So I already have a doll that looks like Minnie and is in a wheelchair (it’s one of those American Doll knock-offs that just happens to look like her so I purchased it and a toy wheelchair) but I just recently discovered this website, Budsies, which can turn any photo into a stuffed doll. So do you think if I send the website a picture of Minnie (from the cover-art of one of the books) they’ll make a custom plush of her in her wheelchair? Like it would be a one of a kind Minnie doll? Because let me tell you, I’m twenty-two years old and I would absolutely fork over the money for a one of a kind stuffed doll of my character.

Super special mail day today! A few weeks ago I sat down with Ransom and he designed a Baby Penguin with Rainbow-Polka-dotted belly and long pink legs. We sent the drawing off to @budsies and they turned it into an ooak plush toy! Ransom was SO excited! 😱💕🐧 I have to give major props to @budsies here too - they were absolutely sterling to work with. They sure know their audience (kiddos!) and at least once a week sent us an email update telling us where Ransoms penguin was in the creation process and what would be happening next. SO cool of them. I’m can’t recall ever having a better experience working with a company!!
This was also the first time I saw Ransom really light up and get engaged in a whole new level about designing/drawing something. He was so serious about it! #idiefromthecute I totally recommend doing this with your kiddos! They are a bit pricey, but cmon - this thing is amazing, unique, totally handmade, and will be a special heirloom FOREVER. #worthit They gave me a coupon link for 10% off, but we already have our Budsie, so if anyone wants to make one with their kiddos, hit me an email at mabgraves@gmail.com and I’ll send you the link! #sharingiscaring 😁💕#budsies #auntieshavethebestjobs #coolestcompanyever

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