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We honor all identities within and outside the standard ways of understanding what “queer” and “LGBTQ” means including those who reject these labels. All are welcome.

In todays age, we follow hashtags, post on instagram and tweet our support for the LGBTQ movement but do we truly know each other? Have we meet the members that make up our own community?

Join us for a night of meditation and connection as we share our stories and come together to form a more supportive music scene for ourselves each other and the future. Hosted by @budthechud & @dasangeles in association with @queerpunksunite #queerpunksunite


Holy crap. I cannot wait for this album. So friggin good. They just continue to get better and better. Kudos, gentlemen. Can’t wait to hear these songs live. @sensesfailofficial @budthechud @schmittycb @chris_hornbrook @cruisethewang

Really proud of @budthechud, @cruisethewang , @schmittycb, @gcaswell and @chrishornbrook. I’ve been listening to this album on repeat for the last few months and I can say that it has brought be to tears. Tears of relief and joy because I can relate to the lyrics. And I truly believe this album will help a lot of people. Don’t pass this up. Regram from @budthechud: Pull The Thorns From Your Heart - Available June 30th

Pre-Order Now - http://hyperurl.co/t9qqsr

Watch the new video - http://hyperurl.co/sen62f “This record is the complete documentation of my transformative spiritual experience from the darkness to the light,” says Nielsen. “It is the completion of a journey I have been on since I started making music when I was 17. I want this record to be more than just words and music but a blueprint for how through contemplative practice you can come to love, grow and blossom out of the muck of life and into the light. It is not intended to motivate in steps or exact teachings but empower. It is above all a personal story of struggle and realization.”

I cherish little moments like these. Packages from overseas. Blue Skies Bubble bath smells more cinnamon/peppermint like than the bubble bar upon initially smelling it out of the bottle. But when I put some in my hands the frankincense and patchouli matured and then I smelt my beloved. Deep Sleep shower jelly is heaven on earth. It smells like French Kiss!!! I got @budthechud his favorite moisturizer, Million Dollar Moisturizer. It has improved his complexion ten fold, it really has done wonders. Now to open the samples of princess cotton grass and dad’s garden. Thank you @lushkitchen thank you for making my day! #LushKitchen #lush