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Of Monsters and Angels (M)

Inspired by EXO’s Monster.

Bad Boy AU. Jeon Jungkook. 1 785-ish words. Smut.Queued.

Jungkook hates you, truly. From the moment he sets eyes on you in the hallway in freshman year.

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DO NOT lash out at Garrett and the team.

I am issuing an ultimatum right now. Do not lash out at @garrettsander or the situation will get much “worse”. You don’t have to be happy or love the new style but remember someone is still putting in effort and creating. As a budding toy designer I understand what is happening, I’m literally going to school to study about it. Garrett is Father Monster guys. He created Monster High and I trust him to lead it someplace wonderful. I am a bit upset about all of this true…. but I WILL NEVER INSULT SOMEONE’S CREATIVE VISION. Be kind! It’s the monster high way :)

Alright! That was a really awesome special about gravity falls! I learned so much that I never took notice before and my jaw dropped a few times. Well now, now that we got everything called up about the show i’m 100% ready for the fina–




Hmm… wait aren’t we forgetting something?

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Someone we forgot to talk about? someone important?

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Hmm…. guess not.

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Where Things Lead in the Dark (continued)

As promised the continuation of my chapter 9 one-shot in Running Out of Bounds. For those who haven’t read the first part of this, you can find it here.

I’m pretty sure this is the longest, most explicit piece of smut I’ve written in…. ever. I hope you all enjoy it. ^_^

Title: Where Things Lead in the Dark (explicit continuation)
Pairing: Trafalgar Law x Nami
Rating: MA (very explicit adult/ sexual content)
Word Count: 2,805
Disclaimer: I do not own One Piece or the characters, they belong to Oda Eiichiro.

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