You’re a Powerstroke diesel
King of beers
18-wheeler drivin’
Living life in between the lines
Of clockin’ in and quittin’ time
—  Lights Come On
Jason Aldean

“Shut your mouth, Y/N!” “I thought you liked it wide open?” -JUICE

Opening the top to a Smirnoff Screwdriver and a Budwiser, I went back over to my boyfriend, Juice.

He smiled at me as I handed him the beer.

Just as I about to sit down next to him, he frowned.

“What?” I asked.

He patted his lap and stuck out his bottom lip.

“You are such a goob,” I said, sitting across his thighs.

Juice leaned over, kissing my jaw, “Love you too, baby.”

I winked at him, wiggling my hips as I took a drink of my Screwdriver.

Later on, as everyone loosened up and relaxed, we began to tell the most embarassing stories.

“Wait, wait, wait! I got one about Juan,” I said, laughing.

Juice tensed, gripping my thighs, “Don’t you dare,”

“This I gotta hear!” Tig said, leaning forward.

“Well, I had just gotten home from work and the music was on real loud, ”


“C'mon Juicy Boy, let the lass speak!” Chibs said, already laughing.

“Anyways, I go up stairs and I find him-”

“Shut your mouth, Y/N!” He yelled.

“I thought you liked it wide open?” I asked, feigning innocence.

Juice’s eyes darkened as he bit his bottom lip.

Quick as lightening, he was up and had me over his shoulder.

I screamed at the sudden change,  holding on to his firm ass.

“I wanna hear the rest of the story!” Tig whined.

“Well-” I started, but jumped as Juice’s hand connected with my ass.

“Another time, brother. Need to take care of Miss Big Mouth.”

Whistles and cheers erupted as I was carried to one of the back rooms.

“You’re no fun,” I pouted.

“Baby, I’m about to show you fun.” He said, flinging me over his shoulder and onto the bed.