him, she watched him from the chair across the room, his peaceful form consuming her own thoughts. He was in his mind but he was also in hers. she studied every detail of him intently, he fascinated her. She glanced over his lips, just above his clapsed hands, tighty lined together in thought. She noticed the stubble forming around his lips and along his jaw line as she trailed to his closed eyes where she longed to see his eyes, his intense bue eyes. She knew she couldnt, if he opened them and gifted her with them, it would mean another fight: one she didnt have the energy for. She had sent him to his mind palace, trying to calm him.

His addiction had become uncontroable, his desire to get a fix trumping his controlable behaviour. He would become enraged by the slighest thing, fighting everything and anyone that denied him the high he so badly needed.

Suddenly, she noticed his hands unclasp and drop to the arms of the chair besde him, it was a small movement but one that idicated his stirring mind. He began tapping one finger against the armchair, the sound breaking the silence.

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See? Our dragons are loyal to us!

randomdragonfan-blog: I love Heather but why did the the op turn her eyes bue/gray? She looks so much better with her natural green eyes

Do you love me?

@jessevans​ requested: Hi there, so ah … my request (as always) is a bit long, so there it goes … Seb and the reader go through a fight and decide to take break in the relationship and Seb is 6 months away filming his new movie and both miss each other. And when Sebastian returns alone to his apartment he misses the reader and decides to send a message to her making an request He asks that if she still loves him, she has to draw a heart with his name and leave it in the door Of her apartment the next morning, only one heart to know that she still loves him and that she wants to go back to him … The reader sees the message but does not answer anything. And until the morning arrives Seb is very anxious whether he will receive the heart or not. And then when the time comes and he checks …What he sees makes him cry … When he looks in the door of his apartment, he finds a thousand hearts with his name written in lipstick and there the reader appears and when he looks at her, she is also crying and then they hug / kiss … that whole fluff thing that everyone loves. that’s it, thank you.

A/N: Hi darling! I missed you and your requests! (even though I think you should be the writer as you have that incredible imagination!) I hope you like this Sebastian drabble!

Also, there’s less than 10 followers to reach the 600! I must say thank you so much for everything guys!

Warning: Angst, Fluff.

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“I think is better we have a break”

You regreted the words as soon as they escaped your mouth. Seb’s face contracted as he heard you and his blue eyes got teary. You swallowed hard and sat down, watching as he nodded and began to collect the belongings he had in your apartment. Even though he had his own, he spent almost every day with you there.

You saw the man you loved with a sport bag, stood up, observing you carefully. You were looking outside the window, the raindrops hitting the glass. Sebastian leant and pressed a soft kiss on your forehead. A feather-like touch. You closed your eyes and began to cry as you heard the door closing.

You had had fights before. But this one…God, this one had been the worst. You had shouted terrible things at each other. The following day Seb would go to Europe to start filming Infinity War. And now it was over.

“If you still love me, please, put a heart on your door with my name. I love you, Seb”

You stared at your phone for a long time, a shaky breath leaving your lips. The day he left was the worst day of your life. Your friends had come to cheer you up. Or at least to try.

You remembered that awful day. The day you had broken up with Sebastian. After that he had travelled to Europe to film a new movie in his Romania. He had been truly excited about that project. He’d film in romanian and would be able to be in contact with his native culture.

And there you were. You’d stayed in New York and you’d continued with your own life. He had sent you several messages until one day he stopped. You’d assumed he’d got tired. Until now.

Your fingers wandered over the screen, doubting if you should answer or not. You tossed the device on your couch and began to walk, biting your nail and running your hands down your hair. The phone was shining as if it was calling you.

You had to do something.

Sebastian took a deep breath as he ran upstairs to your apartment. You hadn’t replied to his message and that made him feel anxious. Probably you had moved on, having a new life in which he wasn’t part of it. And he could understand.

He stared at the last step and sighed, closing his eyes. He walked to the landing, looking at the floor. He wasn’t able to raise his head. He didn’t want to face the reality. Not yet.

“Come on” He muttered to himself and lifted his head, his eyes landing on your door. What saw there left him speechless. Your door was covered with papers having hearts with his name inside them, written with lipstick.

Sebastian felt tears running down his cheeks as he saw. You loved him. You still loved him. His hand covered his mouth when suddenly the door opened and you appeared, wearing your favourite pajama: His sweatpants and t-shirt. You smiled faintly, placing a lock of hair behind your ear.

To him, you were stunning.

“Hi”You muttered and his lips curved into a slight smile.


You both stared at each other for a few minutes before he made a sound at the back of his throat and ran towards you. You opened your arms and felt as he lift your from the floor. You were crying as well as your hands touched his hair, his skin. It was just him. Your Seb.

“I’ve missed you. I’ve been an idiot”

“No, I was…just…forgive me”

You shut him up with a kiss, his large hands cupping your face. You felt your tears mixed and him smiling as he kissed you. You moved away and looked at his bue eyes, laughing and cleaning your eyes with the back of your hands. Your fingers tangled with his and pull him towards the apartment.

“Welcome home”

An Isaac Lahey Imagine

“Isaac! Isaac!” You called out, trying to pull him away. “Isaac, God dammit, stop please.”

He then stopped punching before his bue eyes met yours. “Alright, I-im sorry Y/n. Your mine and I don’t share. ”

-Imagine Isaac beating up the guy who tried to flirt with you.

-Isaac Lahey

-Not my gif

-Requests are open

Who Knew Chapter 2

Who Knew Chapter 2

Genre: Phan, angst, smut (a little), fluff(a little), AU!Highschool

Warning: a lot of swearing, no smut or anything on this one, very clean

Summary: Dan is a pampered rich kid who thinks his life is so boring. He meets his cousin after a really long time who turned out to be a punk-rocker with green liberty spiked hair and faciall peircings who introduces Dan to a band one night (as they snuck out) where Dan suddenly falls for the bass player with blue eyes. Gonna be a really smutty and somewhat angst fic. More smut and fluff than angst though.

***This is really short I’m sorry, I had a lot to do this week and I went to the beach yesterday and I was really tired and I wanted to update this fic already and I hope you guys like it, I will update again maybe tomorrow or the next day for chapter 3 to make up for it :D****

Please send me feedback, I would really appreciate it :D next chapter next week :D

links yo: Chapter 1 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 Chapter 5

Dan was estimating how fast he can walk from his chair to the classroom doorway because he wanted nothing
more than to go home and curl up in a ball and think about what the fuck just happened this morning or even
better,try to repress as much of the memory as possible. He was staring at the clock, looking back at the
teacher and looking at the door at a rhythmic speed- it was almost a talent. When the bell finally rang, he
sprinted out of his classroom trying to avoid any form of conversation from his classmates or schoolmates or
teachers or worse–Chris. But nope, luck wasn’t having it because as he was sprinting down the hallway he
could hear Chris half screaming his name behind him also sprinting as he went.

He didn’t share the same classes as Chris did today (thank god) and when “the incident” happened this
morning, he just walked really fast towards his class, ignoring Chris’s questions and just said that they would
be both late for class and that they can talk about it later (later can range from later this afternoon to a
million years so that answer was pretty safe).But of course Chris wouldn’t let him off the hook so easily so
he did a very fun game of “avoiding Chris” all day even at lunch.He knows he was being mean and cruel for
ignoring his bestfriend but he just couldn’t talk to him about it. He was so embarassed and he felt guilty
because Chris is of course going to ask why he didn’t tell him and the list just goes on.

Some of his classmates especially the girls asked him a couple of things to which he said that it was just
nothing and that the guy in the motorcycle is just his cousins friend and he was just telling him about
something this morning but of course the rumors spread like wildfire and no doubt Chris had also picked up
on the gossip which,Dan thought, would spark Chris’s interest even more.

Some of the kids that were there beside them this morning even heard as much as something about Dan’s
house keys. Dan of course just said it was, again, just his cousins friend and was just returning his cousins
copy of their house keys because Carl had already left to go back to London and accidentally left the copy
of the house keys at his friends house. Sounds like a good reason huh? But what about him placing it in his
pants? Wow they even saw that to which Dan denied to the very core of his being. He all just told them
that they were crazy and hallucinating. Good thing they dropped it in the end but the rumors were still
there and Dan just wants to delete the universe right now.

Chris,being Chris,of course sent him a couple of text messages all day about the stuff he heard all over
school when Dan finally cracked and said that he’ll tell him after school which, if you haven’t guessed it
yet, he totally changed his mind. Not long after, Chris finally caught up with him and said “You have a lot
of explaining to do Howell”.

They decided to go to the diner where Chris works part time during weekends to talk. They ordered some
food and drinks and when their order came, Chris immedietly jumped to the questions. The questions were
the same as the questions his classmates were asking the whole day, to which he answered them like he did
his classmates. He knows he should be telling Chris everything but it’s just so embarassing. Too embarassing.
He wanted to disappear.

“Ok, sounds possible enough but why were you avoiding me then?” Chris asked. This question, Dan didn’t
really know how to answer. He was right. Why was he avoiding Chris the whole day? Bad move Dan.

“Well I–I wasn’t avoiding you, I was just really busy, Mrs Williams did send for me during lunch cause she
needed me to help with some stuff for the charity event this weekend, you know I’m part of the committee”
Dan retorted almost too defensively.

“Hmm well perfectly reasonable enough but you are such a bad liar Dan, I can tell you’re lying!” Chris said,
a little frustrated.

“I thought you and I are bestfriends” Chris said as he looking down and playing with his food.

“I’m not lying though and we are bestfriends!” Dan said and quite frankly this is was getting really cheeesy
and Chris didn’t usually act this way. Dan couldn’t help but think that maybe, just maybe, Chris was just
trolling him or he could actually be feeling sad which is the worst thing ever.

“You were never that excited to go to class before Howell and I really couldn’t see wat was going on
between you and that motorcycle guy, but some people said that he slipped your house keys inside his crotch
and then he whispered something to you or some shit like that, I need details! I’m dying here” Chris said
with new energy.

“Well you’re wasting your time cause that’s a complete lie. You know how gossip works. They add or delete a
couple of details to make it more juicy” Dan said and ate some of his chips.

Chris felt defeated when he realized something. His eyes widened and he had a huge smile on his face and
he looked up and said to Dan “You said that they weren’t staying in your house and that they rented a hotel
room here! so your cousin can’t possibly have a copy of your house keys cause he won’t need them! so why
did that guy have your house keys then?”

Holy shit.

Dan dropped some of the chips he was holding back to the plate and stared at Chris with his mouth open and
panic in his eyes.

“Well uhm–I–they–they needed–” Dan stummered.

“Save it Howell! Now tell me or friendship over!” Chris said now a hundred times more excited than before.

“ok ok, I’ll tell you” Dan said now completely red and his throat felt like it was really tight and his body
felt so cold all of a sudden because he was just so damn nervous.

“First off, don’t get mad I didn’t tell you before because it’s just–it’s too embarassing! It’s–” Dan said
flustered but continued.

After a whole nervous conversation of telling Chris about him sneaking out with his cousin to the concert
thing where mr blue eyes was apparently the bass player of the band his cousin liked and how they made out
in the vocalists house after mr. bue eyes helped him find his house keys, Dan took a breath and looked up
at Chris who didn’t speak a word throughout the whole story except for some nods here and there and some
exagerrated eye reactions.

“wow, so ok, so, what’s his name?” Chris asked obviously not believing that the guys last name was blue eyes
of course.

“uhm I don’t know” Dan said sheepishly.

“what the fuck Howell! you made out with someone you don’t know the name of! now that is seriously
hardcore, i’m proud” Chris said almost too happily but it was also dripping with sarcasm.

“Well I didn’t have time to ask him his name and keep your voice down!” Dan said in a whisper.

“How come he knows your name then? oh wait don’t answer that, how can he NOT know your name” Chris

“what the fuck is that suppose to mean? Anyway, that’s that and I don’t need those house keys that much
anyway, I’ll just tell my mum I lost them” Dan said almost matter-of-factly,

“What if he goes inside yoyr house?” Chris said raising an eyebrow.

‘Shit you’re right, I mean he probably isn’t that bad but you know, you’ll never know’ Dna said thinking

“Well yeah he couldn’t really be that bad if he was such a good kisser ay?” Chris siad and giggled as he

“Shut up!” Dan said blushing. “lets go home, that’s enough for today” Dan got up and swung his backpack on
his shoulder.

They walked home and Dan never heard the end of it from Chris. He teased him the whole time until he got
to his house.

When he got in his house he heard some laughter coming from the living room. He walked in to see Carl and
his aunt and his parents chatting and his mom said “Oh Dan honey there you are”

“Sorry I’m a bit late, school work and stuff” Dan said

“of course honey, dinner will be ready in a bit” Dan’s mum said and proceeded to chat some more.

“I’ll go with you up stairs cuz!” Carl said and skipped merrily beside Dan and they both went up stairs to
Dan’s room.

“Phil is looking for you” Carl said as he closed the door of Dan’s room behind him. Wow he wasn’t wasting
any time.

“who?” Dan said,sitting down on his bed,not looking at Carl and was emptying some of the things in his bag.

“You know that guy you were making out with at the after party” carl said nonchalantly. He does that all the

Dan froze. “what do you mean? We weren’t–”

“save it Dan, we could hear you guys, you two were not necessarily that far from the sofa” Carl said as he
was picking up Dan’s totoro plushie.

Dan sighed. Jfc he wants to end his life now. The universe should definitely delete itself right now. He was
bright as a tomato and he was sure he was sweating like a pig.

Dan swallowed and looked up at Carl who was now satring at him. “were we really that loud?” said asked
almost a whisper and his cheeks were burning.

Carl laughed so hard so much so that he was now a ball in the middle of Dan’s room, holding on to his

“what?!” Dan asked and he too was laughing together with Carl.

Carl eventually stopped though and looked up at Dan sitting on his bed from the floor.

“He wants to see you, you know? He kept asking me about you when we had a really late breakfast at PJ’s
place” Carl said

Dan couldn’t help but blush and felt , whats the word, happy? gitty? he felt like he was excited and nervous at the same time.

“well he did see me this morning, he brought my house keys” Dan said as he was playing with his hands.

“oh cool, yeah he mentioned the house keys and I told him where you went to school so yeah, I hope that was okay” Carl said.

“no its fine, I just wished he gave me the house keys you know?” Dan said

“he didn’t give them to you? what was he doing then? he just casually passed by and decided to keep the keys instead?” Carl laughed

“well he told me that if I wanted them back, I have to get them myself” Dan said and he felt like exploding

“oooh” Carl said smiling like an idiot

“well I have his number, you can text him, here give me your phone” Carl said as he reached for my phone and typed in the number.

“you know what,on second thought, just call him, here I’ll do that for you” and Carl just automatically called Phil’s number and set it to speaker phone. Fucking Carl and his fucking antics.

“No!” Dan protested while trying to retrieve his phone back from Carl.

Carl then tosses the phone to Dan when Phil picks up and sits down on Dan’s bed with a huge grin on his face.

“Hello?” Phil said on the other line. And Dan didn’t say anything. He froze on the spot. “hello? anybody there?” Phil said again, damn his voice was so deep and sexy.

Dan hung up. Dan was screaming internatlly. The phone rang, It was Phil. Shit. What was he going to do?

“This is all your fault Carl!” Dan said his voice higher than usual.

“just talk to him, he’s not going to bite, unless you want him to, you know, I don’t judge, whatever floats your boat.” Carl said giggling

“I hate you” was all Dan could muster.

Dan picked up the phone and heard Phil say “Hello? who is this? why were you calling me?”

“Hi” was all Dan could say

“oh finally, i thought you didn’t know how to talk, who is this?” Phil said and Dan could hear he was doing something, like homework or something probably,rustling paper and the such

“I’m–this is Dan” Dan managed to cough out

Silence for about 3 seconds.

“Oh hi, how did you get my number? Carl perhaps?” Phil said

“yeah–” Dan said glaring at Carl

“so what’s up? you need something baby?” Phil said his voice deep and kind of suggestive

Dan felt like he was melting. “as a matter of fact yes i do need something, I need my house keys back please” Dan said with new confidence in his voice, he was getting a bit tired of this

“I told you baby, if you want them, you’re going to have to get them” Phil cooed

“where and how?lets just get this over with” Dan asked, determined to get this over with. Wow he sounded like an asshole.

“now now, patience, excited much are we?” Phil teased. Damn he was annoying.

“I’ll pick you up after school tomorrow and we can talk yeah?” Phil asked

“no, lets just meet somewhere like at starbucks or something” Dan said

“nah I want to pick you up Howell” and with that he hung up.

Dan was about to protest but it was too late.

It was going to be a long day tomorrow.